FSA – a Self-Service Benefits Management Solution

For an international insurance/advisory company

  • 25%

    Collaboration increase per annum

  • 3

    Years of post-launch support without issues

  • 7

    Countries where companies use FSA

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    Service that a client can provide

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Flexible Spending Account or FSA is a service that allows employees to manage all their benefits under one roof. It supports manual and automatic tracking of expenses, as well as full overview of transactions. FSA boosts self-organization and enables new levels of freedom for staff.


Traditional companies use pretty limited schemes of benefits. They allocate fixed amounts for each category monthly, e.g. $100 for calls, $1,000 for business trips, etc. Our client wanted to move away from this legacy approach to optimize spending and boost employee satisfaction. For this, the idea of Flexible Spending Account seemed perfect. We had to design a simple yet fully functional solution. We agreed that the core features had to cover self-management of claims and benefits, automated records, and high freedom level.

  • Time

    10 months

  • Team

    8 members

  • Platform

    iOS, Android, Web

  • Industry

    All industries


The planned solution was ordered by a risk management corporation for SaaS reselling. It means that we had to create a reliable system, deploy it, and ensure that it will work fine for all customers of our client. That’s why we integrated support for both cloud and server deployment, as well as iOS and Android versions. We also built a custom framework on the basis of ASP.NET MVC 5.

Another challenge provided for the need in seamless integration between FSA and insurance management platforms. It was required for automated claims so employees could purchase insurance policies recording expenses automatically. Here, we decided to use NServiceBus for automated data acquisition and integration. Additionally, the technology of Single Sign-On (SSO) allowed customers to use both platforms without several authentications.


FSA is an interactive portal that our client can deliver to other businesses. Once deployed, it allows employees to manage their flexible accounts. As a rule, each company allocates a certain amount of funds for each worker for a year. Then, employees can spend the money as they want. FSA helps to track spending, choose benefits, and register claims. Insurance services are fully automated, other expenses require manual entering. Using the system, HR managers also can monitor spending of all employees.

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Key Features

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  • Automated Claims

    If an employee wants to get an insurance package, it’s easy to do through the SSO-connected platform. FSA records insurance-related expenses automatically.

  • HR Reporting

    All figures are organized in convenient and informative tables, charts, and dashboards. Both employers and employees can get custom reports with the info they require right now.

  • HR Policy Management

    Employers have access to the portal, too, so they can check data. HR departments see benefits, expenses, and progress of employees. It helps to build a more transparent corporate culture.

  • Smart Administration

    Thanks to self-service features, FSA saves a lot of time for HR managers. The solution optimizes payroll and removes errors. It also sends regular notifications related to payments and claims.

  • Benefits Self-Management

    Company workers use one system to handle all the benefit-related tasks: eligibility, claims, deductions, tracking, etc. Each staff member can use the funds as he/she wants.

Value delivered

  • 25%

    per annum

    Because as the solution was developed for a service provider, our client distributed it to other businesses. Thanks to FSA, the cooperation between this team and end-users is growing annually. This helps to boost revenue and find new partners.

  • 3

    Years of post-launch
    without issues

    After 10 months of active development, we released the product. Now, we continue supporting it for almost 3 years in a row. During this time, we cooperated with the client seamlessly, fulfilled all requests, and updated the tool.

  • 7

    Countries where
    companies use

    The solution is available for customers in Australia, China, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. FSA has localizations for each market and delivers convenient flexible spending accounts to employees from different industries.

Client feedback

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The collaboration has increased by as much as 25% each year, thanks to Diceus’ technical capabilities and quick feedback adoption. The team’s professionalism, cost-effective rates, and consistent delivery continue to support both the engagement and product end-users.

Robert Koval, Managing Director, TeamBase DMCC


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