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According to the Linkedin , the hiring volume will grow by 58% in the USA, 76% in India and 67% in Mexico. Capterra’s research showed that 75% of managers use HR software. And 94% of them are satisfied with the result.

The main reason why staffing software has become popular is that the interview process can be overwhelming. According to the Glassdoor, the average vacancy attracts 250 resumes and 22 days to fill a job position.

These are the main challenges that recruiters face:

  • competition for talent
  • limited budget
  • not enough recruiters
  • workforce planning
  • high level of turnover.

A value of staffing software

TechnologyAdvice’s report showed that 52% of HR software involves one or a few apps; 55% of HR solutions integrate with social media; 32% of them have the features for increased collaboration and sharing. Moreover, 78% of HR solutions are aimed to improve talent management as well.

Recruiting software is aimed to allow managers to provide their job more efficiently. It helps to improve sourcing and eliminate the wrong candidates. Moreover, this is an irreplaceable helper to decide which candidates should participate in the further interview stages. Candidate management system serves as a hub of all needed data in order to access it fast and easy. A few recruiters may take advantage of structured information with the ability to see the latest updates.

Such systems offer such advantages:

  • Managing job postings on various platforms.
  • Adding keywords to attract more candidates.
  • Boosting employee referral programs.
  • Improving overall candidate experience and brand reputation.
  • Advanced analytics about candidates with graphs and charts, gathering feedback from the employees.

A candidate management system can help recruiters to develop different microsites to fulfill their specific needs. It helps to align the job posting with candidate expectations and target needed employees.

These are benefits for the recruiters. But what candidates get? They receive user-friendly platforms and apps, simple, transparent and fast interview process. Besides, automation can help to deliver response and feedback to the candidates quicker with the ability to explain everything they want to know.

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HR software has the power to speed up processes by capturing valuable data and delivering the needed level of compliance. Also, you receive a totally safe portal only for internal use within the HR department.

The best staffing software is a network where all tools, information, and analytics are saved in one place. So, all team members can better share their work, insights, questions and struggles to improve the process.

Also, tech solutions help to cut the costs and do more with less. For example, even if you have not enough recruiters on board, the best staffing software will help you to manage overload.

With the right technology, recruiters can create their reports easier to make sure that both HR and CEO (business owner or head of the department) can get needed information right here and right now.

Additionally, HR software means better risk management. Recruiters can save and share their policies totally safe through the company employee portal. The operations associated with risk management may be automated and strengthened for better results.

HR goes Agile

Taking into account that today’s candidates treat companies as customers, companies look for ways to improve their experience. Many recruiters have moved from the traditional rule-based approach to the live interview process according to the candidates’ feedback. 2017 Deloitte survey emphasized that up to 80% of CEO prefer agile approach for business needs.

Why is this important? It is because rules don’t take into account the required changes and are blind to the candidates’ needs and preferences. Life is becoming unpredictable and more and more employees desire a higher level of HR services. That’s why some companies like Google have a large pool of candidates while other companies struggle to fill basic positions. And it is not only about the money because Google pays its employees less than other tech giants in Silicon Valley. So, new HR software with the ability to capture feedback and other features is valuable nowadays.

Nowadays, recruiting has become more urgent as well. So, to make things done faster and more accurate, companies started to rely on technology to search and retain candidates. For example, Cisco, GE, and IBM develop such recruiting software.

When global companies integrate agile methods in their key operations, they eliminate a need to plan everything in advance. In that case, recruitment automation helps to eliminate mistakes and supervise all processes.

Job tracking software and more

Talent management requires new approaches and many recruiters experiment with new tech solutions to get better results. Usually, more than 70% of talent application systems are used by third-party providers. Workday and Oracle offer complex HR features. Some systems suggest chatbots that lead candidates through the entire application process.

For example, IBM’s Watson offers three basic features for the HR department: matching candidates with the job positions; a machine learning platform that shows the priority of the vacancy; and monitoring reviews in social networks and on Glassdoor.

Do you know how it works? These technologies make use of social information and after that, the systems use cognitive capabilities for the deep analysis. Predictive analytics is helpful tool there to assess various recruiting sources, check the quality of hire and probably choose pre-hire assessments. For instance, PredictiveHire , a cloud-based SaaS analytics solution provider shares that its client was able to save 1.1 million Australian dollars by applying a pre-hire assessment tool.

AI-driven HR solutions

250 000 dollars are the estimated amount of money required for the filling a vacancy. So, artificial intelligence is actively used in the interview management software to reduce the cost. For example,  helps to schedule interviews. ClearFit searches for the candidates and provides the appropriate ranking. Filtered is used for finding technical employees with automated coding tasks.

Wade & Wendy offers virtual assistant to save the possible template for the further searching of new employees and not to start each time from scratch. Textio helps to develop a relevant job description, and Engage Talent is aimed to attract more job seekers and save passive candidates as well. It sends personalized messages as well to improve the candidate experience.

Harver creates interesting tests to engage and assess more candidates. Ansaro is focused on predictive analytics for successful hires.

Software for talent management

After successful hiring, the question about managing employees still remains a challenge. At DICEUS, we use our own software Teambase. It has 3 compulsory roles: HR manager, head of the department and employees. Also, the admin helps to handle all the flows.

