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Managing finances and valuable assets is a highly-responsible task that becomes easier to handle thanks to advanced technologies and specialized software. The emerging field of InsurTech and related markets explicitly demonstrate the benefits of digitizing and centralizing income management and calculations, as well as bringing outdated systems to the cloud. The software solution we developed for Britecore boosts the company’s financial security with great new income projection capabilities.


BriteCore offers cloud-based software for enterprises to ensure high security, performance, and scalability.

It is recognized as an established industry leader, offering world-class solutions, services, and expertise to over 50 insurance carriers, InsurTechs, and managing general agents. It helps companies enhance their time-to-market, become more competitive, and gain higher revenue

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It’s crucial for any finance-oriented business to analyze and project income rates. That way, an insurance company, for instance, gets more chances to keep afloat long-term in the constantly shifting and transforming market. Insightful predictions based on the internal analytics accumulated over time are best achieved with the dedicated software.


The major task at hand was to implement a software solution for projecting a company’s future cash balance by months based on the regular cash inflow/outflow estimations. For that, we had to develop three general elements – balance, income, and outcome functionalities. Other functional parts included recorded entries (history data imported via a special API) and projected entries (future financial estimations with custom monthly adjustments).


Cashflow is an automated, complex piece of software for making business-defining financial predictions. Monthly inflow and outflow entries are gathered regularly and used for further projections, which helps a business see clearly the financial direction it takes. Ultimately, Cashflow should help market players stay competitive and stable financially.

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Key features

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  • General Ledger data import

    Historical cash flow data is imported from external systems for convenient tracking of monthly financial fluctuations.

  • Manual segmentations

    A user can segment inflow and outflow data entries by dimension for more projection flexibility and accessibility.

  • Financial projections

    Projected inflow and outflow balances are automatically calculated month by month based on the special underlying equation.


  • Balance predictions

    An insurance or finance-related company that knows where it is going in terms of accumulated and depleting assets is more confident in the harsh market.

  • Versatile management

    Inflow/outflow cash management can be carried out by multiple dimensions (for a single or multiple clients, departments, locations, product lines, etc.).

  • Centralized ledgers

    All the accumulated data is stored in the Inflow Ledger and Outflow Ledger respectively to keep all assets conveniently sorted and accessible in a matter of a few clicks.

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“The Diceus team has consistently supported the BriteCore team for many years. Their engineers are well-educated and highly invested in the ongoing quality of the BriteCore platform with sustained relationships that extend over four years. We appreciate everything the Diceus team brings to the table as a development partner.”

Phil Reynolds, Britecore CEO

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