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We provide a full range of end-to-end services like consulting, design, engineering, and operations. Based on client requirements, we can offer these services both individually and collectively to maximize the potential of our specialists.
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how we work

how we work
  • Business Analysis

    Our business analysts conduct in-depth research of your business needs and plan what functionalities your product needs. Thanks to that, we provide an estimation for the final product.

  • Legal Agreement

    Both sides sign a detailed SRS documentation for every iteration. This document serves as a basis for a legal agreement.

  • Guarantees

    We are responsible not for the estimated hours but for the product to be done. We guarantee on-time delivery and high quality of the product.

  • Agile Development

    Our SDLC is agile and is divided into milestones each lasting 4 weeks long. Thus you can monitor every stage of development.

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  • Precise Conditions icon

    Precise Conditions

    Our clients know exactly when the product will be delivered and what functionalities it will have.

  • On-Time Delivery icon

    On-Time Delivery

    The SRS documentation is approved and signed by each of the sides. On-time delivery is guaranteed.

  • Quality Assurance icon

    Quality Assurance

    Along with developers, QA engineers form acceptance criteria in the SRS document.

  • Improved Time-to-Market icon

    Improved Time-to-Market

    This model helps decrease time and costs for development. The successful and on-time launch of the product is guaranteed.


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our expertise

our expertise
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our portfolio

our portfolio
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  • Customer 360 for Bank

    • Oracle FLEXCUBE
    • Oracle Siebel CRM
    • Appian
    • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
    • Oracle Java
    • Oracle Database
    • Operations department
    • Retail department
    • Credit Risk department

    A comprehensive data warehouse with advanced data marts, improved reporting, and real-time monitoring of major operational processes. The solution provides in-built capabilities for getting a holistic view of bank customers for further analysis.

  • Data Warehouse for Asian Bank

    • Finance
    • Dedicated Development Team

    An all-in-one system with a data warehouse and tax-data repository. The solution accommodates 130 data sources, new elements and two reporting systems united into the common structure. We developed the architecture, models, and processes resulted in end-to-end workflows with ETL data acquisition, general ledger reconciliation, and YTD calculations.The project is under NDA.

  • Data Warehouse for Bank

    • Oracle FLEXCUBE
    • Oracle Java
    • Oracle Database
    • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
    • Oracle Siebel CRM
    • Appian
    • Operations department
    • Retail department
    • Credit Risk department

    Advanced data warehouse with a reliable architecture that delivers an efficient workflow and information reliability thanks to automated processes. This solution provides consistent real-time control and analysis of the major bank operations.

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  • Data Warehouse for Asian Bank demo screen
  • Data Warehouse for Bank demo screen

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