On July 8, DICEUS has organized and hosted the first open company webinar on the topic “How High-Performing Banks Get IT Projects Delivered on Time”. Thanks to all attendees: a few dozen PMOs, CIOs, and COOs of major banks from 12 countries!  

Two speakers covered core topics: Illia Pinchuk, DICEUS CEO, and Yuri Karpenko, DICEUS VP of Engineering. For almost 40 minutes, we discussed the issues of modern IT projects in banks and in general, ways to solve them, the importance of transparent control.  

Customer Portal Main Screen
The main screen of the Customer Portal 

Particularly, our speakers explained how the Customer Portal works. It’s a unique tool developed by the Diceus team for our clients from financial and other institutions. It provides a complete overview of all projects from the customer’s side. Stakeholders can check everything, from project basics to advanced metrics, including: 

  • AI Project Mentor that gathers data and provides custom recommendations. 
  • C-level dashboards through which you get access to many reports. 
  • Change management with detailed info about all change requests. 
  • Finance monitoring with detailed analyses of budget usage. 
  • Invoice tracking with access to payments and accounting. 
  • Portfolio management that helps to oversight all projects from different vendors. 
  • Project document storage with mockups, specifications, and requirements. 
  • Risk management with progress tracking and quick decisions. 
  • Satisfaction measurement based on the NPS evaluation.  

The presented tool can assist banks and other businesses in their IT project management. The Customer Portal provides handy and detailed monitoring of core data and helps with more informed decisions regarding risk mitigation.   

Illia Pinchuk CEO Webinar
Illia Pinchuk, Diceus CEO 

Illia Pinchuk concluded the webinar: 

“In modern times, when things change very quickly, it’s crucial to be able to control IT projects. Budgets should be spent on the really required things, so businesses can avoid overspending. Time and scope control are essential, as well. The Customer Portal provides all the required control and monitoring opportunities under one roof”.  

Customer Portal Metrics
Metrics in the Customer Portal 

Of course, you can check the full video recording of this webinar. Please follow the link to watch the webinar.  


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