Our client has more than 40 years of experience providing medical transcription solutions to providers small and large throughout the U.S.  Individual transcribers have more than 15 years of experience on average. They provide them with tools and training that allows them to be quick and consistent, improving documentation cycle.

Must have skills

  • Strong knowledge of HTTP.
  • Strong knowledge of REST.
  • Strong knowledge of Node.js (async approach, promises, winston).
  • Strong knowledge in unit & integration testing with Mocha, should.js & Supertest.
  • Some experience with Swagger (we using it for documentation generation, quick API testing).
  • GIT flow (pull requests, branches & stuff).
  • Understanding of middleware in application architecture (that’s Node.js part itself).
  • Understanding of Sockets & Node.js pipes (sometimes Micro-services interacts with us via sockets&pipes).
  • Experience & understanding with RabbitMQ or another queues.
  • DevOps stuff like configuring Jenkins, Gulp tasks, working with Unix, etc.
  • Experience with MongoDB & Mongoose, Map-Reduce, other aggregations.
  • Experience with API development.
  • Experience with distributed systems and data analysis.
  • Familiarity with version control systems such as SVN and Git.
  • Upper-intermediate and above English.

Soft skills

Natural curiosity to find creative and effective solutions for complex problems.