Searching for a reliable IT vendor in Minneapolis? We prepared a list of top software companies in Minneapolis for you to choose the right partner. Our data is based on Clutch rankings and the information available on the official websites of the IT firms.

software companies in Minneapolis


MentorMate is one of the top 50 software companies in Minneapolis. It provides the following services: strategic consulting, user experience, cloud services, project management, web development, mobile development, quality assurance, the Internet of Things solutions. MentorMate creates projects for enterprises, midsize companies, and startups. Their team consists of developers, test engineers, business analysts, business managers, and scrum masters. Besides, here you can get the services of designers like user interface design, user experience, and production support. Quality assurance analysts will plan and run your strategy by providing the following services: test strategy, software evaluation, automated and manual testing. To start a project with MentorMate you should choose a proper service on their website, fill in the required information, and send an inquiry.

Founded: 2001

Number of employees: 250-1000

Emergent Software

Emergent Software is in the Clutch list of top software companies in Minneapolis. It is a custom software development company offering the development of bespoke software, custom apps, websites. Here you can get the WordPress hosting managed services, website security audit, search engine optimization assessment, SQL server consulting, remote DBA services, enhanced database maintenance, SharePoint consulting, SalesForce consulting, Sitecore implementation, etc. The company’s technology stack is wide. They specialize in Angular.js, React, jQuery, Bootstrap, .NetCore, .NetMVC, Node.js, Xamarin, iOS, WordPress, Sitecore, SharePoint, SalesForce, etc.

Founded: 2015

Number of employees: 10-50

Modern Tribe

Since 2006, Modern Tribe, one of the biggest software companies in Minneapolis,  has been developing projects for Fortune 500 companies all over the globe. The company offers the following services: strategy and user experience, WordPress expertise, design and development, mobile apps, research and development, prototyping, etc. Besides, they build CMS and other enterprise systems. Among the clients of Modern Tribe, there are such companies as Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, CNN, SAP, Motorola, and other.  

Founded: 50-250

Number of employees: 2006

Software for Good

Software for Good, one of the computer software companies in Minneapolis, provides web application development, devOps, mobile apps development, design, digital strategy, user experience, and content management. Industry focus: non-profit (40%), information technology (25%), consumer products and services (20%). Software for Good is aimed to provide its services for mission-based organizations.

Founded: 2004

Number of employees: 10-50

New Lion

New Lion offers strategy, prototyping, design, development services. The company helps non-technical organizations develop their startups and projects. Custom software development and design are the main focuses of New Lion. Their team offers a full-cycle development from idea validation to product implementation.

Founded: 2014

Number of employees:10-50


Agosto is a Google Premier Partner providing development, intelligence, design, and other IT-related services to its customer. The advanced services offered by the company include IoT rapid prototyping, custom development, cloud-native development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. If you are looking for professionals in G Suite, Google Cloud Platform, Chrome Enterprise, and Digital Signage, Agosto is the right place to contact.

Founded: 2001

Number of employees: 10-50


BrandHoot is one of the top software development companies in Minneapolis providing a bunch of services like design, UX prototyping, platform development, mobile apps, real-time personalization, accessibility ADA testing, website designs, etc. BrandHoot is an award-winning company as it was ranked as Business of the Year by the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce.

Founded: 2012

Number of employees: 10-50

Redpath Consulting Group

Redpath Consulting Group offers Salesforce cloud solutions, marketing automation, development and integrations, industry expertise, managed services, etc. Redpath’s goal is to simplify business with the help of technology rather than complicate the processes. The company is able to define a proper CRM strategy and develop a roadmap accordingly. The company’s focus is CRM consulting and SI, custom software development, and email marketing.

Founded: 2008

Number of employees: 10-50

Design Center Inc.

Design Center Inc. provides higher-level strategic consulting, optimal user experience and design, custom software development, mobile application development, quality assurance, VR/AR/3D visualization, app management tools, etc. Among the solutions offered by Design Center, there are employee portals, en-fold apps, sales apps, and other. Focus: 50% – mobile apps; 20% – UI/UX design; 10% – custom software.

Founded: 1969

Number of employees: 10-50

SRS Web Solutions

SRS Web Solutions is one of the healthcare software companies in Minneapolis offering great solutions for the healthcare industry: dental and medical solutions, home healthcare solutions, and other. Since 2009, this company has been a leading innovator for the healthcare market. They continually added demand-based products such as SEO services, iPad apps, online patient intake forms, home health care automation, social media reputation builders, and patient credit apps.

Founded: 2015

Number of employees: 2-10

Cirrius Solutions

Cirrius Solutions specializes in Salesforce services (sales cloud, service cloud, equipment finance, marketing, health cloud, custom development, communities, and SPQ). Among the customers of the company, there are firms of all sizes across industries such as high-tech, professional services, distribution, and retail. Clients all over the globe choose Cirrius Solution to boost their sales with Cirrius offers strategic consulting, implementation, data migration, custom development, and change management services to drive business outcomes fast.

Founded: 2009

Number of employees: 10-50


Thinkship is one of the top software companies in Minneapolis reviewed and ranked by Clutch. This firm offers strategic consulting, design, and software development. In their work, Thinkship team uses the following tools and technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, Pyhon, Java, PHP, WordPress, Magento, and Amazon Web Services. If you have a project to discuss, you can easily send an inquiry to Thinkship managers through a form on their website.

Founded: 2016

Number of employees: 10-50

Navigation North

Navigation North provides both technical and educational services in Minneapolis. The company offers the following solutions: digital learning resource management, web platform development, research, consultation, technical project management, educational training, open source canvas LMS, WordPress, etc.

Founded: 2005

Number of employees: 2-10

The Jed Mahonis Group

The Jed Mahonis Group creates custom native Android and iOS applications. It is a full-stack, mobile apps development agency delivering on-demand solutions that provide the following services: strategy, design, consultation, custom backend development, custom mobile apps, deployment, testing, support, etc. On their website, you can find a lot of case studies containing information on the latest projects accomplished by the Jed Mahonis Group.    

Founded: 2012

Number of employees: 2-10


DevMode is one of the best software companies in Minneapolis according to Clutch. DevMode’s developers deliver web and mobile apps, and cloud services to their clients. They like connecting mobile applications to other devices through the latest innovative technologies. Besides, the company creates enterprise-grade mobility solutions.  

Founded: 2012

Number of employees: 2-10

How much do software engineers in Minneapolis earn?

Software engineer salaries were our focus in most articles. That’s because we believe that this sort of information might be helpful to our readers, both customers and employees. The first ones have to know these statistics to offer competitive salaries to their workers, and the second ones should know what to search for relevant job offers and career opportunities.

According to Glassdoor, an average base pay for software engineers in Minneapolis is 91,800 dollars per year. The salary distribution ranges from 66,000 dollars to 120,000 dollars per year.

According to another trusted source, Payscale, an average salary for developers in Minneapolis is 75,000 dollars per year; it ranges from 60K dollars to 100K dollars per year. Skills that affect most of the pay include C, .Net, Linux, and Java.


Indeed reports that the average payment of software developers in Minneapolis is around 85,000 dollars per year. Usually, the entry-level developers earn less than experienced senior specialists. The distribution range presented on Indeed is 32-161,000 dollars per year.

As you can see, Minneapolis is a great tech hub for more than top 30 IT firms offering a bunch of services and delivering projects based on the latest technologies. If you didn’t find the right vendor in Minneapolis among the software providers in our list, feel free to consult the Clutch complete list. If you are just on your start with selecting a reliable technology partner, read more about our company.    

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