Staff working from home seem no more unusual staff. A lot of organizations and startups hire the best remote talents to help them move forward towards their mission. There also firms that prefer the entire staff to work from home offices. Here are the main problems you can face while working with telecommuters.

Online communication

The lack of real-life communication is the major problem of companies running remote employees. The reason for that is that they are working in different offices and often at the different time. To avoid misunderstanding you may arrange a 15-minute chat in Slack, for example, to discuss what was done yesterday and what is to be done today.

Everyday calls

Online collaboration can’t completely substitute a face-to-face communication that’s why lots of remote workers practice everyday phone or video calls to share news on the project. You may also write short reports on every single call and share it with your colleagues so that every member of the team knows what is going on.

One chat

There’s a bunch of messengers on market now. Choose one that you like most of all for effective interaction among your team members. One single tool will allow you to connect all employees. They will feel like working in one single workspace.

One platform

Use one single platform for project management and time tracking so that every member of the team knows what tasks are assigned and what tasks are accomplished. You will easily monitor time spent by your employees without disturbing them and asking additional questions.  

Keep your team informed

Send announcements and notifications about recent releases and upcoming events to all employees via a group channel for communication. Video streams from corporate meetups work also good for promoting awareness about your company events among your remote personnel.


Don’t underestimate the value of friendly relationships among your employees. Put emphasis on building a strong and reliable team, no matter where they work, in house or remotely. Face-to-face contact has a positive influence on the atmosphere in the office.


Strong motivation inspires employees and makes them enjoy what they are doing. Assign precise and clear tasks, support your co-workers, plan together and discuss arising problems at once. You should create an atmosphere of trust and passion to work so that everybody feels appreciated at work.

Adhere to a procedure

It’s important that everyone is familiar with a generic procedure and workflow to avoid chaos in work. Every new employee should read and understand the guideline to corporate rules and general policy of the company.

Set the right goals

Think of short-term and long-term goals of the project and discuss those with your team. When everybody knows about the perspectives a team strives for completing tasks faster and efficiently to meet the shared sense of purpose.

Communication with clients

Inclusiveness to communication with customers is of the same importance as inclusiveness into a team. Your remote colleagues should be able to chat with clients, hear their needs and requirements to the project, discuss the work details, understand the purposes of building a product.

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Offshore software development best practices

These were the major tips to overcome the difficulties of managing a remote staff. Don’t miss a chance to learn other helpful tips on the upcoming event for business executes in the IT sphere.

Running remote conference

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The occasion will inspire you with the speeches of experts from Buffer, Gitlab, Doist, Transferwise, Atlassian, and others. They will speak on various topics concerning distance work. A complete schedule is available on the official site of the conference.

This big day is worth visiting for getting a valuable experience of communicating with top experts in remote work. Here you will be able to hear unique reports on the most sensible subjects such as “Mindfulness at Work”, “How to Motivate Your Team Beyond Compensation”, “Gender Equity”, etc.

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