We all often wondered what if some disaster movie scenario about a deadly virus would come true. Now we wish we didn’t. The DICEUS team saw how even powerful companies lost a nerve. This made us think about how we could help others with custom software development. As a result, here is what we can offer.  

The trouble began at the end of 2019 when China came clean about the outbreak of coronavirus. The disease has rapidly spread all over the world and made millions of people go into isolation. As a result, COVID-19 impacts the global economy significantly. Business is already experiencing the effects of the outbreak in the pre-crisis period. For most companies, uncertainty about the future can stand in the way of implementing ongoing or planned projects. Panic spreads fast. The pessimistic mood was caught by lots of businessmen. 

51% of US small-business owners say their business will only be able to continue to operate 0-3 months. Goldman Sachs 

USA Today reports that every industry was hit hard by the pandemic. Among the sectors being affected heavily are gambling, airlines, hotels, movie theaters, live sports, cruises, shipping, film production, automakers, oil and gas, retail, tech, food service, theme parks, gyms, construction, and transportation. The list is long and is constantly expanding.  

Covid impact on business

As you can see, almost every industry is, to some, extent, exposed to negative effects associated with the global pandemic. Only internet service companies, online retail, and gold mining see some light at the end of the tunnel.  

But there is no time to waste. Mobilize and be prepared. We offer specific actions you can take right now to cope with the possible impacts of the crisis. What are these measures? 

1. Cloud-based data management 

Businesses have already been hit hard. The revenue of most non-essential businesses has decreased. Those who can keep working remotely, experience losses. They lose clients. Contracts are put on hold. Some prospects stop negotiating a deal without giving notice. Take your time and create a plan for reinventing your communication with customers and collaboration with employees and co-workers.  

In the face of the crisis, you’ll definitely run across a problem of remote business control. Each of your colleagues should be involved. Keep meeting regularly to discuss early triggers of any problems that could arise during this difficult period. A sure-fire way to organize effective remote work is migration to the cloud. Besides, it allows for saving substantial operational and IT costs while improving productivity. Just think, if all your business data and processes were in the cloud, you’d be more resilient to the fluctuations of the current situation. 

Moving workloads to the cloud helped leading companies reduce their operating costs. However, many of you have doubts. If you do, look at the successful pioneers of cloud adoption like Netflix, Pinterest, and Symantec. No matter how hard it was, they succeeded at the time to increase their sales, scalability, and capacity by going all-in on the cloud. These big companies were at a much higher risk than you now, because, at that time, most people were barely aware of the cloud existence.  

With cloud adoption, you can: 

  • reduce operational costs; 
  • improve data security; scale up your IT capabilities; 
  • be mobile and flexible; 
  • prevent data loss; 
  • control data, employees, processes; 
  • stay resilient to crisis situations. 

Today, when a bump-free cloud-based development is available for any client, it’s high time to act quickly. DICEUS builds enterprise-scale cloud solutions and cloud databases. During 10 years of work, we have accumulated experience in solving any business challenges associated with remote access, monitoring, and management. For example, recently, our team developed a cloud-based wearable platform for clinical trials that is used for continuous remote patient monitoring.  

The platform proved possible to cut the costs and time for clinical trials. Now, it is a solution that is used by many technological and healthcare institutions as it provides the most accurate real-time data. And we are happy that this platform adds value to the medical research of such diseases as breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, etc.  

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2. Development partner 

The new environment will affect all ranging from start-ups to large mature organizations. The IT sector is highly globalized. As a result, lots of R&D centers spread all over the world have already been or will be heavily affected by the pandemic. In response to the looming crisis, it’s no wonder that most businesses will cut their costs for software development and optimize their resources. 

For example, you are currently working on your software project. But in view of recent events, you found yourself in a difficult situation. You need strong technology leadership and additional resources at lower costs than you pay now. Moreover, you must be sure that no risks will arise during development. The best option at the moment is outsourcing. Usually, outsourcing companies, are prepared for any shifts. They are flexible and agile.  

With a technology partner, you can: 

  • cut costs for development; 
  • extend your teams quickly; 
  • get access to extensive knowledge; accelerate time-to-market; 
  • be always on cost, on spec, on budget; 
  • get a 100% quality guarantee.  

By using dedicated outsourced resources, you can save costs without compromising quality. Prices offered in Ukraine, for example, in comparison with the US rates for software development, are on average 3 times lower. In addition, the final products are equal in quality to what customers could get onsite. And sometimes, the outcomes of outsourcing exceed the expectations.  

We act as a technology partner for those who search for help in development. Most often, our clients are looking for assistance in the development and ongoing support. Typically, they need people who can help with a “kick-off” of the project, development of “turn-key” solutions, and the right strategies.   

