IT solutions and services for insurance 

DICEUS is a reliable partner in the development of IT solutions for insurance. Over the years, we have partnered with numerous insurtech providers to create applications that streamline operations, enhance data management, and improve customer interactions. While each project is unique, our core aims remain consistent: to drive innovation, simplify processes, and help our clients solve complex issues related to insurance services. 

IT solutions we develop for insurance and insurtech companies 

DICEUS specializes in a range of IT solutions tailored to the needs of the insurance and insurtech firms. Below are some of the key services our company offers. 

Insurance mobile applications

Modern insurance operations demand mobility and real-time responses. DICEUS develops mobile applications that provide users instant access to policy details, claims management, and agent communications. Designed with simplicity, these apps offer smooth navigation and reduce the complications associated with insurance-related tasks. 

Insurance B2B web portals

DICEUS creates B2B web portals facilitating interactions between insurance companies and business partners. These portals streamline policy management, underwriting, and claims processing while prioritizing secure data exchanges. Additionally, they are built for adaptability, so companies can scale their operations when necessary. 

Insurance B2C web portals

DICEUS designs B2C web portals that simplify insurance procedures for end-users. These platforms allow clients to compare policies, manage accounts, and easily initiate claims. With the primary focus on user experience, these portals present insurance processes clearly and approachable, which removes barriers and improves customer satisfaction. 

AI-powered chatbots

AI chatbots are a leap in customer service for the insurance industry. By instantly responding to client queries, these bots can guide users on policy specifics, the claim submission process, and more. Their ability to learn from interactions makes them increasingly efficient while freeing human resources for more complex tasks. 

Analytics dashboards for insurance

Analytics dashboards are essential tools for insurance decision-makers. They compile, present, and break down vast data sets into digestible insights. By illuminating trends in customer behavior, claim patterns, and policy performances, they offer a clear perspective. This clarity aids strategic planning and allows companies to predict future trends. 

Insurance core systems

DICEUS develops core systems that help manage various tasks and operations. They handle policy administration, underwriting, and claims processing. Precision, reliability, and efficiency remain at the heart of these systems, which is vital considering the information sensitivity and financial implications involved in these operations. 

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IT services we provide for insurance and insurtech companies 

At DICEUS, we offer a spectrum of IT solutions for insurance industry tailored to meet immediate and future demands. Our expertise includes: 

System integration

A cohesive system becomes vital for insurance and insurtech companies. System integration service connects disparate software components into a unified whole. This coherence allows for streamlined data flow, simplifies operations, and aids in quicker decision-making processes, which optimizes overall business productivity. 

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Custom software development

Each company has its requirements. Custom software development addresses these needs by creating tailored technology solutions. We combines a thorough understanding of client requirements with best coding practices. So, insurers can have tools designed for their distinct challenges with more precise and efficient operational outcomes.

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System modernization

In a technology-driven world, outdated systems hinder productivity and competitiveness. System modernization rejuvenates older infrastructures, injecting new technology and capabilities for better output. DICEUS conducts a detailed review of existing software, identifies areas for improvement, and deploys solutions that drive operational efficiency. 

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Mobile app development

We develop applications for insurance companies to bring their services closer to customers. These apps provide clients easy access to essential information and functionalities such as policy details, claim filing, and agent communication. It increases customer engagement and improves business efficiency without compromising security or functionality. 

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Web app development

DICEUS builds web applications for insurtech companies aimed at enhancing digital customer interactions. These tools offer accessible online platforms where users can manage their policies and make payments. By integrating these systems with your existing software, we can provide a unified platform to support overall business operations.

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Testing and QA services

The reliability of software in the insurance sector is non-negotiable. DICEUS offers comprehensive testing and quality assurance services to provide optimal performance, eliminate bugs, and maintain regulatory compliance. These insurance IT services uphold the standard of operations, reduce downtime, and mitigate risks associated with software malfunctions. 

