DICEUS keeps acquainting its readers and customers with top software firms in the United States. In this article, you will find out what software companies in Virginia are ranked top by Good Firms.

Good Firms offers a great list of software companies in Virginia consisting of 47 firms. Let’s learn more about the first top 15 companies to better understand the information technology culture in Virginia, their vision, and focus.

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15 top software companies in Virginia

Below are the top 15 software engineering firms in Virginia. This list is based on the information provided by Good Firms and the official websites of each of the software companies in Virginia. We hope you will find the list helpful in finding a trusted partner or an employer for you.


VironIT is focused on blockchain development, enterprise software, mobile and app development, VR and AR development, game development, etc. Founded in 2004, the company has already developed a bunch of software products. Among the case studies presented on VironIT website, there are platforms for car dealers, pharmacy applications, blockchain wallets, warehouse system, medical apps, and many other software products. The company is located in Richmond, Virginia. It also has offices in San Francisco, London, and Minsk. The number of employees ranges from 50 to 250. Technologies you can find here are Android and iOS, C++, Angular.js, Unity 3D, PHP, .Net, node,js, Python, Java.

West Coast Infotech

West Coast Infotech is number two in the list of software companies in Virginia ranked by Good Firms. The company was founded in 2012. Its offices are located in three countries: in the United States, Arlington, Virginia, in India, and in the United Kingdom. By contacting West Coast Infotech you can order the following services: custom application development, digital marketing services, UI and UX designing, mobile apps development, etc. On the West Coast Infotech website, you can find their portfolio that is full of mobile apps and websites developed by their team.  


CodeBright’s customers are mostly startups and enterprises which need a new software product. Among the core project competencies of CodeBright, there are project management, user experience, strategic consulting, web/mobile development, quality assurance, and others. To start a project with this company, you can easily fill in the order form and indicate the services you need. You may choose consulting, project management, web development, QA, cloud services, Internet of Things, etc. The company has developed a great number of projects. For example, Discoverlist, an iOS application, allows its users to share photos and travel recommendations with other people. Another startup designed by CodeBright, My Bag Check, is similar to Uber and Airbnb, a marketplace for people who need to store their luggage and those who look for additional income. Other projects can be examined on the official website of CodeBright.

Forebear Productions

Founded in 2011, Forebear Productions is located in Glen Allen, Virginia. The company is skilled in a wide range of open-source frameworks like Lavarel or Node.js. It is focused on the development of native apps, cross-platform apps, e-commerce, web, back-end development, and UI/UX. On their official website, you can find out how the projects developed by Foreber Pro look like and what technologies were used to build those projects. It’s a perfect way to discover how the project looks like with the technologies you would like to apply to your startup or a new software product.

infiCare Technologies

infiCare is also ranked as one of the top software companies in Virginia. It provides mobility solutions, digital marketing services, web/cloud solutions, government services, and staff augmentation. Founded in 2001, the company has developed a great number of products like eMembership App, Field Inspection App, Zoo App, Tourist Attraction App, etc. A comprehensive portfolio of the works accomplished by infiCare is available on their website.


Shockoe builds bright mobile apps for modern leading brands. It was founded in 2010 and is located in Richmond, Virginia. The companies manner of running a business can be described in three words: Initiate, Create, Elevate. The procedure of cooperation with Shockoe is presented on their website.  

Cilected Simplified

Cilected Simplified is qualified in enterprise application development, web portals development, POS/ERP, mobile development, design, and digital marketing. The company has built its own software product called 1HRMS, a solution for HR departments that promises to make them paperless. The system is fully customized to fit customers needs and requirements. The company was founded not so long ago, in 2017. It is located in Fairfax, Virginia. Other offices are located in Germany and India.


