software development trends 2018

It is not a secret that user expectations keep growing and it is quite challenging to create an engaging and simple digital experience. Content has to be accessible anywhere and anytime, and software needs to be as innovative as it can be. The latest web development technologies 2018 are able to help businesses stand out among competitors, that’s why they are so popular. For example, according to Gartner, the Internet of Things can involve 25 billion devices by 2020.

Staying updated with the latest trends and understanding the future of web development 2018 help companies to stay up to the mark and not to lose their clients. In this article, we’ll describe the top trends to your advantage.

#1 Improved online support

New technologies help to keep in touch with your customers, keep them updated and solve their problems in real time. For example, various airlines offer fast customer support for those people who have different problems. Chatbots can interact with your audience 24/7, engage them and even suggest products that will be relevant for them. Some music stores apply machine learning to learn customer behavior and offer to buy music based on their preferences and previous purchases.

Chatbots can bring valuable online support for the learners or job seekers. Usually, professors and recruiters need to answer the same questions all the time. That’s why big companies captured new technologies to free up their staff and improve customer satisfaction.

Chatbots are able to manage a high volume of requests faster than people can. It helps to cut costs needed to provide quality customer support. Chatbots may direct clients to a live manager for the more complex issue that demands human efforts. This allows improving employee productivity. For example, Globe Telecom has automated their customer service and refined productivity by 3.5 times, and their customer loyalty increased by 22%.

Also, chatbots can help visitors to find a store and answer the questions about available products. Chatbots understand the language and even can recognize the mood of the clients and their willingness to keep cooperating.

Moreover, there are many customer service software. For example, LiveAgent, Dimelo, Front, Vision Helpdesk, inSided, etc. Most of them help to handle all their digital customer care channels and serve the clients better.

#2 Progressive web apps

A study showed that mobile apps happen for 89% of entire mobile media time. Progressive web apps allow handling a needed operation on the smartphones on the websites. They benefit from the variety of features on web browsers but bring an app-like user experience. There are many advantages of it: near-instant loading, an opportunity to work offline, reliability and the ability to get push notifications. They may be made in less time, work for each user and are generally simpler to deploy and support.

Progressive web apps are quicker because of the way how it caches the text, images, and stylesheets. It helps to improve user experience, performance and retention rates.

Moreover, progressive web apps don’t require app store submission that brings less time-consuming actions. And programmers may update the system without waiting for approvals. All the upgrades will be automatically done when users relaunch the app.

One more benefit of such app is low data usage. It is a very important advantage for the developing countries where data is expensive goods. A native app that uses 10mb of data may be decreased to just 500kb with progressive web apps. Besides, they don’t demand any considerable storage on the device. It helps to improve performance on the cell phones and save space.

#3 IoT and edge computing

Internet of things is one of the most popular web development technologies. For example, wearables like Apple Watch and Fitbit have captured the attention of many people all over the world.

Edge computing applies a net of microdata centers to treat data at the “edge” of the network or near the device. It helps to save money and time from porting all existing information to one data center. Also, users may perform quicker real-time analytics, even with low connectivity.

As this trend becomes a priority, such programmers involving network and database engineers are in high demand.

#4 Single-page websites

Such website is very simple with navigation based on scrolling or applying links that lead to the specific section. The design fits the mobile devices, and the entire development and support of the platform are very cheap.

Another advantage is the control of the flow of information. One page websites demand users to browse through information that helps to direct them through the content on your website. This is a great opportunity for the websites that need to deliver specific information before the user moves on.

It fits websites that need to share a little bit of specific information. Horizontal background changes may help to divide the information to switch from one topic to another.

Single-page websites are unique and more creative. This is a great way to engage users. Moreover, it is able to implement many images to capture visitors’ attention.

#5 Static websites

Such websites are safe and quick, inexpensive. They return a simple file stored on a hard disk every time, when it is demanded. Static websites are inexpensive to create and host to get a better web presence. They give the same response again and again. Their pages are HTML driven, so it is simply for the search engine spiders to index and crawls.

These are key advantages:

  • time-saving
  • easy indexing
  • fast transferring

#6 Motion user interface

A mobile user interface applies transitions and animations to inform users and make a project more alive. It helps to bring more customization for the clients, and simplify work for the developers.

These are the main benefits:

  • it ensures that programmers will implement motion accurately
  • it helps to set a needed level of understanding with the user and simplify interaction
  • it eliminates errors with the review option
  • it allows creating motion design system
  • it fits agile projects.

#7 Push notifications

Push notifications are the future of web development 2018 to bring some personalization and lead a user through the process. For example, if your app delivers complicated services, you can help users not to get lost and keep in mind valuable things. This is a great tool for user engagement and high level of customer satisfaction.

#8 Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the software development trends 2018. This is the number one priority for each business. Internal initiative means that a development team will add security to their software. External cybersecurity means that a software system will be able to overcome all attempts to break it or steal valuable information. A research showed that venture capitalists were ready to invest up to $3.4 billion in 2016.

The Enterprise Security Group’s study figured out that 45% of companies say they have a shortage of cybersecurity talent. Nowadays, this is must-have for the programmers as edge computing and blockchain.

#9 Artificial intelligence

Without learning capabilities, apps will approach a challenge in the same way.

Machine learning learns from the users’ preferences and habits that help to refine the user experience.

Moreover, nowadays you don’t need to search for AI PhDs to add natural language capabilities. The AI toolkits simplify its adoption and online documentation is always accessible to speed up processes.  

