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    ecosystem elements: mobile apps, online shop, web administration

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    applications for the most flexible interaction

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    shops in 13 countries can potentially use the solution

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    In-built wallet with card and balance payment options

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Syyve is a startup-based solution for % Arabica, coffee manufacturer and distributor. It’s a digital tool for the customer rewards program, such as free coffee or discounts. It also includes online shop functionality, remote orders, and coffee delivery. The platform consists of a mobile app for clients, an app for sellers, an administrative system, and a database.


Customer rewards programs are familiar to many businesses, especially restaurants. The most straightforward example is “order ten, get one for free”. Numbers may change, but the idea is trendy as customers can get free stuff while businesses maintain stable order flow. However, physical tracking via cards or stickers is outdated now.

Our client – Syyve – devised a plan to digitize these programs. % Arabica invested in this project, and the Diceus team started working on the solution. Initially, we helped with design only but then expanded our services to meet new business needs: from rewards management to online shopping, orders, and delivery.

  • Time

    18 months

  • Team

    5 members

  • Platform

    Mobile, Web, Cloud – Microsoft Azure

  • Industry

    Restaurants / Retail

  • Services provided

    Web Development, Mobile Development, Integration, Cloud, QA, UI/UX


The entire cooperation included several stages. The client had some experience in software development, but the project was too complex and broad, so we joined forces. We started with the design and digitization of client-seller interaction and moved to the advanced end-to-end retail system. Developers used .NET and Microsoft Azure for back-end parts, as well as Xamarin for cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android.


The core of Syyve is the digital rewards management system with four apps and an administrative system. This base allows clients to get a free coffee after several orders, through app scanning. Customers also can collect bonus points based on their spending and then purchase goods in the online shop. Finally, Syyve offers automated discounts, remote ordering in the chosen restaurants, and coffee delivery.

You can find a detailed overview in the list of features.

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Key Features

  • Rewards management process

    A user can show a unique code in his/her app, and a seller can scan it. Information is stored in the personal profiles of all customers. Coffee shops can track rewards, add bonus points, and give free coffee.

  • Bonus

    Apart from getting goods for orders, customers can earn points for spending money. The more you spend, the more you get. For this virtual currency, customers can purchase coffee and other things in the shop.

  • Discount groups

    As long as Syyve relies on mobile phone numbers, it has a unique feature. It’s possible to set automated discounts for any number in the system, for instance, 25% for everybody from the neighbor office.

  • Online shop

    Using the client app, customers can choose between different affiliate shops and then purchase the desired products. This module also supports delivery and coffee-to-go in advance.

  • Payment system integration

    For any order, it’s possible to pay using the same app. It works with direct card payments. As well, it has an in-built wallet that users can top up and pay with it. Deposits to other wallets are supported, too.

  • Administrative functionality

    The back-office part of the entire system supports comprehensive reporting and management. This version is web-based, it’s available for the eligible client employees only.

Value to our client

  • New opportunities on the market

    From just rewards, we helped % Arabica to move to online shopping and direct delivery.

  • Optimized client-seller interaction

    Thanks to the digital solution, our client can connect to clients faster. It’s made through apps and the online shop.

  • Payments through the wallet

    As long as users deposit money to wallets, the client company can get revenue in advance.


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Client feedback

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They’re amazing with communication and hitting deadlines. Although Diceus was initially only hired for their design skills, their work made a strong impression, leading to the expansion of their role. The team is highly collaborative, and they deliver high-quality results.

Fares Almuhanna, Syyve Representative for % Arabica


% Arabica Coffee Roaster & Farm is an independent coffee brand from Kyoto. Currently, it has 55 stores in 13 countries. % Arabica has a coffee farm in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii that produces Kona Coffee. The team is the sole distributor of Ninety Plus Coffee and Slayer Espresso for Japan, the global distributor of Japanese roasting machines Tornado King. % Arabica is growing fast, expanding to new locations and markets.

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