Website and CMS redesign for a medical forensic company

  • website and cms redesign for a medical forensic compony anchor

    Anchor pages created
  • website and cms redesign for a medical forensic compony cms

    New CMS designed and implemented
  • website and cms redesign for a medical forensic compony seo

    SEO boosted drastically


Our main goal on this project was to redesign the website completely. The client’s company has been operating since the 1990s, and its website was heavily outdated by 2016. We were asked to create a modern user experience with responsive design, clear navigation, and immediate access to medical experts and consultations. The redesign had to rely on the new role-based content management system (CMS) for better conversion and SEO.


American Medical Forensic Specialists or AMFS roots back in 1990. The company is working for over 30 years, connecting attorneys with medical expert witnesses of different specialties. The team manages these interactions from A to Z, provides free consultations, initial case reviews, medical exams, and investigation tools.

website and cms redesign for a medical forensic compony logo
website and cms redesign for a medical forensic compony project


As we’ve mentioned, AMFS is an experienced company but it required a complete website redesign and optimization to launch the digital transformation. Before the redesign, the site was irresponsive, it harmed user engagement and conversion. The primary focus was to build strong pages around medical specialists, connect them to news pages, expert articles, and call-to-actions. Before this project, content was separated, so the new CMS was also required for better linking.


The main tech challenges were associated with the CMS replacement. The existing CMS was based on simple PHP/MySQL and had limited functionality. We had to migrate the database content to the new CMS, create new templates for page layouts. Moreover, the structure was only partially relational. That’s why we had to redesign the database structure completely and import it to the new CMS, too.


We’ve designed and developed a completely new website for AMFS. In addition, the client got the new CMS for better content management and data processing. According to the requirements, we preserved the existing content and carefully migrated it to the new platform with better design and SEO.

website and cms redesign for a medical forensic compony solution

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Key features

website and cms redesign for a medical forensic compony key
  • Dynamic and intuitive homepage

    with the updated navigation and UI.

  • Extra CTAs on each page

    that help users contact the company immediately.

  • Query-based web services interface

    with filters, quick search and results.

  • Responsive layout for all devices

    and platforms that improves user experience.

  • The new role-based CMS

    with real-time data and management tools for admins.

Value to our client

  • Advanced internal linking ensured.

    For each specialty or medical expert page, we set connections to news, articles, and other key info for attorneys.

  • Existing content preserved.

    Instead of replacing content, we reorganized it and inserted into the updated website layout.

  • SEO improvements made.

    Thanks to the new design and logic, the website’s search results was boosted, AMFS became a more recognizable brand.

Our tech stack

  • net .NET/ASP.NET
  • My-SQL MySQL



The work product was excellent and the team was responsive to changes within the project. There was a talent issue at one point but it was resolved. DICEUS demonstrated a very high degree of expertise in the type of programming and the product environment that they’re working in, which is exactly what I was hoping to find. I would say their core competency was having a very strong depth of programming expertise and knowledge within this particular market, and also within the platform that they were working on.

Andrew Kagan, AMFS Project Coordinator

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