What framework to choose is an important question for most developers. All the frameworks that exist today have their own unique features and disadvantages. But there’s one thing that makes JavaScript frameworks so attractive – the community! Today, it’s one of the critical factors to consider when choosing a framework. In this post, we’ll review Ember vs Angular vs Meteor, the most popular JavaScript frameworks. All of them are used by freelance software developers and web designers. We’ll analyze the pros and cons of all these tools and define which solution is the best one for modern developers.

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The main benefit of this framework is a big community of developers. This means that if you have some questions that need clarification, you’ll be able to easily find the answers. This community provides support while you are learning to use Angular. 

Angular pros and cons

Angular pros 

Choosing the right tool for software development is a time-consuming process. However, when you finally find the right solution to meet your product’s needs, you’ll definitely achieve great results. Angular is not perfect; as with any other tool, there are some Angular advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a list of Angular pros: 

  • It’s a perfect solution for animations; 
  • If necessary, you can also use JQuery with it; 
  • It has a powerful community where you can find the answers to all your questions; 
  • It gives you every functionality you need; 
  • It helps with software development and facilitates testing; 
  • There’s no need to use third-party solutions to create basic app functionality; 
  • It is built with TypeScript (this means that your code will always be understandable). 

Angular cons 

Here’s a list of the main Angular disadvantages to be aware of: 

  • There’s no common command line. Analyzing this parameter, Meteor JS vs Angular is much better. 
  • Limited SEO options and bad accessibility for search engine crawlers; 
  • It is hard to learn. 

Weigh the pros and cons of Angular and decide whether this tool suits your development needs.


This popular open-source JavaScript web framework was developed on the basis of Node.js. It’s a must-have solution for building fast prototypes and cross-platform programs. Moreover, you’ll find lots of arguments over Meteor (web framework) Angular frameworks when browsing the web. Both tools are frequently compared, and it is really hard to define which one is better. Let’s see the Angular-Meteor comparison. 

Meteor vs Angular is a full-stack development, regarded as the most popular JavaScript framework that offers tons of incredible front-end and back-end development options. It also offers lots of cool tools for business logic and database management. Meteor hit the market in 2012, and ever since the release date, it has been growing. 

Meteor pros and cons

Meteor pros 

This tool is mostly appreciated for the following advantages: 

  • Simplicity. If you are a newbie in JavaScript development, this tool is a perfect solution to begin your learning process.  
  • Tons of useful libraries and packages. Third-party Meteor packages can increase your functionality. 
  • Server-side debugging is supported. 
  • Simple client-server communication. When it comes to this factor, Meteor guarantees a seamless real-time communication between a client and a server. 
  • Meteor comes with Velocity, a powerful built-in testing tool that provides integration with Jasmine and Mocha syntax. When the code is finally ready, the testing begins. You can see the results in the form of red and green dots in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Meteor cons 

However, this open-source framework is not perfect, either. It lacks some options that may cause significant issues when it comes to software development. Here’s a list of the main Meteor disadvantages. 

  • There are no reactive joins. This makes the development process more time-consuming because when you need to choose data from various collections and join it, you need to use the invoke packages trick. 
  • No control over the order of loading files. Therefore, it is really hard to organize files sometimes. 
  • Too complicated and time-consuming way of deployment to the server. When comparing Angular vs Meteor in this aspect, the former is a better tool. 
  • Absence of native server-side rendering. Unfortunately, this framework doesn’t use server-side rendering by default. 


This open-source JavaScript framework is mostly used for building scalable one-page web apps. This framework is based on the MVVM pattern (Model-View-View-Model). Ember is a must-have tool for developers building big applications. The greatest advantage of Ember JS vs Angular is a clean upgrade pattern. A few years ago, this tool was considered the best JavaScript framework. It includes the best from old frameworks as well as some new features that make it more useful and attractive for developers. Therefore, if your goal is to build a feature-rich app, you should definitely opt for Ember. 

Let’s see the Ember JS advantages and disadvantages in greater detail. 

Ember pros and cons

Ember pros 

Here’s a list of the main reasons why you need to choose Ember vs Angular: 

  • Ember is very easy to learn and work with.  
  • Better performance because similar tasks can be added to a batch. 
  • Well structured and cleared Ember guidelines.  
  • Fantastic API documentation. 
  • It’s a complete full-stack framework that includes its own router, pipeline, and asset. 
  • It has everything you need to start coding right away. 

Overall, Ember is a perfect solution for complicated apps. This tool was used for building Kickstarter, Linkedin, and Netflix. 

Ember Cons 

You will hardly find a perfect web development framework, and this one isn’t an exception to the rules. Here are the main disadvantages: 

  • Steep learning curve. 
  • It’s meant for big projects rather than small apps with limited functionality. 
  • Ember.js vs Angular has tons of unnecessary abstractions. 

All in all, Ember is an ideal solution for those who are mostly focused on conventions and are working on big, navigational, and multipage products.  


Today, we have more than 20 powerful JavaScript frameworks that allow developers to be more productive. Ember, Angular, and Meteor are the most popular solutions. Angular is regarded as the most powerful tool for completing advanced and large-scale projects. Meteor is a superb solution for creating apps that can quickly react to various event-driven changes (chatbots or twitter-like apps). Ember is the best tool for building navigational and multi-page projects. It’s up to you to decide which framework to use, Meteor, Angular, Ember, or any other framework. Weigh the pros and cons of all these tools and choose a framework that suits your development needs. And if you need advice, our experienced team is always ready to help. 

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