Net Developers Ukraine consider that .NET platform has worked its long way up and managed to gain a foothold as a reliable solution at a corporate level. Supporting mainly Windows operating system, dot Net allows building server and desktop applications, mobile apps, and deployment apps for clouds.

However, over the past 3 years, a dot net framework has been successfully realized as a cross-platform solution in such projects as Mono and DotGNU. Unfortunately, the latter was decommissioned while Mono is, on the contrary, growing rapidly offering an open source realization of .net framework to develop software for Linux and Mac OS X.

.NET Core is practically a complete reset of .NET that is optimized by and large for developing server and cloud applications. Traditional dot net is best for Windows whereas Mono is good for Mac OS X and Linux. What differs .NET Core from the traditional stack is that its code is completely open and is distributed under the licenses of Apache2 and MIT.

Usually, when we talk about .NET development we understand by this large corporate projects with strict requirements for reliability, scaling, and expansion, with expensive infrastructure.

Companies working on Dot Net technology

ASP NET benefits are hard to overestimate, and as it was written earlier, dot net development services are comparatively complicated and expensive but you might consider outsourcing .net developer work to overseas. Choosing the right partner for your project is a highly sensitive task as you will require to build long-term relations. Here is a list of things you should take a note of:

  1. Net developers must offer a comprehensive range of services including initial design, programming, maintenance, and optimization.
  2. Specialists that you plan to hire must be able to modify or re-engineer your project smoothly. They must be competent in whatever you need to get from .NET.
  3. Check if outsourced developers offer migration from outdated software to .NET.

Those are the core criteria to find out how wide a range of offered issues and solutions is.

Why choose offshore Net development?

Outsourcing .NET projects to remote programmers cuts costs. To vividly describe the differences in costs let’s compare net developer salary in the USA and Ukraine. The average salary of a C#/.NET developer in the USA is $92,000 that amounts to approximately $7600 a month. Now take a closer look at Ukraine:

Net Developers Ukraine, Kyiv as of June-July 2017$600$1800$3400$4300

Surely, the costs differ depending on the level of expertise, location, company’s reputation, and experience on the market but those you will spend hiring a Ukrainian net developer will be different from the American ones. High onshore costs for coding and lack of aptitude are the root motive why so many companies search for qualified remote employees.

Ukraine has already proven to be one of the most attractive destinations for business owners who look for different types of software development.

Dot Net development services: What does DICEUS offer?

Over the past 6 years, we have put a team of expert .NET developers together. We are an outsourcing company who can offer you to build software considering the latest technologies of Microsoft. Our technology stack combines all parts of corporate products development. Learn more about .NET Services that we provide to our customers.

If you are still having doubts as to what framework to choose below is a list of advantages of .NET stack:

  1. High efficiency due to less coding performance.
  2. Innovative approach to libraries, files reading, and graphic rendering.
  3. Uniques design capabilities for multifunctional websites that offers the clearest user experience and interface.
  4. Fast deployment opportunities.

DICEUS outsourcing team offers you the following benefits:

1. Qualified Net Developers only

The developers who work at DICEUS have been handpicked. They proved their qualification by providing their diplomas and certificates, passing a certain number of professional tests, and submitting their sample codes in a particular programming language. We guarantee that all code lines written are double checked by our technical leads.

2. QA testing

Our QA department consists of middle and senior testers who check how your project runs. They provide to developers as well as to customers if required all test documentation and reports.

3. Agile methodologies

We use advanced agile technologies to manage project teams. We care about quality, priorities, time, and task delivery.

4. Discounts and bonuses

Repeat customers can claim some discounts and we are ready to discuss them as we appreciate your devotion. Besides, we are open to discussions about bonuses with new clients. If you have any questions or doubts about the financial part of the deal we could negotiate all aspects of budgeting.

5. Flexible working hours

We are ready to talk terms concerning the most convenient working hours or the time for online meetings as we understand clearly how busy you may be or how our time zones may differ.

Contact Ukraine .NET developers at DICEUS and we will recommend you the best solutions and pricing plans.