Programming language and technology-oriented conferences evolved over the last few years. Attending a conference in your field is of much benefit to tech specialists, developers, programmers, and managers working in IT sphere. Let’s talk about the most attractive events in .Net technologies that are about to happen this year. This article will help you understand the reasons why tech meetups are so important to you and what use you can make out of upcoming Net conferences, like the .NET Core GDPR.

Dot Net Conferences

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Why Is Visiting Dot Net Conf Rewarding?

Look, here is a short list of 5 reasons why attending professional meetings can be useful to you.

Reason 1 – Never stop learning as today’s crazy world never stops teaching you.

Don’t consider yourself to be a smart alec.

To become really a wise guy you should keep learning new things every day of your life.

Reason 2 – Cooperative learning has great power.

Meeting with your peers and even competitors can bring you a lot of advantages. Firstly, you will know how much they have succeeded in their business. Secondly, you will find out what innovations they have implemented in their workplace or business strategy. Thirdly, you will be able to share your own experience and get back some helpful feedback.

Reason 3 – Create partnerships.

Presenting your services to attendees is a good way to start the new partnership. You will be able to meet existing and potential customers and have face-to-face meetings with them. Develop your customers’ network and connections while visiting professional events.

Reason 4 – Customers appreciate free advice.

Position your company as an expert one in your field.

Demonstrate a high level of expertise on a conference to build the reputation.

Reason 5 – Get a life at last.

We are so pressed for time. Just stop and look around at how far you’ve come. Meetups allow you to bottom-line your achievements and develop new strategies.

Got inspired? Let’s keep going!

We gonna tell you about the most high-profile dot net conf events to get dev connections 2018 that could bring value to your company.

Visual Studio Conference You Should Visit – Visual Studio Live!

One of the most expecting and major tech conferences, Visual Studio conference,  will celebrate 25 years. It will be available in several US cities: Las Vegas, Austin, Boston, Redmond, Chicago, and San Diego throughout the year starting in March and ending in October.

The first VSLive event will be held on March 11-16 in Las Vegas. According to the agenda, the meeting will cover a lot of topics on:

  • Cloud computing
  • Native client
  • Database and analytics
  • ALM/DevOps
  • Dot Net framework
  • Web server
  • Web client

Full-day labs will discuss much modern security architecture for ASP.NET Core. Xamarin adapts will find interesting to visit workshops like “Getting Ready to Write Mobile Applications with Xamarin”.

C# developers will listen to what’s new in Visual Studio 2017. QAs will get use of a fast focus on Cross-Platform Device Testing with xUnit. Post-conference workshops will include discussions on Distributed Cross-Platform Application Architecture and UX Design for Developers.

A complete agenda for every location can be freely downloaded from the website.

To sum it up, VSLive is unbiased Microsoft developer conference that is worth attending to find the most valuable IT dev connections.

Don’t Miss ASP.NET Conference – Progressive .Net London 2018

Join dot net community on September 12-14. Find out what your colleagues and partners are doing these days. How far are you from your competitors? What’s new in technology? What are the ASP NET latest news? ASP NET conference in London will answer all your questions at one place.

ProgNet is good to listen here to the leading specialists in JavaScript, NET, ASP.NET, C# and other core technologies and frameworks. You will be surprised by meeting here a lot of technical nerds. The event can be of great use to those who search for outsourced teams, to hire remote teams or freelancers, to start new partnerships, etc.

Microsoft Developer Conference to Get Motivated – Microsoft Inspire 2018

Get inspired with breathtaking speeches at one of the most encouraging Microsoft developer conferences.

Here’s a location to visit this summer!

Las Vegas, Nevada

July 15-19, 2018

Attending the event for a week, you will be able to join a lot of partners and Microsoft personnel. It’s a perfect opportunity to get in touch with biggest corporations and Microsoft executives.

Sponsor and exhibitor opportunities offered by the event include large booths and premium placements to present your products and services for attendees. It’s the best international hub to meet thousands of tech specialists from over 100 countries of the globe at one place.

TechEd Barcelona 2018 Net Conferences

TechEd Europe 2017 proved to be one of the successful net conferences last year. The latest dates announced for TechEd are 23-25 October 2018. The event is attended by a great number of specialists in business intelligence, development, system administration, security, etc. According to the agenda, the conference’s timeline will be dividing into sessions of the following types:

  • Design Thinking
  • Best Practices
  • Road Maps
  • Demo-Rich Sessions
  • SAP CodeJam
  • Strategy Talks
  • Code Reviews

Here you will be able to meet smart speakers and discuss some innovations in the tech world. Check out the list of contributors and speakers on the event’s website.

These were the main Net conferences and c# net events that are worth visiting this year. We hope you will use the opportunity to get in touch with the best NET leads.

If you are pressed for time to attend any Microsoft architecture conference ask us about the latest news in .Net development.

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