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“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” sounds not so good for the business owners. Nowadays, competitiveness pushes companies to speed up processes and save quality at the same time. Some organizations have their own testing teams but they’re expensive.

Outsourcing testing services company: Why and how

Delegating is the best way to make things done. That’s why the popularity of chatbots, online personal assistants grow each day. Probably, in the near future, success will mean an ability to find the quickest and cheapest performer of the task. Maybe, not the cheapest one but cost-effective.

Outsourcing is like an ocean of new possibilities when you can drink fresh juice when experienced team handles difficult QA testing for you. So, are you motivated enough to start outsourcing? Here you go the most important tips for successful outsourcing.

  • Recognize the importance of QA testing services. QA team will refine product quality by understanding whether it’s easy to break your product. And the critical issue: whether it meets clients expectations. In the book When coffee and kale compete by Alan Klement, described a model named a “Job to be Done”. The idea is that the customers have everyday tasks and motivation to improve the level of their life. Your product in order to be popular has to address these needs. Yeap, it fits more the beginning stage of developing the products but testing may use these principles as well. Just brief checking what you’ve planned to do and what you got.
  • Test early. Many teams may forget about the importance of testing in a rush. Testers can spot and fix bugs as soon as they arise and guide development in the right direction.
  • Flexibility and adaptability. Nowadays, most processes are built around customers’ preferences, so it’s important to hire agile professionals that are ready to broaden their experience and work on unusual tasks. So, when you have tricky end goals, hire specialists that may think outside the box and generate creative ideas to solve the problems.

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Automation testing tools

Many IT professionals believe in a value of QA automation. Let’s figure out what types of testing may be automated.

  • Regression testing. It is a too costly process that requires a lot of human efforts, so testing allows free up your QA engineers.
  • Cross-browser testing. Automated cross-browser testing overcomes the existing challenges and provides a compatibility with some versions of browsers 6 times quicker than manual testing. Usually, it takes up 30 for manual QA.
  • UI testing. The comfortable user interface makes your customers come back to use your products and services. So, it’s important to start with the small tasks like switching from one web page to another and then move on to the biggest tasks.
  • Stress and load testing. It helps to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Bear in mind that you need to make testing realistic and simulate real-life situations.

Test automation tool isn’t magic and can’t solve all your pains but it can make a difference. Sometimes, it’s useful to combine a few types of tools for different goals.

automation testing tools

How tech giants provide software testing

  • Spotify

Spotify takes advantage of dedicated teams that are organized in an unusual way. They have such model to handle workforce: squads, tribes, and chapters.  Squads rely on principles more than practices to create Scrum teams. The mission of each team is to align the whole process to the specific needs and break rules if needed. Tribes involve a few squads and each tester from the squad is responsible for the bug tracking in tribes. Chapters are aimed to build knowledge and skills sharing among employees. For example, for the testers, it means specific teams to work on QA testing services together. All teams are arranged around focus areas. This practice helps to collaborate more effectively, especially for the QA and product managers, developers.

Kristian Karl, Test and Dev Manager at Spotify, believes that testing is a very creative process and it’s better to make it manually. Checking or verification can be automated, and that is all.

  • Microsoft

If taking into account Microsoft, they promote this culture when “testing is everywhere”. A company pays equal salaries for the developers and testers, and this is unusual thing in IT industry. The reason for such generous strategy is that the main source of revenue comes from products that are installed on customers’ PC. If the product has bugs, it’s challenging to upgrade it. That’s why it makes sense to invest resources in eliminating bugs as soon as they can to save good reputation.

At DICEUS, we value professional QA engineers to deliver the needed test management, security, compatibility and performance testing. Each client may directly speak to the tester to discuss all work issues.

Is web application testing easier than software development?

Programmers generally go deep on purpose, testers dive deeper for fun. If compare the difficulty of their work, everything depends on the specific technology. And the truth is that the general roles are just different.

Let’s assimilating software development and testing based on Microsoft’s experience for the better visibility. Its specific testing is too costly to automate and involves web application testing of 20 machines connected in networks, and testing their end-to-end connection with scriptable tools. On the other hand, their QA managers write code for testing that brings some kind of automation into the process. For instance, for the API set, software development test engineers will prepare tests for it. By supplementing it with performance and stress tests, they may check correctness and resource consumption, etc.

As we see, testers and developers just work on the different parts of the process. In most cases, QA managers are the third party that may easier find and recognize bugs with a fresh look. In small companies, it requires a fewer set of skills. In tech giants like Microsoft, programmers and testers have equally difficult responsibilities.