10 Pearls is one of the big software companies in Virginia as it comprises up to 1000 employees. Founded in 2004, the company has already proved its proficiency in software development. Among the customers of 10Pearls, there are such companies as National Geographic, Nextel, MBO Partners, Zoobie, AARP. The industry focus of the company: healthcare, communication and media, technology, transportation, finance, etc. The firm is known to deliver digital innovation to federal agencies such as Nasa, Homeland Security, IRS, and others. The offices of 10Pearls are scattered across the United States and can be found not only in Vienna, Virginia but also in New York, San Francisco, Washington, and in Canada, Toronto; UAE, Dubai; Pakistan, Karachi as well.


Simpalm is experienced in the development of native apps, hybrid apps, cloud backend server, UI/UX design services, onsite consulting, and web development. Among the customers of Simpalm, there are such corporations as Pepsico, Wells Fargo, Audiobooks now, Pearson, Window Nation, AMT, and many others. Focus industries: government, digital health, education, e-commerce, non-profit organization. Simpalm has an impressive portfolio which you can find on their website.


Mobelux was founded in 2008. Mobelux’s team builds software for Fortune500 companies such as Marvel, Tumblr, iHome, Disney, StarWars, Yahoo, Ferguson, etc. They are qualified in creating web applications, web platforms, branding, product strategy, and content services. The services provided by the company are divided into three groups: strategy, creativity, and development. Technologies that the company uses for its projects include React/Redux, javascript, Ruby/Rails, MySQL, MongoDB, Cloud Hosting, Swift, Objective-C, Java, C#, Metal, Windows, iOS, Android, etc. A full list of technologies is available on the Mobelux website.


Hexacta is located in Reston, Virginia. The industry focus of the company includes the following verticals: media, financial services, oil and gas, logistics and transportation, government, telecommunication, retail, etc. Hexacta provides the following services: custom software development, UI/UX design, testing, consulting, mobile, machine learning, and agile training. Hexacta is a multinational company having offices not only in the United States but also in Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay. The number of employees engaged in the Hexacta team ranges from 250 to 1000 people.


ClearSummit is number twelve in Good Firms list of software companies in Virginia. The company was founded in 2014, it positions itself as a real deal, developers who create websites the right way from scratch. The team consists only of 8 people. Despite the small team, the company has proved its skills with a great collection of projects it accomplished.

FullStack Lab

Located in Arlington, Virginia, FullStack Labs is one of the software development companies in Virginia. Focus technologies: Angular JS, Ember, Node, Python, React, React Native, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js. Among the latest projects accomplished by FullStack Lab are Rizknows, Yaya, Bunk1, Classic Flix, Paragon, etc. Founded in 2013, a number of employees: 10-50.

Coshx Labs

Coshx was founded in 2011 by Ben Taitelbaum. Ben’s desire was to build a company that he wanted to work for. The services provided by the company are as follows: design, development, support and maintenance, cloud infrastructure development, auditing, and training. The company is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. M-CAM international and My GoGo Band are the latest works presented by Coshx on their website.

Novatore Solutions

Novatore Solutions is one of the top software companies in Virginia, established in 2013. The company provides the following services: iOS and Android, web, backend, UX, design, digital marketing, and training. Novatore’s website contains a comprehensive list of works completed by its team. Novatore is headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia.

These top 15 software companies in Virginia are reviewed and ranked by Good Firms. If you are looking for a comprehensive list of software development companies in Virginia, you can easily find one on Wikipedia.

Is it easy to find a software engineer in Virginia?

Virginia can boast of dozens of companies delivering high-quality IT products. Let’s see how many jobs are offered here for software engineers, how much they earn, and what career opportunities they have.

According to Indeed, there are 16,347 jobs for software engineers in Virginia, as of October 16, 2018. The offerings range from entry-level specialists to senior developers. Salary estimate is $80,000-125,000. Most jobs offered are based in Reston, VA (1912). Other job offers are available in Herndon, Arlington, Chantilly, McLean. The majority of the companies looking for software engineers would like to hire mid-level developers (7402). Based on around 3,000 salaries, software engineers earn around 115,000 dollars on average per year.

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