About the project:
Our client is one of the leading commercial banks. Software package designed for “hosting” independent applications (Microfrontend App), which implement the user interface of internal software packages for internal users (employees) of the bank. It consists of Core services and Microfrontend Apps. Unified Frontend – Development of the RGo software package in order to expand the coverage of user interfaces of all software packages of the bank.


• Java 13 Postgres SQL,
• Redis Spring (Spring Data, Spring Messagging, Spring Security, Spring MVC),
• ELK Stack: ElasticSearch, Logstach, Kibana;
• Prometheus, Grafana Kafka Junit, Mockito

We offer:

• Remote work or comfortable office (Kyiv, blvd. Vatslava Havela, 4);
• Flexible work schedule;
• Equipment for work;
• Paid vacation (18 business days) and Statutory Holidays;
• Paid sick leaves (10 business days);
• Non-paid days-off (10 business days);
• Professional growth and development opportunities;
• Free English lessons.