We want our readers to know more about the information and communication industry over the globe that’s why we write about software development culture in different countries. This article will cover the stories of top software companies in Dallas. By the end of the article, you will have learned what best software companies in Dallas are, what products they build, and what is special about them. This information will be helpful for those of our readers who search for technology partners in the USA as well as for those who are looking for tech jobs there. This is a good read also for people who are just keen on new technologies.

First off, let’s see what is interesting in Dallas. As of October 10, 2018, Glassdoor offers 4,593 software developer jobs in Dallas. This number is impressive as it opens a bunch of opportunities for both entry-level and senior specialists in the information technology sphere. According to Glassdoor, an average salary of a software engineer in Dallas is around $90,000. The rates distribution is from $70,000 to $118,000.

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Top software companies in Dallas according to Good Firms

According to one of the most trusted websites that rate software companies globally, Good Firms, we have compiled a list of software companies in Dallas. The information about the most popular companies was updated on October 11, 2018. Below is a list of 17 firms that are considered by Good Firms to be the top in Dallas.

list of software companies in dallas, tx

  1. Finoit

The full name of the company is Finoit Technologies, Inc. It positions itself as a technology partner at developing software products. The company has a wide range of technology stacks which are as follows:

  • .Net solutions
  • LAMP solutions
  • Java (J2EE/J2ME) solutions
  • Open source CMS products
  • iOS and Android applications
  • Blockchain products development
  • Product engineering

Among the success stories of Finoit, there are several products worth your attention. For example, they developed a product named “Car Health Diagnostic”. The product provides fleet management. It is an OBD (onboard diagnostics) system that transforms the car diagnostics on mobile phones. With the help of the system, users can receive helpful information about their vehicles such as fuel consumption, trip summary/time, mileage, speed, etc.

Finoit was founded in 2010 and now comprises 50-250 employees. The company specializes in the following technologies: Java, Xamarin, Python, Node JS, PHP and a lot of others.


DICEUS is a company with multi-national offices located in Ukraine, UAE, Lithuania, Denmark. Like Finoit, DICEUS was also founded in 2010. Although it is not located in Dallas, the company’s team often holds different workshops and specialized meetings there and across the USA. Among the services, the company offers is the development of enterprise-level solutions like ERP, CRM, HRM, etc. DICEUS team has developed a great number of software products they are proud of. They are experienced in building mobile apps, e-commerce solutions, cross-platform applications, etc. The reviews on the most recent projects can be found on our website.

3. Intelegain Technologies

Intelegain provides a wide range of services including outsourcing services, business services, and digital marketing services. The firm offers its customers a bunch of delivery, pricing, and development models. That makes the company stand out from its competitors. Since 2004, Intelegain helps businesses and startups put the idea into practice. Among the famous customers of Intelegain are Canon, Ericsson, Bayer, Amplifon, and others. If you would like to see the portfolio, feel free to visit the company’s website as it is full of mobile apps development and web development projects accomplished by the company’s team.  

4. RailsCarma

RailsCarma is positioning itself as a Ruby on Rails development company. Here are some of the things that the company does:

  • UI and UX design
  • Cloud hosting and migration
  • Custom RoR development
  • 24/7 management

As you can see, the company specializes in RoR solutions. Among the products developed by RailsCarma are Move, DFH, Ditto TV. DFH, for example, is an e-health platform which combines ERP, practice management system, and an e-commerce platform in one place. Ditto TV is another product designed by RailsCarma. It is a TV application that allows users to access some regional channels. All projects build by the RailsCarma team are based on RoR technology. So, if you are looking for specialists in Ruby on Rails in Dallas, you can freely contact the firm.

5. gotcha!

gotcha! is a digital marketing agency. It is number 5 in our list of software companies in Dallas. It offers customers content and traffic drivers services. The company has also developed over 25 out-of-the-box mobile and web apps. Besides, they offer website development, online advertising, SMS messaging, and other services that can boost a brand’s awareness. Some of the products offered by gotcha! that are worth your attention are gotchalocalseo and gotchaapps. The first one offers a unique opportunity for sellers for better local search-engine optimization. This product helps find businesses online in consumers’ geographical location. It facilitates the work of marketing specialists with the local-targeted audience.  

6. IBEE Solutions

Founded in 2006, IBEE has known as an apps development company. Unfortunately, their website is currently under construction that’s why there’s so little information about the company. However, according to Good Firms, IBEE comprises 10-50 people, – quite a small business located in Dallas.

