Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Today, developers begin using Java to build cloud solutions, APIs, wearable tech apps, chatbots. Besides, Java is widely used to perform Big Data analysis, to develop games, to handle scientific tasks, and build various custom apps. Thus, Java developers have become particularly in demand. Their profession is now well-paid in the USA – according to Indeed, the average salary is $103.000. As of September 2019, Java is one of the most searched on the web and used by developers. 

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Are you looking for Java outsourcing services? In this article, you will learn about the benefits of Java language for your software development project. Here you will learn why to outsource Java projects and where. We will compare some work ethics in top outsourcing destinations as well. 

3 Benefits of Java for Your Project in 2019-2020

Java language is easy to study that’s why you can find a lot of professional Java developers for your project. Among the most vivid advantages of this programming language, we can name its portability, efficiency, and secureness. Take a closer look at these benefits below.

1. Portable

It is very portable and can be run anywhere. This feature brought it huge popularity and this language still holds the first position among competitors. Java’s platform/database independence allows us to provide successful migrating, shift to the cloud without any distractions and losses in resources and time. Java ensures high flexibility and scalability. 

2. Quick

Another advantage is Java efficiency. This language uses a virtual machine for code execution. There is an opinion that C++ and C languages are faster but it’s more difficult to work with them. Moreover, they aren’t so user-friendly as Java. These are important issues for Big Data solutions, etc.

3. Secure

Also, each Java developer considers that the security question is a part of the design. For example, this language involves bug-detection, garbage collection system, and code management. According to these features, programmers may eliminate risks, data loss, etc. Java interpreters and compilers were developed to guard program integrity and exclude unsafe code.

Its built-in security features involve cryptography: message authentication codes, digital signatures, and advanced authentication. The second one means implementing various login mechanisms, along with developing the custom security policy and impose clear permission access rules to the specific data.

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Why Outsourcing Java Software Development?

To start working with Java and take advantage of its features, you need to overwhelm your team or pass through a period of trials and mistakes. If you outsource Java development, you free up your company from managing employees. Besides, a skilled dedicated team will bring some great new technology and functionality to your company.

When you hire remote programmers, you may track the progress of your project and focus on the most valuable issues. Outsource Java development helps to find a time to build and develop a company’s brand, work on meaningful relationships with the customers, improve internal and external business processes. Finally, Java development outsourcing services eliminate the burnout of the in-house staff.

Bear in mind that Java outsourcing companies are responsible for the end product’s quality and overall project outcomes. To become number one among competitors, outsourcing companies work hard to gain a good reputation.

3 Tips on Hiring the Best Java Developers

The first thing you need to know is that Java changes all the time. That’s why if a candidate learned/used it four years ago, this knowledge and experience aren’t relevant anymore.

Secondly, pay attention to the industry expertise, if you need to hire a specialist in a specific business domain or industry.

Thirdly, Java-based technologies are more valuable than the language itself. Pay attention to the candidate’s proficiency. Is he merely a programmer or a highly-skilled developer? 

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Besides, bear in mind that Java certificate doesn’t prove the required level of proficiency. In some cases, a certificate shows only desire to learn and knowledge of theory. Look through our list of the most useful certificates:

  • Spring Professional
  • Enterprise Integration Specialist
  • Spring Web Application Developer
  • IBM WebSphere
  • Oracle Certified Master, Java SE 6
  • Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Services Developer
  • Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect
  • Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer

Technical screening of Java skills during the video/phone interview is a basic step in choosing the best employee. It may include checking experience, decision-making skills, and opinions. The last one means a deep understanding of the Java ecosystem, relevant frameworks, etc. Your goal is to identify a developer’s achievements, approaches, knowledge, and soft skills.

Feel free to use online coding tests and test tasks. It’s up to you whether apply it after or before the job interview. The most important issues are the ability to check not only knowledge of Java but connected technologies as well. For senior positions, a test needs to involve a task to solve the real-life coding assignments. In addition, pay attention to include your company’s codebase.

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Java Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine

Ukrainian custom Java development is flexible and agile. Ukraine is a professional provider of IT services for businesses all over the world. For most of them, it means highly educated staff because of a large number of technical universities. Moreover, employees are talented, they know English good and the price of their work is much cheaper than US ratings. Even senior Java developer earns up to $3500-6000 that allows delivering cost-effective services.

Ukrainian educational facilities help to build a technical background for those professionals. Some of these facilities are mentioned in the QS World University Rankings 2018.

Ukraine is listed in Clutch Leaders Matrices as one of the key IT centers in Eastern Europe. Most of the Ukrainian software engineering companies provide full-cycle services and apply a huge variety of technology stacks.

Ukrainian Java community is proactive with different meetups, hackathons, etc. For example, JEEConf – the biggest Java conference in Eastern Europe.

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What About Other Countries? Cultural Differences

We wrote a lot about the pros and cons of outsourcing from various countries taking into account only tech issues, so it’s time to dive deeper. Do you know the basic cultural differences of outsourcing service providers? Let’s consider the most important mentality and work ethic issues.

Facts about Java

Western Europe

European IT professionals are collaborative, positive and supportive. They like autonomy and independence. It is unlikely for them to take tasks to home.

Latin America

Latin Americans are extremely friendly and positive. They like to dance, enjoy their lives. On the other hand, they surprise with the punctuality issues. Coming to the office 30 minutes late is their habit, although social meetings mean 1 hour late. They have a so-called “Mañana culture”. The word mañana means “anytime between tomorrow and never”.  But at work, they can be responsible and reliable if you put clear time deadlines.


Asian people are very pragmatic and goal-oriented. On the other hand, they’re struggling to share their thoughts and feelings. It’s a common thing for people in Asia not to say “no” or admit their mistakes.

Work ethic seems to be “boss-subordinates” with a distance among them, especially in India. Usually, leaders just set tasks, give negative feedback and don’t hang out with the team.

Most people in Asia are introverts. So, if you want to build meaningful cooperation with them, create an atmosphere where employees will feel free to share their concerns, problems, etc. It’s important to have needed transparency and visibility.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe’s mentality is similar to Western. If you take into account Ukraine, developers are engaged: 82% of them told they work in IT because of the interest in technology, while 48% of developers code as a hobby.

They tend to change their work often. That’s why employers can offer a higher salary and the best work conditions for talent acquisition.

Java for Big Data

Just in case you want to have a basic vision of needed tools for senior Java developer, keep reading to know more. Java-based technologies involve frameworks and libraries that have an impact on custom Java development nowadays.

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Java is the key programming language for MapReduce development and Big Data analytics.

  • Hadoop – This is a valuable framework in big data computing technology. MapReduce development is common because of good support from apache.
  • Spark – Apache Spark may run on top of Cassandra, Hadoop, Mesos, Hbase. It is applied to achieve greater efficiency and quicker development.
  • NoSQL DatabasesMany applications were developed by using different NoSQL databases. Everything depends on your goals, the entire project, and its demands. 
  • MongoDB – This is an open-source NoSQL database that helps to ensure relevant performance, JSON storage and other advantages of scaling. Also, this database is easy to implement.
  • Redis – It is an in-memory database cache system for complex projects with powerful potential.
  • Cassandra – This flexible database delivers tunable consistency for a scalable system that was made using Java.

Java is a popular programming language with quick and secure features. In order to successfully outsource Java projects, explore the advantages of outsourcing and culture differences. This knowledge will help you to achieve great understanding and work with the dedicated team efficiently.

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