Clutch co is a great selection of firms providing IT services from different parts of the world. Clutch and co has become a popular place to look for new B2B partnerships and vendors as this website is highly trusted by lots of people.

How does Clutch do?

It’s quite easy to understand how a clutch works at first glance. Both companies offering their services and customers looking for contractors find interface user-friendly and clear. Using clutch you may meet the following major purposes:

  • Buyers can find a company providing the services you need.
  • Companies can find new customers with interesting long-lasting projects.
  • Service providers can get listed on to get a lot of b2b reviews from their clients.

Our previous article about the Clutch company is focused on how to get listed on site and become one of the top research firms there. Now we will talk about how to choose the best IT services provider using resources like clutch.

How to choose the right software development company?

Software and mobile apps development services are quite expensive nowadays. That’s why every individual looking for the particular services wants to get a high-quality project on time for the money they pay. With a fast-paced growth of IT firms, it’s no longer a problem to find a provider. But to find the best match may be a daunting task.

There are so many resources where you can search for contractors. These places include various websites for freelance employees, outsource providers, employees databases, etc. You should know the main rules of outsourcing and hiring people from other companies so we have prepared a guideline to use external resources.

Factors affecting your choice

#1 Define your needs

Once you know all project needs you are able to tell about those to any potential vendor you choose. It’s better if you have the requirements and specifications written so that there won’t be any need to repeat those to your potential partners. Besides, any company will give you a fast and clear estimation based on the given requirements. You will save your time for negotiations about other details of the project.

#2 Proceed to Clutch research

Every provider listed here has a profile that contains a complete information about it. This data is made of a short overview of a company, its name, and some helpful details: size, location, budget, and services focus. But the most valuable information on Clutch is a bunch of customers reviews that are unbiased and trustworthy as they are submitted only by real clients. By providing as many reviews as possible companies establish their credibility on the Internet.

#3 How are reviews created?

Any review can’t be written by anyone who wishes to submit a review. Before leaving a review a profile owner send an official request to the Clutch team. Then clutch managers contact potential reviewers directly to interview them. Customers answer the questions regarding the cooperation. Once gets all the replies they approve or disapprove the given review. They consider whether the client is real and whether the review is trustworthy and can be published. That all makes the platform 100% trusted by lots of users.

#4 Look through a portfolio

Each company having a profile on Clutch demonstrates its previous experience in the form of samples gathered in one portfolio. There you will be able to look through the screenshots and other details about past works. That information will help you understand if the company is familiar with the technology you need as well as to see if you like the company at all. If you like a company but don’t see the required information ask them about it. Each company profile has contact to get connected.

Take a closer look at a standard profile on clutch.

Clutch reviews

#5 Check out Clutch reviews

As mentioned above, reviews are the most valuable details you may read about any provider. Reviews contain complete data about the reviewer, feedback summary, project summary, and the rating they gave to the services provider. Each summary includes the following information:

  • Background
  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results and feedback

Clients score a company according to the following criteria: cost, scheduling, quality, and willingness to refer a company to others.

#6 Prepare a List of Questions

To better understand how good developers and company management, prepare special questions. Below are some sample questions:

  1. How do you plan the project roadmap?
  2. What metrics do you use to measure quality?
  3. What agile tools do you use for managing a project development?
  4. What new technologies do you use?
  5. How fast do you tackle with arising problems?
  6. How do you handle poor code?
  7. How fast you implement innovations or learn new releases of technologies?
  8. What type of documents will you be supplied with?
  9. How flexible are you in time and budget?
  10. What kind of communication do you use while communicating with customers on a regular basis?

You can also easily check if a company you choose is cheating. Here is a related article about how to check if your partner company is cheating.

These sample questions are good for interviewing the managing staff and developers. With replies, you will get general understanding of the management and quality testing approaches of a potential contractor.

#7 Think globally

Consider contractors as if you were going to work with them for the entire life. Ask about possible discounts for the repeat clients, affiliate programs, bonuses, and other special occasions that can cut costs and save your money.

Another thing you should know about is if a company provides maintenance and tech support when the project is accomplished. Consider this thing in case you will need further support from people who know all technical details about the solution they developed for you. It’s very convenient when you hire people you trust.

#8 Test what you cannot measure

You may still have any doubts while negotiating with potential partners. Be honest and say you wish to test the services. Any interested provider will certainly agree to give a try. You’ll be actually sure that these services are just what you needed.

Clutch trend and approach is adopted by lots of other platforms offering reviews about business relationships in IT sphere. Research firms try to provide as many unbiased reviews as possible as these help people make up their minds.

We recommend you to check any feedback you read on the Internet by contacting the firms which you find to be a good match for your job. First off, live communication is much better than any portfolio or review. Face-to-face interviews are much better than any recommendations. We wish you recruit developers like a pro. Subscribe to our articles – you’ll definitely learn something new!