7. Apptura Software

Apptura provides a bunch of marketing and branding services. What they offer is to custom everything. They offer to promote coupons through mobile applications, pay for the services or good by mobile phones, and announce sales and events via phones because they consider this way of interacting with people one of the most effective. Apptura is all about the mobile culture of communication between a seller and consumers. They help businesses build brand loyalty and boost user engagement. Apptura’s website contains dozens of projects they successfully developed and launched. So, if you are interested in mobile promotions, feel free to visit Apptura in Dallas.

8. Iwerk

Iwerk has been streamlining businesses since 1991. The company offers custom software development of responsive websites and CMSs along with ERP systems, and other enterprise-grade solutions. Iwerk has a great experience in different industries what you can see from their portfolio. Among the works presented on the website, there are projects for Danon, American Airlines, Biggby Coffee, Hudsonville Icecream, Forte Belanger, etc. Each case study is bright containing the description of what the team did and how it did it. Iwerks offices are located not only in Dallas but also in Detroit and Fort Worth.  

9. Burada

Burada is number 9 in the Good Firms list of software companies in Dallas Tx. Burada is quite a small company consisting of up to 10 people. The company offers a standard range of services including wireframe prototyping, web/mobile apps, priority hosting, and priority support. The company also offers its own product called “Burada Building Blocks” which is a kind of an ERP system that can be customized to customer’s needs and requirements. It is off-the-shelf software that includes a bunch of modules that can be helpful for managing company resources and assets.

10. Pepper Square

Founded in 2002, Pepper Square is focused on UX/UI design. The company deals mainly with interfaces design. Other services they are qualified for are app design and software development. The offices are also located in India.

11. Cooperative Computing

Cooperative Computing is positioning itself as a business-driven technology solutions company. It has a strong background in the following areas: healthcare, telecommunication, transportation, and human resources management. The firm is good at cloud hosting solutions, business consultancy, training, and development. To get a quote or see how effective the projects completed by Cooperative Computing are, go to their website. It contains dozens of works and detailed information on the services you may get from Cooperative Computing specialists in Dallas.

12. Proit

Proit, one of the software companies in Dallas Texas, was founded in 2008. Among innovative services that customers can order from Proit is robotization. The firm provides robotics automation tools that can reduce customer’s costs and automate processes in legacy systems. Proit also has its own products presented on their website: OpenText/Documentum, ProRules, and JHighway. ProRules is probably one of the most interesting products developed by the company. It is an information system that is able to assess and manage risks. The system works well with structured and unstructured information and is planned to deal with AI as well.   

13. Retro Cube

Retro Cube promises to put your app idea into practice. What they do is iOS, Android, game development and optimization of App Store apps. Retro Cube’s portfolio includes such applications as Food Finder, Nasa99, Trip, and GetFit. The works speak for themselves. The company was founded in 2013. Today, it consists of up to 250 employees.

14. Newlineinfocorp

The company has 10+ years of experience in product development, web interactive, e-commerce solutions, learning management, conversational artificial intelligence, etc. Newlineinfocorp has completed more than 500 projects and delivered around 1000 solutions to its customers. The team consists of over 75 specialists. They offer solutions for work management and school management. Both help boost productivity, streamline the workflows and improve interaction. School management solution is very helpful for parents as it sends notifications to parents when arrives. With the help of this management system, teachers can share their lessons plans and interact with parents as well.

15. Atmo Software Development

Atmo specializes in business software development, NFC, Internet of Things, database, apps modernization, etc. The company is experienced in different industries including healthcare, retail, insurance. It is one of the best financial software companies in Dallas, Tx. You can find a complete list of services provided by the company on their website.

16. Techno Exponent

Techno Exponent offers a bunch of web design and development services for different kinds of companies. The company was founded in 2011, its offices are located not only in the United States but also in India what makes the rates reasonable. According to the technology you are looking for you may choose the recent projects completed by Techno Exponent and find out if you like it and if the services that the company offers fit your requirements for the project.

17. JumpGrowth

JumpGrowth is focused on consulting, designing, developing, and testing. The company provides all these services using the latest technologies. JumpGrowth is a new firm founded in 2018 but with the specialists having strong experience in ICT domain over 15 years. It is located in Dallas and comprises up to 50 employees.

Whatever you are looking in Dallas, web or app development, design or prototyping, you are free to use this comprehensive list of software companies in Dallas compiled by Diceus. We believe you will find a trusted technology partner among any of these firms, find a dream job, or will know a little bit more about the IT culture in Dallas. If not, feel free to contact our specialists to solve your IT problems. We have a strong background in delivering high-quality enterprise-grade solutions for different verticals. Just send your request and we will contact you asap. Follow our blog to stay tuned and know more about software companies all over the world.