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Diceus is an IT Outsourcing and Outstaffing Company located in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. Established in 2011, we have already provided cost-effective and reliable IT Solutions to a wide range of clients from the Middle East and European Union. We are a company with a strong physical presence in the region and an enduring investment in its infrastructure and people. Our team has an intimate understanding of our native land and possesses a strong commitment to its advancement.

Illia Pinchuk

Illia Pinchuk

Founder & CEO

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"It takes more than just having a good knowledge of the technology to produce effective IT Solutions. Equally important is a good knowledge of the client’s goals. At Diceus, we make it our aim to always have both."

Andrew Tsopych

Andrew Tsopych

Founder & CTO

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"In order to keep our clients satisfied we try our hardest to be perfect in all phases of project execution. Our goal is to ensure that planning, implementation, testing, product release and adoption are done right the first time. We are perfectionists by nature."

Entire working team of Diceus has extensive experience in IT. Example profiles of our employees you can find here Profiles

Our Clients

Discover UKRAINE

Ukraine is one of the biggest IT-talent pools in Europe, and certainly one of the most accessible. It provides the most progressive environment both for education and employment. From an IT specialist point of view, Kyiv is the most attractive city in Ukraine, resulting in inflow of the best talents. Over 40% of Ukrainian IT specialists work in Kyiv.

High skilled labour

Ukraine is considered to have a very strong educational system for development of IT specialists. Annually, national universities graduate about 16,000 IT - qualified students. Ukraine was ranked among the 10 TOP countries with the most certified IT profession.

Time zones

Favorable geographical position provides insignificant time difference with Middle East and Europe. It makes the communication and collaboration much easier.

Business infrastructure

International investors will appreciate the investment opportunities in IT and software infrastructure and development. Availability of world-class software engineers at affordable cost have become a prime reason why Ukraine is recognized as the top destination for IT outsourcing.

Our advanced services


The main focus of Diceus company is development enterprise software solutions for CRM, ERP, SCM, EAM. Our engineers have extensive experience in developing applications that support key processes and innovative business models. Also 24/7 IT system maintenance and monitoring services can be offered to our customers. Through our mutual cooperation with your specialists, software of unmatched excellence will be created.


Our competent team will help you to expand, modify and add new functionalities to your current system tailored to your unique requirements. If your system is not stable, does not suit your new requirements, uses old technologies or has lots of bugs - we are ready to create new IT environment and organize smooth migrate of your business without any show stoppers.

Training &

We propose complex consulting services such as:
- software architecture;
- enhancement advisory;
- research and rapid prototyping;
- application design reviews;
- best-practice software selection;
- project rescue services.


Diceus provide end-to-end solutions for all your web related necessities. Our main aim is to create solution to meet all your needs and will be user-friendly, responsive, cross-browser and with excellent performance. By integrating with your company’s workflow, CRM, finance and payment system, we will streamline your sales, service and support operations.


We have an excellent knowledge of Windows UI principles, WinRT core and great experience in creating beautiful looking, functional, and user friendly apps. For efforts minimization you may want to develop cross-platform mobile applications. Such tools as Xamarin, Adobe PhoneGap, Telerik Icenium, Unity are used along with many other tools which allow us to build cross-platform apps.

and modern

Technologies Block
Technologies Block
Technologies Block
Technologies Block
Technologies Block

Microsoft Azure’s auto-scaling functions via Availability groups, in which VMs can be added. Then you can set the number of instances to scale up and down and choose the criteria — CPU workload or a queue size. All instances can be easily resized using either Azure web-interface or PowerShell commands. It can be done on a fly, but with some tier changing limitations.


Amazon EC2 can both auto-scale and resize a virtual machine. Autoscaling task consists in keeping up a desired number of instances, starting and terminating them on demand. Amazon Auto-scaling is also useful because its ability to maintain VMs healthy, restarting when it’s needed. Resizing can be done in a couple of clicks while the instance is stopped, but the process has a bunch of virtualization, platform and networking compatibility issues. So it might be easier to backup VM and create a new instance.


Google CE provides horizontal auto-scaling by adding or removing new instances in a managed group of VMs. They are created from the same template instance. It appeals to the wide range of scaling policies available, which can be tied up to any metric of Google Cloud Monitoring. Thus VM may adjust its capacity by custom criteria. Any instance may be resized by using Console, gcloud or API, yet you must stop your machine before.

Recent products


A complete solution that provides HR professionals and insurance specialists with essential tools for the efficient and organized administration of their employee benefits programs.

Finance management solution for construction
industry - enterprise resource planning (ERP)
system based on Microsoft Azure Platform
BenefitNet Flex is a unique tool for insurance
companies, brokers, hr's and employees
to make a selection and administer
flex benefit choices of the employees.
An human resource management
software that help improve internal
and external collaboration and efficiency. is a social network that provides
tools and technologies for the Christian community
as flexible and stable cloud-based platform.
The high performance, scalable, flexible
enterprise-class eCommerce solution
for fast-growing and large businesses.
Data Reporting
An enterprise reporting software
that delivers integrated reporting,
dashboards & analysis capabilities..
An online service for
the exchange of unique
multimedia greeting cards.
Card Gallery
An application for improving
relationships with customers and
automating processes in sales department.
An application for
business process management
and workflow automation.
Document Flow
Masterpiece Gallery
An application has been
designed specifically to meet
the needs of gallery operators.
Helps an enterprise manage customer
relationships in an organized way.
Offered on-premise or on-demand.
Automates the time-consuming process of
collecting, submitting, approving and
paying invoices and check requests.

Engagement model

Fixed Price

A Fixed Price model is viable for projects with well defined requirements and schedules. When your need is clearly specified in sufficient details, we will estimate the project scope and complexity, and provide a project delivery schedule along with a fixed price for the complete software development.

Dedicated team

It’s a excellent solution if you need a control over human and technical resources involved into the development process. The Dedicated Team operates as a natural extension to your own team, adhering to your processes and best practices.

Time and material

When the project scope, specification and implementation plans be precisely defined at the outset or requirements change dynamically during the project implementation process, the time & material model provides the flexibility of varying the size and workloads of the development team assigned to your project, while optimizing time and costs.

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