.NET is hot nowadays and there are more than 2000 jobs for .NET developers on LinkedIn and 16,927 on Indeed. ASP.NET is a robust framework that may vary widely according to the business needs. It makes challenging to find and acquire them.

Another important issue is their salaries. If you’re curious about .net developer salary per hour, explore the average rates of web developers all over the world. Keep in mind that senior .net developer salary may be higher and junior asp.net developer salary will be lower.

senior .net developer salary

Let’s consider only .NET developers salaries as well.

senior .net developer salary

As we see, senior .net developer salary NYC is the biggest, then .net developer salary in USA holds the second place, senior .net developer salary in Ukraine has cost-effective prices, and senior .net developer salary in India is the smallest.

With the entry-level salary for a programmer $75,000 in the USA, candidates still aren’t showing up to the IT companies to demand well-paid jobs. The thing is that programming is more than just sitting at a computer, and there are many pitfalls to find the right people.

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.Net Developers for Hire: Challenges to Find Them

Is there a scarcity of .net developers? The problem is that .NET is a framework with limited abilities that usually is used with other tools and skills. The .NET developer is a type of web programmer with a great understanding of the .NET framework who will create different online applications, software, interfaces, and development.

Searching for a .NET developer is a very vague demand because there are so many additional toolsets. For example, your vacancy doesn’t require years of ASP.NET MVC 5 experience. You need a combination of various skills to fulfill your business gaps.

Moreover, educational facilities usually don’t prepare students with a lot of emphasis on .NET development. Because they graduate universities without qualifications connected to .NET, companies are actively looking for experienced .NET developers.

On the other hand, some students might get relevant experience from the side projects. Shana Groen, technical recruiter and division director at Robert Half, added that many organizations have broadened their job expectations, and now they’re open for those candidates who have experience from not commercial projects, internships, private projects, etc.

Except for the fact that nobody knows exactly who counts as a .NET developer, many companies still are looking for the unicorn. Experts say that impossible requirements prevent finding good employees. When a job description requires knowledge of .NET development, big data, Angular and Internet of Things, you would probably find nothing. Rather than pursue the dream candidates who likely don’t exist, employ promising people and help them to gain needed skills. The money and time that you would spend on recruitment, you can invest in talent development.

The third challenge is a slow hiring process. Yeap, it’s important to assess each candidate but move faster when you find an available candidate with relevant experience. Today more than ever programmers are in high demand and there is a rule “bird gets the worm”. So, test your job expectations whether they’re realistic and be in a rush to hire good candidates.

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Caution, Millennials On Board. Talent Acquisition Techniques for Them

Millennials and Generation Z seem to scare a lot of employers. When the old generation appreciates stability, millennials want freedom, autonomy, flexible and remote job opportunities, flat hierarchy, abilities to make a difference. They aren’t afraid of the unknown and are ready for the changes. Moreover, they want them.

According to Forbes, the best way to engage millennials is by allowing them to be their own boss or a leader that feels like the coach. That’s why you need to promote an entrepreneurial spirit, allow using risk-taking skills. Show each team member that he or she can contribute and take part in the valuable discussions.

Besides, millennials are willing to know that their contributions are recognized and performance is tracking. Such conversations need to be informal and positive.

Some companies use millennials’ desire to save the planet and add value. So, feel free to add social projects (as a part of CSR strategy) and involve your employees in some volunteer projects.

Collaborative work environment will improve their engagement as well. It means that they want to invest their time in meaningful and perspective products with the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills among their peers.

Interview Process

Coding challenges are the best way to measure a level of the web developer. There are many candidates that can’t write even the simplest code. So, it’s a great way to eliminate inexperienced developers. Such test fits only junior programmers. Some companies implement basic test as a part one of the whole recruiting process. But such organizations will lose middle and senior employees that value their time and aren’t ready to follow numerous steps of the interview process. Sometimes companies have too tricky hiring processes for the junior positions. It makes a brand not so popular among not only seniors but juniors as well.

These are the aspects you need to pay attention to:

  • How a candidate approaches a problem?
  • Are they methodical?
  • How they cope with the problems?
  • Can they create good documentation?

Keep in mind that there are a lot of different ways to treat the problems and you need to gain an insight about their abilities to overcome simple coding challenges.

For the experienced staff, you can use ready tests. There are plenty of free or paid tests to evaluate candidates’ knowledge and skills. It includes not only multiple choice questions but open tasks as well. Because candidates may simply guess the answers. Also, try to use real-life cases that are relevant to your company’s specifications to assess their levels.

Ready tests will free up your team and automate evaluating the process. The next step is making an interview process natural. Don’t ask questions that require evident answers or will make a candidate confused. You can provide a brainstorming session with existing employees to create a list of relevant questions. Ideally, these questions will be based on your company’s work routine and business issues. You can gain valuable insights from the internal clients, collaborators, and then prioritize the questions.

Bear in mind to align the questions to the specific candidate. You may have a basic set of compulsory questions, and supplement it with an additional list.

Examples of interview questions.

  • A meaning of “PostBack” in ASP.NET.
  • The ASP.NET page life cycle.
  • ASP.NET session state modes.
  • ASP.NET validators.
  • Difference between Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer.
  • Usage of Global.asax.
  • View state in ASP.NET.
  • The difference between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebForms.

Offshore ASP.Net Developers: What They Bring to the Table

The first reason to hire developers overseas is the price. It’s obvious and the most popular way to cut costs. The second reason is to broaden your pool of talents. As we already mentioned, it’s difficult to find and hire .NET developers. So, other countries may serve as a good solution for your talent gaps.

Most countries that offer outsourcing services have well-educated IT professionals and promising IT market. This is statistics about how web developers educate themselves and what way of learning they prefer.

education, net developers for hire

Offshore developers will use their experience to craft great IT products. Besides, the outsourcing company will bring valuable solutions to improve the business processes by using innovative technologies. Moreover, you get diversity and needed services including desktop and mobile apps, database applications and more.

To help you make use of your dedicated team, we’ve prepared for you a list of compulsory elements for successful cooperation.

  • Customized .NET tools. These tools will allow customizing your services or products and create complex IT systems.
  • Related technologies. Nowadays, the successful full-stack developer needs not only to know perfectly programming language, but he or she also needs to know and use relevant technology.
  • Deep experience. Outsourcing may not only save your company’s money, it has the ability to deliver some great experience to your organization.

Recognizing a skilled .NET developer is like searching for a programmer in any other field, except that ASP.NET is one of the most complex technology. However, the right hiring process and talent acquisition will make it much easier. Besides, when you’ve gained a basic understanding of existing problems and solutions, you will onboard the right people.

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