industries we serve

industries we serve

The focus industries we have relevant expertise in include Banking, Finance, Insurance, Robotics, Healthcare, Space & Aerospace, Government. Our experience in these areas enables us to live up to every customer’s expectations.
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how we work

how we work
  • Business Analysis

    Our business analysts conduct in-depth research of your business needs and plan what functionalities your product needs. Thanks to that, we provide an estimation for the final product.

  • Legal Agreement

    Both sides sign a detailed SRS documentation for every iteration. This document serves as a basis for a legal agreement.

  • Guarantees

    We are responsible not for the estimated hours but for the product to be done. We guarantee on-time delivery and high quality of the product.

  • Agile Development

    Our SDLC is agile and is divided into milestones each lasting 4 weeks long. Thus you can monitor every stage of development.

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  • Precise Conditions icon

    Precise Conditions

    Our clients know exactly when the product will be delivered and what functionalities it will have.

  • On-Time Delivery icon

    On-Time Delivery

    The SRS documentation is approved and signed by each of the sides. On-time delivery is guaranteed.

  • Quality Assurance icon

    Quality Assurance

    Along with developers, QA engineers form acceptance criteria in the SRS document.

  • Improved Time-to-Market icon

    Improved Time-to-Market

    This model helps decrease time and costs for development. The successful and on-time launch of the product is guaranteed.


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our expertise

our expertise
  • Advances services
    Software Development icon Software Development
    Dedicated Team icon Dedicated Team
    UI/UX icon UI/UX
    Mobile App Development icon Mobile App Development
    Reengineering icon Reengineering
    Software QA & Testing icon Software QA & Testing
  • Great solutions
    AI and IoT icon AI and IoT
    Big Data icon Big Data
    Blockchain icon Blockchain
    Business Intelligence icon Business Intelligence
    Cloud Computing icon Cloud Computing
    CRM icon CRM
    Data Science icon Data Science
    DevOps icon DevOps
    ECM icon ECM
    ERP icon ERP

our portfolio

our portfolio
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  • BenefitNet Insurance Solution

    A complete solution that provides HR professionals and insurance specialists with essential tools for the efficient and organized administration of their employee benefits programs. We have created a product for insurance companies and brokers that can automate their key business processes.

  • FSA - Benefits Management Solution

    A perfect system for both executives and workers to manage and monitor flexible spendings. We created the unique enterprise product which can completely automate FSA-related collaboration and engage people to use benefits deliberately.

  • InsuBiz Insurance Solution

    A single database that helps manage customers and business records as well as track all the insured and self-insured assets. It is aimed to organize and streamline all the processes related to risks, claims, and insurance in one system.

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  • FSA - Benefits Management Solution demo screen
  • InsuBiz Insurance Solution demo screen

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