About the project:

The project goal is to develop a solution that transfers bot-dialogues within service levels to live agents with the right skill-sets and proficiency levels based on a customer’s intent and identity. The main idea is to provide end-customers with a flawless and convenient experience based on their choice to use messaging services for immediate access to live customer agents.


• Strong knowledge of HTTP.
• Strong knowledge of REST.
• Strong knowledge of Node.js (async approach, promises, winston).
• Strong knowledge in unit & integration testing with Mocha, should.js & Supertest.
• Some experience with Swagger (we using it for documentation generation, quick API testing).
• GIT flow (pull requests, branches & stuff).
• Understanding of middleware in application architecture (that’s Node.js part itself).
• Understanding of Sockets & Node.js pipes (sometimes Micro-services interacts with us via sockets&pipes).
• Experience & understanding with RabbitMQ or another queues.
• DevOps stuff like configuring Jenkins, Gulp tasks, working with Unix, etc.
• Experience with MongoDB & Mongoose, Map-Reduce, other aggregations.
• Experience with API development.
• Experience with distributed systems and data analysis.
• Familiarity with version control systems such as SVN and Git.
• Upper-intermediate and above English.

We offer:

• Remote work or comfortable office (Kyiv, blvd. Vatslava Havela, 4);
• Flexible work schedule;
• Equipment for work;
• Paid vacation (18 business days) and Statutory Holidays;
• Paid sick leaves (10 business days);
• Non-paid days-off (10 business days);
• Professional growth and development opportunities;
• Free English lessons