Our client provides the necessary tools for the entire digital management of companies from small to large. They offer the same open-source instruments, that companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and McDonalds are using to manage their everyday business. Because these tools are more flexible and offer greater security with lower costs, compared to popular closed source alternatives.


• 3+ years of full-time practice as a PM/BA;
• 3+ years of BA;
• Written and spoken English (Advanced level) and a demonstrated aptitude for communicating complex;
technical concepts and information in straightforward terms;
• Strong knowledge of software development methodologies;
• Experience of setting and improvement of processes;
• Experience in collaboration and negotiation with customers and development teams;
• Must have strong leadership skills and be able to remain calm and focused in stressful situations, including; the ability to maintain order and a methodical troubleshooting approach that is focused on service;
• Strong sense of ownership and responsibility.