Outsourcing software development to another country? Marking out another company for your development job is popular within companies wishing to reduce their costs and shorten the time for project design. Is outsourcing successful? In most cases, you will see the positive effects of delegating your tasks to others but it oftentimes happens that you notice a kinda cheating by your outsourcing provider. In these instances, you might wish to look for a different and reliable developing company.

If you have decided to change a provider for developing services, you should know how to correctly make the changes. Here are 10 steps you can take in case you are going to hand things to a new project manager or developer employed at a different external company.

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Outsourcing Provider

Step 1 – Search for the developers knowing how to audit coding.

Once you have noticed something goes wrong in coding, search for an expert developer who knows how to audit the coding performed by others. Here is the information you should provide a developer offering code audits:

  1. Project’s type. Let a developer know if your project is an e-commerce website, an app, a plugin, etc.
  2. Origin of code. You must know what kind of coding you are dealing with, a custom written code or a distributed plugin used in the course of development.
  3. Put bluntly your fears and doubts concerning the company working for you.

Step 2 – Analyze the audit data.

Outsourcing Provider - IT Audit

Once the audit has been completed, you will be able to analyze the research report provided by the auditing developer. You can discuss the results of the audit with the developer. In case there some bugs or other difficulties he noticed ask him what could be done in order to get a clean code, formatted correctly and organized in a logical manner. Devise a solution pattern that may help to fix the issues.

Step 3 – Find a reliable outsourcing company.

Ask your friends or experts to recommend you a trusted outsourcing provider. Search for a good company on the Internet but be careful not to be caught by scams or unfair developers. Read the feedbacks and reviews from the authoritative sources. Once you have found a company that sounds like a dollar ask them if they are ready to go ahead with the code written by others.

Step 4 – Ask a new provider about the details.

Outsourcing Providers

Bear in mind that you have to figure out all the details of cooperation with a new provider. Read carefully the terms and conditions written in the agreement. If you find something is unclear to you ask a PM or sales manager explain what is meant. One more thing you are to ask is a list of documents and files to be handed over. If possible, have a face-to-face with a future team.

Step 5 – Inform your current provider about the changes.

When you know that there’s already somebody waiting for your instructions and directions, inform your current outsourcing provider that you gonna pull the plug. The more arguments you will provide the better. You have to talk to point to your team and list the main things you determine as the reasons for finding a different provider.

Step 6 – Compromise an action.

Settle all current issues with your team. Ask them to outwork, and meet the payroll. You must be completely sure that everything is running smoothly before you hand things over to a new company.

Step 7 – Think ahead about the code.


You should think ahead about the code you paid for. You must know where and how your code is stored, whether it is stored in local repository or cloud server. A lot of developing companies use Gitlab for effective software development and operating progress management. You must be always sure you keep all the login data and monitor the changes. Make sure that the code has the required comments in case your new team needs some. All schemes and instructions if any available can also come in handy.

Step 8 – Start transferring all rights and obligations to a new provider.

Once you have collected all necessary documents, files, and accesses, start cultivating close links with new employees. You might meet or call each other not once, but repeatedly to agree on the best solution.

Step 9 – Don’t repeat your mistakes.

Think previous mistakes and issues through and don’t repeat them. If you were constantly deceived by former employees steer clear of a new situation in which you may be cheated. Think of the best ways to monitor the working progress and quality of code.

Step 10 – Be engaged.

Outsourcing to Ukraine

Be engaged in communication and work process to be always aware of the ongoing and emerging problems. Manage your schedule so that you know how and when you will be given reports by your workers. It’s very convenient when you know that Mondays or Fridays you are down here to explore the issues with a project manager or a senior developer. And use only top agile project management tools for the best outsourcing experience.

Set the right goals! Work on your objectives and spell out details in the contract with your new employees. To build strong new working relationships you should know and understand clearly your own former mistakes and faults in managing and monitoring the process of software development.