Technology consulting company may add value with the innovative approaches. Moreover, it relies on the deep knowledge to help customers all over the world. Its expertise may be used to fulfill gaps in human resources.

Technology consulting companies usually have a significant degree of experience in developing and documenting workflows. Besides, that experience helps to observe the entire state of the customer’s company and offer improvements, create synergies and boost efficiencies for the existing work processes. As the company grows, new business requirements and functions may require redesigning.

Only a mix of relevant IT and support experience, industry knowledge, and business process optimization abilities may compose a good fit for your company.  These technology consulting organizations are needed partner for every growing company.

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What software consultant can bring to the table

Software engineer consultants help the customers to develop value-creating strategies and implement technologies to improve all business processes. Such help may be customized in order to meet high expectations and make use of innovations fast and easy.

Tech consultants can deliver a rich understanding of the most important trends to your business. Such services may involve lean approaches to handle the data and entire IT architecture. It can be private solutions designed for your business needs or governance models. With the professional support, you will find gaps for IT-enabled transformations.

#1 Application strategy and enterprise architecture

A well thought architecture helps companies to handle complexity and fast pace of business processes. Software consultant cooperates with the customers in order to allow identifying a needed strategy to reach higher speed and time to market. Their deep experience in solving complex problems of various customers will make a difference in your organization. The service provider will be responsible for the selection, implementation and execution of your tech landscape.

Software engineer consultant will assess current architectures, develop stages and search frameworks for different business processes, migration planning as well as QA services.

#2 Information & Data strategy

Planning and identifying how to deal with a huge amount of information that is created on the daily bases may be challenging. Quality IT consulting will assess your data needs and how to fulfill them, assessing technology and required skills in order to handle, track and use data for your business advantage. They will work with your data governance methods and policies to align with the entire vision and strategy.

#3 Technical strategy

Professional software experts will get you back on track and speed up development to bring you closer to your goals. They will cover your various tech needs due to their deep experience.

#4 Technology assessment

Your partner will recognize the best technology options that match your purposes. There are many technologies to consider, and they will be responsible for the insights and technology implementation.

#5 Application modernization

With a systematic approach, your software consultant will streamline your business processes. Application modernization services are must-have for the big organizations with high technical demands.

#6 Workplace transformation

It will help you to switch to the cloud, mobile and remote services and prepare your business for tomorrow. Your IT landscape will be optimized while saving the secure environment.

What is the difference between tech consulting and strategy consulting?

Tech consulting is very popular nowadays. The reason is clear: technology becomes more difficult each day and integration possibilities are too overwhelming for the juniors.

Strategy consulting is a part of management consulting. The key focus is on corporate culture, business goals and various tactics to use human resources and the entire potential of the company.

  1. Technical consulting is more problem-oriented when strategy consulting is just preparation for the future challenges, risk-management, etc. So, the second type of service is process-oriented and vaguer when technical support is more up to the point solution.
  2. Strategy consulting is focused on people when tech consulting pays attention to the tools, frameworks, IT systems.
  3. In tech consulting, the salary will be 15-20% less than at strategy consulting. Moreover, for the senior positions, tech consulting rates only grow at 5-10%/year, 15-20% in strategy.

Besides, you need to know that tech consulting varies according to your needs. It can be IT consulting or software consulting. The first one relates to the fulfilling entire IT strategy, accessing the state of existing software, suggesting new tech solutions. Mobile security and process automation will be covered as well.

Software consulting is more narrow with the main goal: work on applications and software systems. The strategic software consultant needs to develop a plan for how successfully implement new IT solutions without disrupting the existing processes in the company. This guidance helps the customers to eliminate possible confusion. Usually, your technical consultant is responsible for both types but sometimes big companies hire two independent specialists.

How to choose software engineer consultant

The software market has evolved and gained new approaches, and it is challenging now to choose good tech partner and not to get lost among a huge variety of IT companies. Your goal is to eliminate wrong resources and find software engineer consultant who has experience in creating quality products within a reasonable timeframe. Such partner has to know how to provide clients with scalability and agility to survive in the competitive environment.

Keep in mind that for various projects may be different ideal partners. Sometimes, misaligned estimates and vague requirements bring unwanted results. So, be clear about your expectations and be as specific as you can to achieve mutual benefit. Build your cooperation with the key goals in mind and place first things first.

