How We Contributed to the Development of New Apps for a Mature Insurance Solution

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BriteCore is a mature product for the insurance industry with over 20 modules each of which is designed to help insured and insurers manage the underwriting. We were involved in the development of the next solutions: BriteApps, BriteQuote, BriteDocs and an internal project focused on budget forecasting and financial projections.


First off, the customer required overflow capacity for some of their internal projects to build an administrative app for cash flow forecasting. Diceus had to develop an application aimed to help with cash flow management and budgeting. Next, the team contributed to the development of multiple BriteCore’s products (modules) like BriteQuote, BriteApps, and BriteDocs.

  • Time

    2016 – Till now

  • Team

    up to 10 members

  • Platform

    Python/Django, JavaScript,
    iOS, Android

  • Industry


  • Services provided

    Software Development,
    Mobile Development.


We had to develop mobile and desktop solutions that would be integrated with BriteCore. All the solutions had to be fully customizable to meet carrier needs and interoperable with other BriteCore products.


First, Diceus has created an internal budgeting application in Python and adopted new data transformation processes according to specific customer needs. Next, we contributed to the development of three BriteCore products:

BriteApps are mobile and desktop BriteCore products that can be customized and branded according to the carrier’s needs.

BriteQuote provides configurable pages, fields, and components to create quoting wizards for different lines of business. The solution is interoperable with other BriteCore modules.

BriteDocs is a new system designed to handle documents in the underwriting lifecycle.

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Key Features

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  • BriteApps Policyholder Portal

    Available for mobile and desktop; it can be customized and branded by the carrier, which means that any company could request to add their logo and change the colors according to the company color scheme. The portal itself has the following capabilities:

    • Claims management
    • Policy documents
    • Payment processes
    • View insurance provider
    • View messages
  • BriteApps Administrative Portal

    Available for managing administrative processes within the company including user management, application monitoring, and control:

    • Enrolled user management
    • Access rights management
    • Activity monitoring
    • Messaging to one or multiple users
    • Paperless document delivery
    • Customizing your applications
  • BriteApps Message Center

    The center allows carriers to send messages to a single user or to all users. Text can be translated into the user’s preferred language. Supports emails, in-app messages, and push notifications.

  • BriteQuote Configuration

    It is used to create quoting wizards that allow agents to perform a sequence of steps to make a quote. The quote wizards are fully configurable by lines of business, role, transaction type.

  • BriteQuote Pages & Components

    It allows agents to get information on one or multiple pages and move through the pages and display data in pre-defined places.

  • BriteDocs Stock & Custom Templates

    The application provides both stock and custom templates to use throughout the policy product lifecycle.

  • BriteDocs Data Aggregation

    An app acts as a data aggregator for claims, policies, quotes. This data can be transformed and inspected easily, as well. 

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Value Delivered

  • Enhanced user experience

    User access through a self-service portal allows policyholders to access their documents and perform payments or enroll autopay so that there is no need to go to the bank or to the carrier directly.

  • Higher mobile security

    Instead of using passwords, mobile users are now able to use face recognition, touch ID, or fingerprints for authentication.

  • Improved communication

    All the communication goes through the message center that provides capabilities for text messages, push notifications, in-app messages, emails.

  • Growing community

    Modernized and new solutions have already attracted more customers to the BriteCore users community, which means that the company extends and generates more revenue.

Client feedback

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The Diceus team accepted the challenge and completed it to prove their abilities and commitment to a partnership.
They did a great job which showed a lot of initiative and I really appreciated that.

Phil Reynolds, CEO, Britecore


BriteCore offers cloud-based software for enterprises to ensure high security, performance, and scalability.
It is recognized as an established industry leader, offering world-class solutions, services, and expertise to over 50 insurance carriers, InsurTechs, and managing general agents. It helps companies enhance their time-to-market, become more competitive, and gain higher revenue.

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