Right now, you can contact us to get a professional and affordable development help. We guarantee quality outcomes delivery on time, on spec, and on budget. Adhering to the best practices like building a critical path, providing a Work Breakdown Structure and traceability matrix guarantees 100% quality. For you, it means no delays, no risks, and no unexpected costs.  

3. Additional development resources 

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the US met the shortage of computer science talents. In the pre-crisis mode, this challenge is even more acute. Along with the lack of technical skills and experience, most companies felt the need to reduce their expenses on developers.  

If you used to hire additional development resources onsite, it’s the right time for you to think of offshore developers. Staff augmentation is a good way to reduce costs you spend on specific skills set. We want you to imagine Eric who has his own software product team in the US. Now, he needs to add new features using Python. Normally, he’d hired some Python developers at home. But with the crisis on the horizon, he could save some money and try acquiring the same skills abroad. 

Such cooperation is good because you don’t pay for recruitment services. This process is transparent and fair as you see the real cost of the development. Besides, any risks are mitigated as usually, a vendor is responsible for the staff. Admin support and any other technical support is free and available almost round the clock.  

With staff augmentation, you can: 

  • quickly extend your development team; 
  • get a specific skillset at lower costs; 
  • cut costs for management. 

We can help you by providing developers with extensive knowledge in .NET, Python, Java, PHP, iOS, Android. This year, DICEUS was named Top Global Java Developers by Clutch B2B ratings.  

In addition to specific skillset, you also get a guarantee that people you hire are highly qualified. All of them undergo a series of interviews with HRs, technical leads, project managers. Ultimately, our clients have face-to-face interviews with potential team members.  

In case the deadlines are pressing you hard, we are capable of finding the right resources in just 48 hours.  

Certified project managers control the execution of tasks. Each of the developers tracks time via Jira. As proof of the time spent, our clients get weekly reports. During daily stand-ups, you can listen to the team, ask them about your concerns, and get a quick response.  

4. Custom development from scratch 

Today, most tabloids say the world’s crisis is around the corner.  Cut costs, tighten your belts, outsource – these are the key messages present on everybody’s A-list. What else can I do?  

Any difficult situation is a good reason to stop and rethink the way you spend financial resources. Today is the most appropriate date to think of good investment in custom software solutions. Provided you invest in a successful project, you might get a good ROI. However, think long and hard about what software products would be popular in the post-crisis time. 

With custom software development company, you can: 

  • get professional services from qualified developers; 
  • be sure that the team is managed by certified project managers; 
  • gain quality outcomes and on-time project launch; 
  • develop a software solution from scratch with no risks; 
  • get ongoing technical support and further maintenance.  

This time also works for the development of tools for remote work, communication, business operations management, etc. The crisis is encouraging us to do new things. We poorly understood what people might need under quarantine. Now, we have enough data to analyze the real situation, not the “what if” situation.  

Big tech companies are asking more employees to work from home as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread. CNN 

Many companies are spending more money on remote communication and management tools to ensure effective work. Moreover, the trend seems to continue even when the outbreak comes to an end. And in the future, these companies will allocate budgets for cloud solutions.  

If you find the idea of custom development reasonable, we can help you. Our analysts align your concept with technology requirements. They provide end-to-end feasibility analysis and guide you through the entire development process. Each of our clients has a dedicated account manager who helps coordinate the project from start to finish.  

5. Audit and IT consulting 

McKinsey says that now all business leaders should think of the next horizons of the virus. They called our attention to the actions every company should take today and tomorrow. Below are five stages every business should act across to manage the crisis. We all have much to do now. And technology can act here as an associate. But how?  

how business should act in crisis

 If your processes or resources are ineffective, you need to change them. Why keep investing in something that doesn’t bring you any value? In other words, this is particularly an issue when you experience economic damage. The audit can help you define the things that can make your business more efficient now and after the crisis.  

With professional audit and IT consulting, you can: 

  • identify your strengths and weaknesses; 
  • get recommendations from IT experts; 
  • make your processes more efficient; 
  • cut operational costs and get a piece of advice on how to do that; 
  • bridge the gap between what you have now and what you want to have; 
  • respond quickly to crises and revenue losses. 

We provide audit and IT consulting on architecture, security, cloud transformation, and general tech migration. Our analysts identify weaknesses and come up with technology solutions to bridge the gap. They give recommendations on what you can change and how best you can use technology. If you accept that, we can proceed with the implementation.  

Most of our clients have seen improvements in performance. All experienced reducing costs, automation of repetitive tasks and operations. 100% of customers noted that their sales increased.  

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We suffer most not when we are facing the crisis, but when we don’t know how to act. Don’t panic and look through our ideas one more time. Maybe, you’ll recognize yourself in one of the situations described above. If you have something to lose, would you hesitate to save that? We are operating at full capacity to process all your inquiries and create a detailed plan for returning your business to scale quickly.