These are the list of the issues you need to pay attention to before the cooperation:

  • Look for the reliable agency and ask your partners or friends about some recommendations. If you don’t have such connections, just read carefully consultant’s portfolio and explore use cases and testimonials on the website.
  • Search a good fit for your specific project. Also, discover the company culture, methods, values and vision.
  • Start communicating with them to figure out whether they’re ready to respond fast, their skills in customer support, ability to ask correctly your specific questions. If you want to cooperate with the international partner, check their English language skills as well.
  • Check the potential partner’s tech stack and skills. Ensure your project demands can be matched with their abilities.
  • Make sure before starting the collaboration they have enough resources to fulfill your needs.

Also, be focused on the end goals. Some companies spend a lot of time to control the process, track how much time was spent to pay only for that hours. But you need to know that it’s not a big deal actually. Your consultant may spend 30 minutes of meaningful discussion with your team to bring valuable insights. Or your partner may just work hours as you agreed and to confuse your employees with unimportant and overwhelming information. Be focused on the results instead of controlling and measuring wrong issues. You may assess the results of the cooperating based on your main purposes and your clients’ satisfaction.

In the evolving tech market, you definitely need the right partner to guide you. The right IoT technology may save your business and speed up processes. Selecting the right tools is a game changer for businesses goals. Creating relevant technology strategy is important to a revenue stream and boost efficiency.

Standard IT consulting rates

Custom programming rates differ from the consulting industry. Business software consultant salary will be higher than just temporary consulting rates. Moreover, the cost will depend on your goals: whether you want to evaluate your entire business processes and tech support, optimization and automation for them or just assessment of technology-related issues.

technology consulting rates

Standard IT consulting rates may vary according to the country where you order services, needed tech stack, requires resources, etc.

standard IT consulting rates

Technology consulting rates may be lower in Eastern and Western Europe comparing to the US business software consultant salary.

contract programming rates

ERP consulting rates may be a little bit lower than other technology consulting rates because there is no high demand for that service.

ERP consulting rates

If you want to get more detailed statistics, for example, .NET consultant hourly rate, just write the desired company to clear things up. The price will be similar to contract programming rates. Because web developers value their time and expertise. So, in order to engage professional programmers, offer, for instance, Java consultant hourly rate based on the Java developer payment per hour for the software development. Don’t try to be saving while cooperating with outsourcing partners. Be generous, and you’ll get the desired outcome with affordable prices.

Pros and cons of different types of contracts

The contract helps not only to manage financial issues but other resources as well. A shared goal for both sides is the success and improvement of the project.

You may choose time and material contract that will mean financial covering the number of hours the software engineer consultant spends on the cooperation.


  • It’s simple model and the best way to start a partnership. So, you don’t need specific rules for the beginning.
  • This is a flexible tool when you don’t need to ensure tasks for the full-time partnership. Moreover, you may change priorities or demands within the process and adapt to your needs.
  • It helps to build trust and reach clear communication.
  • It requires less supervision and your management to run the process.


  • You can’t predict the entire cost of the service and prepare the budget. Flexibility means that everything may change and influence financial issues. Sometimes, the task may require more time and you can be lost in building a strategy.
  • Deadlines are vague because it is difficult to foresee when exactly the goals will be achieved.
  • If the client doesn’t know exactly the requirements and expectations, the process may be time-consuming. So, it’s important to document each detail of your cooperation and set clear purposes and steps to reach them.

For some clients, it’s important to know the scope of work and another model will match them more. It is called fixed bid. In other words, you pay for the services and know exactly who, when, and how will provide you with the consulting. It is a well-suited model for the long-term goals and engagement.


  • You receive what is defined earlier for a fixed price with no hidden expenses. This may be reassuring and simplify the planning of the to budget.
  • In this model, strict deadlines are met, and your partners are willing to do everything on time.
  • Each detail of the project is carefully planned, and you know exactly the status of your cooperation. British and Germans will be satisfied with such contract because strict rules and boundaries are the most important things for them in a business partnership.
  • You don’t need to supervise the project because everything is done for you.


  • If the services will take fewer hours, you will pay the same amount of money.
  • You cannot add some new expectations or broaden the part of the process. There is no window for the flexibility and adaptability. On the other hand, you may simply discuss your preferences with the partner and change the project if the consultant is okay with that.

So, assess all pros and cons and figure out what types of partnership you need. But bear in mind that the most important goal is finding the reliable and skilled partner. Then, everything will run smoothly.

Technology is a valuable strategic driver for each business. Whether you want to find new customers, better serve your target audience or refine the productivity, software engineer consultants will help you to reach these purposes. Their skills and knowledge will allow using up-to-date technology for your business needs.

Nowadays, technology is a never-ending pool with huge possibilities for various companies. So, use the best partners to make use of the know-how and optimize your workflows.