About us

DICEUS is a strategic technology partner for custom software development. Since 2011, we have accomplished more than 100 projects and contributed to our client’s growth in banking, fintech, insurance, healthcare, and other niches. We help SMBs and enterprises overcome their pressing business challenges with the right technology solutions. At the same time, we help tech companies scale up their teams with efficient staff augmentation.   

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey of rapid growth!

Role outline 

The role of Senior UX/UI Designer is responsible for designing user experience, designing the user interface, and doing market research. He/She will have to be able to deal with stakeholders and the project team, thus he/she must possess strong communication skills.  

Job Responsibilities

  • Drive the design for Bank’s Digital Innovation Products and Processes.  
  • Design user experience/journey, user interface, and conduct market research.  
  • Collaborate with Product Management, Business Analysts, and Engineering to conceptualize new products and improve existing solutions.  
  • Create innovative design solutions to solve customer problems.  
  • Distill the essence of what makes digital solutions successful and transfer those learning’s into the physical domain.  
  • Create user experience specifications, mockups, and prototypes.  
  • Remotely work with the other members of the design team and the Product Management organization.  
  • Transform and apply data gathered through analytics, usability evaluations, and market research to create meaningful design recommendations.  
  • Manage and develop the team of UX designers.  
  • Manage and deal with stakeholders.    


  • Master / Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design (Brand Design), Human Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science or related field.  
  • Experience in developing or designing digital products (such as mobile banking platforms)  
  • Experience working closely with users to understand and incorporate their discoveries as part of the creative process  
  • Ability to remotely collaborate actively & effectively on multidisciplinary teams  
  • Experience applying a user-centered design process  
  • Excellent knowledge of emerging technologies and trends  
  • Motivated, dynamic, creative and results-oriented  
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well in a team environment  
  • Experience working in an agile environment  
  • Fluent German is a must  
  • Good command in English  
  • Ability to travel to Switzerland