To assess skills of hard-to-find .NET developers, you need to know exactly what interview questions will bring you success. And you’ll also have to know enough about the technology to properly estimate their answers.

We’ve mentioned earlier in one of our articles basic interview questions for a .NET developer . Now, we want to dive deeper into this topic and add possible answers to the questions.

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Digging into the details about the technology will allow you evaluating candidates better. This framework has been around for a long period of time and was developed over 15 years. For example, generics, MVC, and LINQ.

These are .NET Core’s key features:

  • Robust base class libraries
  • Strongly typed
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Automatic memory management and garbage collection
  • Package management
  • Language integrated queries
  • Generics – List<T>, Dictionary<T, T>
  • Simple frameworks to develop RESTful APIs and MVC web apps
  • Share binaries across multiple frameworks

One more important feature of .NET is the flexibility. Web developers may create desktop apps, background services, web applications, and mobile apps by using Xamarin.

Moreover, a survey of 100,000 respondents showed that 38% of them think that the cross-platform ability of .NET apps is wonderful. 43% of the participants believe that .NET Core makes their work easier.

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  1. Client-side technologies.

    Client-side technologies like JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap A will help programmers develop interactive web apps. Moreover, this increases its value in the market. So, check their knowledge of these tools.
  2. Microsoft most valuable professional is one of the most valuable certifications in the market. When you hire .NET developer with such skill set, you will get a mentor in your team.
  3. The Microsoft certified solutions developer certification is popular and important because maintenance and development from Microsoft require renovation after every two years.
  4. Cloud experience.

When you need to hire .NET developer, it’s important to check whether this candidate is able to work with new tech solutions. It can be such cloud platforms like AWS and Azure. Most .NET developers have to develop systems that deal with these cloud environments.

  1. Agile methodologies.

Nowadays, if you want to hire the best .NET developers, look for the experts with experience with continuous integration and delivery, test driven development and behavioural development.

Interview questions for a .NET developer and answers

  1. What are the pros and cons of user and custom controls?

It helps you to evaluate candidate’s approach to design and knowledge base. Pay attention not only to the theoretical information but a person’s ability to implement skills at work.

These are the differences between custom and user controls:

  • User controls are simpler to develop, but deliver limited maintenance for the clients using visual design tools. It’s a good fit for static layouts.
  • Custom controls are long-time to create but provide full visual design tool maintenance. It matches a dynamic layout.
  1. Page events in the life cycle of an ASP.NET page.

This life cycle migrates through various different events as the page runs. Such kind of knowledge requires familiarity with the entire ASP.NET framework.

These are the most popular page events:

  • Control events, which appear during the Load stage when ASP.NET developer tackles control events, involving the TextChanged event in the TextBox control. It may be the Click event in the Button control as well.
  • PreInit, which occurs after the finishing of the beginning stage but before the initialization. During this process, the programmer may develop dynamic controls, set Theme property, and the master page.
  • InitCompete is the final stage that allows a developer to make changes to the ViewState .

Also, talk about the differences between read-only variables and constants. This is a list of the main differences:

  • Read-only variables may only be added in a constructor or at the time of declaration.
  • Constants are assessed at compile time, while the read-only variables are estimated at runtime.
  • Constants maintain just value-type variables, while read-only variables may keep reference-type variables.
  • Constants have to be applied when the value is not changing upon runtime, and read-only variables are applied mostly when their actual value is strange before run time.
  1. Explain the inheritance and how it is connected to .NET.

In the .NET framework, all classes are hereditary by default. It means that programmers may develop new classes reusing, broadening and modifying behaviour, which accelerates development. Inheritance also allows developers to debug one class only once, and then reuse it for the next classes.

  1. What is .NET web service?

With .NET web service, programmers can publish online an application’s function and directly interact with other apps and objects. Web services cooperate by applying standard web protocols and data formats involving SOAP, HTTP, and XML. ASP.NET offers an easy way to create web services. The .NET framework delivers built-in classes for creating and consuming web services.

  1. What are three of the most popular acronyms applied in .NET?

Keep in mind that this question will be relevant only for the juniors.

  • Intermediate Language (IL) is an object-oriented language that is a partly compiled code that programmers will then add to native machine code.
  • Common Intermediate Language (CIL): this is the lowest level for a language that humans may still read.
  • Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). It is a compiled code library that Microsoft created as an open specification. It is used for versioning, security, and deployment goals.
  1. What is an assembly?

Assembly is a logical self-describing unit which involves one or a few files targeted at dot net. An assembly may be stored across single file like EXE or involves metadata, or it may be stored in multiple files. For instance, resource files such as metadata, EXE, and DLL’s. Assemblies maintain versioning.

  1. What is assembly manifest?

It is a part of the assembly which involves metadata that depicts the assembly. The manifest involves Version Number, Assembly Name, Culture, and Strong name, etc.

  1. What is the goal of friend keyword in VB.NET?

Friend identifies that one or a few specific programming elements are available from within the assembly that involves their declaration. This access is a preferred level for an app’s programming elements, and Friend is the default access level of a class, or a structure, an interface.

These questions will be a good fit for .NET developer 3 years experience. Of course, their answers may sound different but we give you needed information for the basic understanding. Even if you need .NET interview questions for 10 years experience, feel free to use answers above to check knowledge of the skilled developer.

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To recruit .NET developers, you need to have a wide variety of the questions to hire the best .NET developers for your specific business needs.

Computer science interview questions

  • What are the benefits of Just in Time compiler? Do you know any programming language runtimes that may apply it?
  • What is a difference among preemptive threading model and the cooperative threading model?
  • What practices and tools are important for a Continuous Delivery solution?
  • How is a code point connected to a code unit in Unicode?
  • What does make a unit test good?

Role-specific interview questions

  • How does MSIL match the entire .NET framework architecture?
  • The meaning of the encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance.
  • What is Reflection in .NET?
  • What are the await keyword and its use cases?
  • How can lazy initialization be achieved in .NET?
  • What is the “virtual” keyword?
  • Why would you proclaim a field as volatile?
  • What is the Entity Framework and what are the advantages of applying it?
  • What is the dynamic type in .NET?

Additional questions

  • What is the difference between IEnumerable interface and the IQueryable In LINQ?
  • What are the advantages of applying the Aggregate method in LINQ?
  • Is it possible in .NET to extend a class (any class) with additional methods?

So, you can easily use our .NET interview questions and answers for experienced developers. Apply it as a guide for a successful searching and hiring the best developers.