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Cloud transformation

The shift to cloud platforms provides insurtech companies with robust storage solutions and enhanced computational power. Cloud transformation by DICEUS supports the storage of vast data sets, offers easy access to resources, reduces infrastructure costs, and provides flexibility in scaling operations based on demand.

CX-related services

Customer experience is a key differentiator in the insurance industry. Therefore, we provide services to improve customer interactions and satisfaction. Our team can assist in analyzing customer behavior, tracking sentiment, and developing strategies to optimize user journeys. The result is happier customers and higher retention rates.

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Functionality we develop  

Addressing diverse requirements, we construct both multi-feature systems and stand-alone modules. Our development approach spans functionalities tailored for end customers and those designed specifically for agents or brokers. Here are some of the functionalities we develop for insurance systems: 

Customer onboardingStreamlined customer onboarding is crucial for retention and satisfaction. We build systems that simplify the initial steps, making it straightforward for clients to register, submit required documents, and get started with their policies. 
Quote and policy managementAccurate quote generation and efficient policy management can set insurers apart. Our systems facilitate precise quote calculations based on user-input data and allow seamless tracking and modifications of active policies. 
Claims managementThe claims process can be challenging, often involving multiple steps and stringent regulations. We develop functionalities that guide clients through each step, from claim initiation to settlement, which reduces errors and expedites approvals. 
Document managementInsurance involves substantial documentation. Our solutions centralize and categorize essential documents, which allows easy retrieval, updates, and archival. It aids in maintaining a clean record and aids in quick decision-making. 
Underwriting supportWe devise systems that assist underwriters in evaluating potential risks, determining policy terms, and setting premium rates. Our insurance IT support solutions offer a comprehensive view by incorporating relevant data sources and logic, which leads to well-informed decisions.
Risk assessmentOur tools assist in dissecting and analyzing variables that contribute to potential risks. Our systems generate comprehensive risk profiles by collating data from multiple sources, which helps companies make strategic coverage determinations. 
Data analyticsData forms the backbone of informed decisions in insurance. DICEUS develops tools that process large data sets to reveal actionable insights. With these analytics, companies can detect patterns, forecast trends, and devise effective strategies. 
MarketingDICEUS builds tools that employ data analytics to aid insurance companies in identifying their potential markets. Our applications help businesses understand customer behaviors and preferences, which enables targeted marketing strategies – both for selling new policies and expanding existing ones. 
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DICEUS specializes in insurance software development, driven by practical experience and an understanding of industry requirements. We have delivered concrete results to our clients with over a dozen projects in this sector, demonstrating our ability to create an effective insurance software solution.  

Notably, our work with BriteCore led to the creation of tailored applications, including BriteApps, BriteQuote, and BriteDocs. Each product addresses specific challenges in the insurance space, from client interaction to document management. Another significant project, RiskVille, provided a comprehensive risk and insurance management solution, optimizing customer records handling, data management, and workflow processes. Check our case studies for more detailed information on our past work in the insurance industry. 

Some facts about us

2011the year DICEUS was established
120+projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250+full-time tech professionals
100+IT services available

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Frequently asked questions

What are IT solutions and services for insurance?

The insurance industry software solutions encompass specialized software and technologies designed for the industry. These services facilitate policy management, claims processing, and customer interactions. They range from core system development to analytics dashboards tailored to the industry’s unique challenges and requirements. 

How can IT solutions benefit insurance companies?

IT solutions can significantly improve the efficiency of insurtech companies. They automate time-consuming tasks, help manage large volumes of data, support decision-making with accurate analytics, and allow for greater customer engagement. These benefits combined can lead to substantial cost savings and improved performance.

What types of IT solutions are commonly used in the insurance sector?

Common IT solutions in insurance include web and mobile applications, AI-powered chatbots, analytics dashboards, and core insurance systems. Cloud transformation and system integration also play essential roles, helping companies store vast data sets and unify disparate software components.

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