Let’s consider what artificial intelligence can bring to the table:

  • better reply prediction
  • great customer experience
  • voice-based search
  • personalized options
  • automating difficult requirement gathering and analysis
  • simplifying web design
  • automated QA.

top 10 programming languages of the future

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Some IT professionals believe only in top 5 programming languages while others think about top 10 programming languages of the future. We’ll describe 6 the most popular programming languages that are in high demand and easy to use. Most of them may serve even the most complex purposes and help to improve customer satisfaction.

Let’s explore the most important features of these programming languages.

top 5 programming languages

  • Java
  1. This very portable language that can be run on each system that fits almost all apps for Android.
  2. Java helps to prepare the IT product for the scaling and to add new features. Moreover, programmers may fast and easy use it with fewer bugs.
  3. It helps a large community of users that bring needed support to existing problems.
  • C
  1. It has universal portability as well.
  2. C has required features to fit embedded and operating systems.
  3. It mixes the features of both low level and high-level languages. So, it can be used for scripting for kernels and drivers and it also maintains complex functions like scripting for software apps.
  4. Different features of this language involving direct access to the presence of C compilers, machine level hardware APIs make it a good match for drivers of embedded systems and scripting applications.
  5. It is a case-sensitive language with special treatment of uppercase and lowercase letters.
  6. This is a general-purpose programming language and may work on games, graphics, enterprise applications, etc.
  • Python
  1. The syntax helps developers to provide coding in a few steps
  2. Useful support libraries.
  3. Integration feature.
  4. High speed and increased productivity.
  5. User-friendly data structures.
  6. Python may be applied to create prototypes because it is very simple to read and work with.
  7. It is easy to provide big data platforms, automation, data mining with Python.
  8. It allows for a more effective coding environment with an ability to keep developers productive and organized.
  9. Easy to learn for the beginners.
  • JavaScript
  1. JavaScript is a simple, effective and versatile language applied to broaden functionality in websites. It helps to develop on-screen visual effects as well.
  2. This is a client-side language that is very easy to learn with syntax similar to English. It applies the DOM model to solve a specific problem.
  3. JS is fast for the users and no compilation is needed because the browser explains JavaScript as it HTML tags.
  4. Javascript is easy to test and debug.
  5. Platform independent: almost any browser may understand and explain JS code. Any part of JS code may be executed on various types of hardware.
  • Ruby
  1. It maintains metaprogramming: developers may write code in Ruby that creates other code. This brings flexibility and helps to save time.
  2. Ruby is very fast and easy to learn for the beginners.
  3. This language is focused on quality.
  4. It has a great ecosystem for testing.
  5. Popular in the Valley.
  6. Ruby has consistency: programmers may follow programming conventions and standardized file storage make your project readable and structured. It requires less time to upgrade the code later.
  7. Besides, Ruby on Rails is based on the Model–View–Controller design pattern which helps to achieve rapid project development. This pattern helps to work more productive and collaborate with various team members more effectively.
  • PHP

Nowadays, PHP is in high demand and very popular scripting language. It is made for skilled website development and may be easily inserted into HTML code.

  1. This language is open source with no demand to rely on the manufacturer to launch the next version.
  2. It is extendable.
  3. A large amount of databases are maintained.
  4. This is platform independent language that may run on various platforms.
  5. Compatible with servers like APACHE and IIS.
  6. Low maintenance and development cost with high reliability and performance.

Most developers who used to work with PHP would say that there is no new technology in PHP 2018. But we want to share with you new features of latest PHP version:

  • Greater maintenance for Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Increased support for MySQL with innovative MySQL extensions.
  • New tools to alter and read XML docs in SimpleXML extension.
  • Server-side storage with SQLite.
  • Innovative error handling module.
  • A new extension for SOAP integration.
  • Data managing through iterators.

So, use this new technology in PHP 2018 to speed up your work. Moreover, there are many frameworks that strengthen developers to create secure and difficult IT products. If taking into account the best PHP framework 2018, let’s consider a few of them.


Laravel is a well-known framework to simplify and speed up web development. Besides, its features make quick deployment and development achievable.

Blade is a templating engine that puts together syntax back into HTML and PHP with an opportunity to hide difficult and ugly code. Developers may also use Vagrant box in order to enjoy hassle-free development through Homestead.


This is a highly effective and stable framework, well-documented frameworks with a set of PHP components and reusable codes. It helps to create large-scale enterprise web apps. Reusable PHP libraries may serve for the form creation, templating, routing, authentication, object configuration, etc.


It involved the Model-View-Controller web architecture design pattern. This is also well-documented and easy to use a framework.


It supports and broadens the MVC pattern. FuelPHP manages security policies and has its own authentication mechanism.

Web developer roadmap 2018 needs to include all web development language trends into account to be able to cope with modern challenges and offer innovative products. It means not only to know the most popular web development technologies but juggle them in order to satisfy customer’s demands. Moreover, junior developers have to clearly understand the difference between various programming languages and how they may help to achieve specific goals. Web developer roadmap 2018 will be more challenging than earlier because nowadays programmers need to do more with less and bear in mind all innovative approaches.

The latest web development technologies 2018 have the power to meet new customer expectations and bring a company’s software to the new level. Innovations are built not only around clients’ preferences but in order to simplify developers’ work. So, new trends are a win-win solution and must-have for the organizations with a need to create complex and urgent systems.

New technologies help to free up the staff and automate routine tasks. That’s why many investors and businessmen are willing to invest in new software to earn more easily.