List of software testing companies in USA

The USA is a hub of fresh technology solutions and breakthroughs. It has many companies that can offer you winning answers. Moreover, you may use testing companies from different countries to refine results.

    • Kualitatem. This award-winning company is good enough to handle testing of various complexity. It will be a good fit for digital media, money & capital markets, government and healthcare enterprises. They have automation analysis, platform compatibility analysis, penetration testing, etc.
    • BTC Technologies LLC: this is not only software testing but an IT consultancy company as well. You can take advantage of their unique QA frameworks.
    • QualiTest Group offers reliable mechanisms to assess the quality of software.
    • Apica. They have load testing portal to achieve the needed quality of software. Not only businessmen can take advantage of this platform but programmers as well with quality assurance protocols to keep the performance standards of software.
    • Amdocs.  They have needed quality control process for their global clients from 25 various countries.

Software testing services in UK

  • MagenTys brings end-to-end solutions for the companies of any level of difficulty. They use Open Source Test Automation Framework named ‘Cinnamon’ to provide test automation and Behaviour Driven Development easier.
  • Acutest offers software testing consultancy and QA services. Their main goal is delivering technology-enabled solutions for the customers.
  • A1QA has more than 1500 projects and provides test services from functional to localization testing.
  • Testing for Startups. They apply industry standards to improve QA services and base their strategy on the risk analysis and automation to speed up processes.
  • Pat Walsh IT Services is QA company that offers IOS and Android app testing, website QA across key browsers. Customers get agile testing approaches with a lot of options for successful cooperation.

Best QA companies to outsource

The good news is that you may save money by outsourcing quality QA services.

  • QAwerk. This is reliable QA company with experienced testers. After an exploration of your business logic, their professionals will offer a best-suited solution for your specific business needs.
  • Agilites. This company brings manual and automated QA testing, integration services QA. Clients are able to order E2E testing, RIA testing, gray and black box testing, etc.
  • DICEUS helps to improve product’s usability and security. They offer various QA services with necessary testing documentation. This company delivers constant analysis of required fixes.
  • Testfort has been provided QA services from 2001 with different tools and advanced technologies.
  • Innovecs delivers automation testing and QA automation solutions for the FinTech and AdTech, software and high tech.

#1 Turning to flexible and DevOps approaches.

software testing

Agile methods allow responding faster to the existing challenges. DevOps method involves continuous development, and tools like Gradle, Maven and Ant add to the code file that may be sent to the QA team. Also, it includes permanent testing and integration. Continuous monitoring became a part of the IT services in order to save time and resources. For regular testing, QA professionals use TestNG, Selenium, JUnit, etc.

The updated code needs to be implemented permanently as well without any errors. So, testers need to assess changes and check how runtime environment responds to other changes.

#2 Security.

A study by the Software Engineering Institute figured out that programmers with a significant focus on quality create more secure code. Sometimes, QA teams stuck with application security testing because security tests differ from performance and functional tests. Security testing helps to recognize software weaknesses and weak point that can lead to SQL injection, weak encryption, buffer overflows, sensitive data, etc.

#3 Open source tools.

This tech solution is a big win for businesses. The open source shift brings higher quality, feature-rich and safe software with financial benefits. It is a popular choice because of limitation of commercial tools. Open source tools have a wide community of IT experts that supports this software and makes it mature.

#4 SDETs.

Software Development Engineer in Test requires participating not only in testing but in development as well. Such experts may develop testing automation tools and they’re responsible for test-driven development. Also, they can create new ways to ensure software efficiency.

#5 Big data testing.

An accurate flow of data within your organization is critical to your company’s success. It’s easier to analyze structured data and may be overwhelming to assess unstructured data. Big data application testing involves data, process and output validation.

Architecture testing is another valuable part of Big Data testing because weak architecture will spoil the whole process. To make things run smoothly, you can use Hadoop to process huge amounts of data. Besides, make sure to eliminate data corruption.

#6 IoT testing.

A Business Insider Intelligence report predicts that by 2019, the IoT will be more popular trend than apps, wearables, and connected car markets combined. Companies are willing to adopt IoT initiatives that will refine the scope of Internet of Things testing.

Software testing will need to handle data when a connection is unpredictably dropped. Bear in mind that testing in a controlled lab environment is other than testing in real-life conditions. Specifically designed assurance of permanent data transfer is key to IoT operations.

QA testing companies all over the world use innovative approaches to prevent and fix bugs. Nowadays, testing is more than just bug fixing, it is a whole system of useful tools and methods to constantly track and overcome challenges. Our overview of how tech giants provide QA and hot trends will help you to dive deeper into this topic. Moreover, feel free to use our list of the best IT organizations to your advantage.