Will your business fail if you lose any connection with the customers? Will you benefit from enhancing the way you interact with them? We’ve been wondering whether a CRM sales application can help with customer engagement improvement and how it can do this.

There’s a common myth that one application can act out as a magical pill that will make the communication between you and your clients perfect. We can consider the software as a basement and your strategy together with everyday activities as the walls. Customers will come to your house where you will welcome them, make them feel happy and plan to come back again.

What are the ways to improve your interaction? How can various applications improve the way you deal with the customers? Take a look at the top five efficient variants.

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#1. Turn on the Social CRM component

Today’s communication between you and your customers comprises online mannerisms, idioms, and shorthand that may vary depending on the social channel. You can use one or several channels to collect data, advertise your product and improve customer engagement. We call this approach as Social CRM.

Here are the things that you will get after implementing a Social CRM component:

360-degree customer view. You can collect information from different social platforms like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and others. You can do this through mentions, hashtags, indirect and direct communication means. You will get a full picture of how people interact with your company and your brand.

Social engagement. You communicate with your clients using an informal and casual tone of voice. People can find you in social networks and get in touch with you with ease. You can take part in various discussions of your product to show that your services and customer support are of great quality. Personal approach matters.

Social snooping. You can spy on those people who mention your brand. These can be your clients or influentials that you cooperate with. You can have notifications when there are topics related to your brand. You can have all the activities automated to react to all the mentions right away.

Analytics. You can have a lot of information collected across various social media platforms. There should be a software component responsible for processing this data and dividing it into categories, so you could see the number of followers, impressions, organic reach, comments and so on. You will have specific KPIs for the social component of the CRM system and you will assess the progress.

Customer service. You can face such a case when your customers come to check the social profile of the company before making a purchase. They can use the search field to look for the brand mentions and see the discussions. If you interact with people online and you practice a personal approach, you’re likely to gain some trust from people.

SMM. Here you can build sales pipelines and track the activities of each customer. You have a chance to unite the power of CRM and SMM tools to reach maximum efficiency.

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#2. Use only reliable sales tracking software

You may think that such an obvious phrase is not really related to customer engagement. But we will prove that these things are close enough. Can you remember the times before the internet revolution and your communication with the customers? How could you assess engagement? It could be a direct interaction when you could ask for testing the product or something similar.

You had physical interaction and live communication. Now we have this in a virtual environment and passive roles of customers transferred into active ones. The more you focus your virtual interaction on the customer experience the more you will succeed. A good sales tracking app will find the footprints of your current and future customers, analyze their preferences and turn this information into revenue.

There are three types of engagement that you can track with the software:

  • Full engagement. People are loyal to a brand or a specific product, they often act out as brand ambassadors.
  • Indifference. There’s a neutral attitude to brand or product, they follow the statement “take or leave it”.
  • No engagement. There’s no emotional contact and attitude to the company or product, they can easily pick up another one.

If you plan to use the software, you should make sure that it’s reliable and it performs all the functions the right way. Just imagine that you have to collect tons of information about your customers and the level of their engagement and you get wrong data? You will fail just at the stage of building a strategy to improve customer engagement.

You should carefully pick up the software that could offer you a full list of features. There are off-the-shelf variants that mostly focus on some specific issues. You can have several of them or build a custom one. Here are the primary things that the software should work with:

  • Contact information: name, address, places visited, numbers, emails, social network profiles.
  • History of interactions: how you got in touch, how many times you did it, how customers found you, what they wanted to get from you, etc.
  • Status of the customer: it can be a newcomer, a returning customer, with or without some privileges.
  • History of transactions: what customers bought and when it happened, how many times they made purchases, what kind of goods they bought, etc.
  • Marketing activities: you could send emails and there was a respond to it or anything else.

The app will gather all the data and put it together. There will be a database that will contain a pool of information for every single client you have. Just imagine having a bug in the app if you have thousands of clients. A reliable application will provide you with accurate figures, no downtimes, and access to real-time reports.

