About the project:

The project is a complete self-marketing, branding, and selling system for an automotive dealership that combines such tools as a connection builder, a review builder, and a social builder with multiple features for effective business relationships, sales, and marketing.


• 3+ years’ experience in software development incorporating HTML/CSS markup;
• 1+ years’ experience in Angular 2+ or at least knowledge of Angular 2+ essentials.;
• Understanding of architecture and how software fits into the overall system;
• Strong understanding of HTML, CSS/SCSS and how to properly use those technologies in scope of Angular projects;
• Familiarity with CSS theming and Angular Material theming in particular;
• Dealing professionally with CSS animations, icon sets (SVG and font one’s), grids, flex boxes;
• Candidate must appreciate good code style and strongly configured linter;
• Strong Git knowledge (branches, submodules, rebasing);
• Familiarity with agile/scrum development processes and methodologies..


• Implement ideas from Product Backlog into a reliable working product;
• Promote code quality and web reliability with the latest architectural patterns;
• High code standards, detailed code review with good automatic code quality, and test checking allow for smooth web development.

We offer:

• Remote or comfortable office ( Kyiv, blvd. Vatslava Havela, 4 )
• Flexible work schedule;
• Technique for work;
• Paid vacation (18 business days) and Statutory Holidays;
• Paid sick leaves (10 business days);
• Non-paid days-off (10 business days);
• Professional Growth;
• Free English lessons.