How does it work? “If the employee wants to take the vacation, the system helps to simplify the approval process and book the next vacation in advance. The system has the notification features as well. It may be a newsletter or just reminder that the employee needs to update the visa for the business trip.

This software may show a matrix of the employees’ skills to know which team member has specific knowledge and experience. Moreover, it allows to visualize human resource planning and export the reports into Excel”, says Alexey Bezborodov, a developer at DICEUS.

This talent management software shows the birthday of each employee. It is an important tool to automate the management of sick leave and business trips. HR managers and team leaders may easily track all expenses and save all valuable information in one place.

Recruitment CRM

Candidate relationship management is must-have for today’s pace of business processes. It’s important because it helps to build meaningful relationships with the candidates. Even if you decide not to cooperate with the specific person in the future, you may create a good reputation of the company that will serve you in the future. Your branding is an important factor in attracting new talented employees.

The applicant tracking system has evolved into the whole recruitment CRM with the power to create a network of candidates from the existing database. It offers advanced workflows with automated solutions and to track recruiting performance to add changes.

These key challenges it helps to overcome:

  • vague process and lack of response from the recruiters;
  • unorganized manual operations;
  • limited cooperation among hiring managers and their team lead;
  • poor communication with the candidates.

Moreover, it helps to achieve long-term recruitment goals. Let’s consider the most important purposes.

job tracking software

Handle candidate pipeline

Taking into account that fact that all your candidates have passed different stages of the recruitment process, recruiters may be overwhelmed. To make things clear and simplify the process, it’s better to use a continuous inflow and outflow of potential employees.

Besides, with this software, you may see a candidate’s engagement and level of readiness to fill the specific position. You can also categorize the potential employees by various factors: education, skills, experience, motivation, etc.

Broaden talent channels

Recruitment CRM solution may be responsible for finding a needed channel for the specific job position. The software can capture data where recruiters may find required candidates and where the wide pool of talents exists.

Moreover, you will get the needed information on what is the audience of some platforms to adapt the communication to the candidate’s expectations. For example, timing is an important factor. Everybody wants a fast response from the company and quick feedback. But millennials, for example, base more their decision on the actual interview and their thoughts about visiting the company. Older candidates will learn the information on the website, the history, company’s benefits, the whole brand, existing number of employees, etc. So, prepare all this information to easily access for the job searchers.

For the younger generation, you may add a video about the office, your culture, and values. It will help them to feel the atmosphere and decide whether or not they want to cooperate with your organization.

recruitment automation

Gathering passive candidates

It’s nice to have a pool of passive candidates to fill the vacancy faster. Moreover, the more people are engaged in the recruitment process, the better it goes. The main reason is that the referral system works very good for the employer brand and brings candidates with a high level of retention.

Linkedin’s report showed that 62% of employees passively look for a new job. This is especially valuable for the vacancy with a rare set of skills and scarcity of employees.

Examples of the recruitment app

  1. Linkedin Recruiter helps to stay connected and keep everything organized. These are the main its features:
  • A quick summary of the candidate.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Messaging options or the ability to save a profile for further needs. Messaging has a variety of templates for faster communication, and push notification to keep candidates updated.
  • Ability to add comments for different team members and share various content.
  1. Interview Assistant offers a structured set of interview questions. Also, it has a built-in calendar and the ability to rate the candidate.

It will be a good fit for the junior recruiters. The app involves the entire documentation and flexible options to manage the process.

  1. Instajob is an app for both candidates and employers. Recruiters may easily create a job posting from the iPhone. It’s easy to boost your employer brand with this tool. Job searchers, at the same time, can filter what job positionings that want to see.
  2. Smart Recruiters delivers sourcing analytics. It includes applicant tracking system, recruitment marketing and ability to track updates.

It allows handling recruiting tasks on the go and handle a huge flow of the candidates.

The Hiring App delivers a personalized notification and newsletter to keep employees informed and updated as fast as changes happen. This is a useful tool to be aware of hiring activity, reach and share information about the candidates, save their CV.

Busy recruiters may rate and review their profiles on the go, then cooperate with hiring managers, share feedback. The app helps to interact with candidates through different channels and reject the wrong candidates.

  1. Blonk is Silicon Valley app that allows finding the best match for the job position. It helps to assess candidates by the learning algorithm. The app helps hunt passive candidates as well.

It applies algorithms to gather and describe candidates’ motivations and create profiles. Because of the algorithms, an app works as Tinder when companies look through the profiles and may start a conversation when they’re interested.

The algorithm is responsible for capturing data about users’ motivation. It helps employers rank their potential staff according to their motivation.

As candidates have become pickier, it’s possible that in the near future recruiters will come to the candidate’s home to provide an interview. Maybe, robots will rule the process, and artificial intelligence and advanced analytics already help to create resume database software and manage a huge flow of information more accurate.

Recruitment app is a needed tool to free up busy recruiters and allow them to visualizing their communication with potential employees. For the candidates, new technology means better engagement and greater experience. They may ask any questions, get a fast response, explore the employer better. Such software is a win-win solution when both sides want to reach valuable information and find a match. Apps help to cut the cost and time that required to fill the job positions.