How to pick up the best sales tracker app?

In fact, there are only a few criteria to pick up the best app. Here they are:

  • The list of features. If you see that this very app can give you what you need, it fits you.
  • The cost of the app. If you have to pay a fortune, it won’t do any good for you unless you can afford this.
  • Reviews. It’s good to check the reviews of the app and get in touch with the people that left them.
  • User interface. It should be easy to navigate and perceive the information that is displayed on the screen.

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#3. Stay consistent with the sales CRM software

Consistency here means taking the same steps to interact with the customers. You have a goal to provide each customer with an excellent-quality service. Another goal is to do this consistently. It will become a magic key to your success as people will expect some specific actions from your side and they will come back to you again.

Each new time customers interact with you should be of the same level of quality. This should be the same for every stage of the interaction. Consistency is not limited to the interaction, it should also relate to the way you communicate inside your company and transmit the mission of your company into society.

Consistency requires having specific rules, processes and their succession. You should have good planning and the ability to forecast the needs and requirements of the clients. There’s a need to provide your employees with the procedures for interacting with the clients to preserve the same user experience.

Consistency will simplify the analysis of the results. You will compare the activities or the campaigns and the outcomes of each. You will get efficient tools for forecasting the future user experience and the way you will communicate with the customers. Just imagine yourself a customer of a chain of cafes around the globe – you’ll expect the same quality of service and the same taste of meals. So your customers do.

#4. Think of social responsibility

It’s good to give people something more than a good product. Your mission and your contribution to some social projects matter greatly. You will gain a bigger number of clients if you create pieces of content that will relate to your social responsibility. You can have a few tweets or posts on social media sites to present your initiative. You can have a nice number of shares and other types of reaction.

It’s good to share information about your inner world that exists inside of your company, people will trust you more. You will give people an opportunity to see how you run your business, how you are concerned about important problems in society. You may create some positive cases where you show that you care. This will lead to greater interaction.

If there’s a high competition in the niche, you can stand out if you show your social responsibility. And this will obviously lead to a better interaction between you and customers.

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#5. Predict customer’s needs

It’s good to analyze the way you interact with customers and predict how you will do it in the nearest future. If you see that you do it the wrong way or you are not happy with the way you do it, you should think of the changes. What do you need to do to predict the needs of your customers?

The first thing to do is understand why you are collecting every specific piece of information and how you will use it. You should see the current needs and behavior of the people that interact with you. You should have a clear picture in mind.

The next step will be determining the patterns for the customer’s behavior. In simple words, you should create categories of customers that will simplify the process of forecasting. You should think of the things that could prevent people from getting bored or leaving you.

For example, you can build efficient email campaigns that will attract customers and increase the engagement rate. It’s good to always analyze the behavior of the people and the app ROI, revenue from each email campaign and so on. You can use this information as a basement for making predictions and test them right away.

How to pick up sales CRM systems for forecasting?

Tools for forecasting may greatly differ one from another. You can have static reports or dynamic forecasting modules. Of course, these predictions about the future conversions and revenue are just assumptions and there’s no 100% data accuracy.

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Here are the key requirements for the CRM system to have:

  • Clear templates for making assumptions
  • Adjustable algorithms for forecasting
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Meta-analysis of errors in forecasts
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Can’t find the best СRM solution? Build your own with Diceus

It can be a bit painful if you cannot find the right sales tracking software that could collect data and display it just as you need. What’s the way out here? You can ask your partners or competitors what kind of CRM systems they use or you can build a new system from scratch.

If you pick up the second way, Diceus team can do it for you. How do we do it? A business analyst dives into the workflow of your business and conducts thorough research to define your needs and goals. Then we discuss the specs of the future project and write down all the requirements in a legal agreement.

We build an MVP that you can test to see how it works and if you are well with it. We can make updates, add more features or upgrade the software with time. If your company grows, your software will do the same. If you have questions about sales tracking software or how we can help you with building a custom solution, let us know – and we’ll get back to you asap.