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    Generated leads convert 7 times more frequently cooperation

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    Every review has got an average of 8% increase in sales from Google

  • 78%

    Sales reps outsell their peers by 78%

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How we designed a complete self-marketing, branding, and selling system for an automotive dealership that combines such tools as a connection builder, a review builder, and a social builder with multiple features for effective business relationships, sales, and marketing.


With the evolution of technology, the number of online sales has increased significantly. Consequently, the dealership model has also experienced considerable changes. Our customer, an experienced dealer, couldn’t find the software solution that would completely meet his business needs. All the solutions that were available on the market at that time seemed not to satisfy the real needs and goals of most dealers as those apps were built by people with no or poor expertise in the dealership. So, he decided to build his own solution according to all the requirements of his fellow dealers. The solution had to provide capabilities for connecting leads, generating reviews, selling, to name a few.

  • Time

    2016 – Till now

  • Team

    7 members

  • Technologies

    C#, JavaScript, .NET core, ASP.NET Web API, Angular, vue.js + framework7, knockout + jQuery

  • Industry

    Automotive Dealership


We had to build an all-in-one platform that would meet the needs and objectives of the majority of dealers. The system had to have built-in messaging, video messaging, integrated inventory, and lots of other features. Our main challenge was to make all these tools interoperable with each other. Another challenge was to ensure the highest security as the platform had to store sensitive customer data.

Among the technical challenges we addressed were the high complexity of the project and its business logic as it consisted of many components and multiple databases. ADF/XML implementation was required along with the WordPress transfer to .NET Core.


We designed and developed a complete and fully-customizable software solution for prospecting and selling that provides all the necessary capabilities for sales staff to organize effective work inside their dealership and build a brand.

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Key Features

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  • Making

    Customers can download business cards to their contact. Connection builder allows dealers to track customers in real-time so that the staff can provide better support and services. Instant notifications and messages will help you track customer activity and timely respond or react. With inventory integration, you can monitor what items were being viewed by customers so that you can further follow up with clients to discuss their interest in a particular item.

  • Video

    Video messaging allows dealers to build strong relationships with their customers. You can record a video, choose from your library, or upload it from YouTube or your device. These messages can be displayed directly on your website and direct people to a particular item, article, or page.

  • Personal websites

    You can get a website that will be fully customized according to your corporate style. You can host it on any domain you wish, add your content or choose from the content library, integrate the website with inventory, and post customer testimonials and reviews. The solution has built-in referral tools.

  • Dashboards

    Smart dashboards allow collecting helpful data about the number of active employees that use the system and evaluating their performance. They show the results that a particular company gets from the system, how many users are using it, and other important things that need additional attention.

Value to our client

  • Generated leads convert 7 times more frequently

    Today, dealers are able to generate more quality leads which caused the increase of conversion by 7 times.

  • Every review has got an average of 8% increase in sales from Google

    Thanks to improved social awareness, promotion, and impact, the company has got reviews that increase sales directly from Google.

  • Sales reps outsell their peers by 78%

    Now, sales reps have higher performance than their peers as they are equipped with a perfect self-marketing and selling tool.


Build-A-Brand is a social selling platform that provides sales reps with an all-in-one digital tool to manage a dealership business.

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