In 2016 , the CRM software market was valued at 24.3 billion U.S. dollars globally. CRM is a part of the entire customer journey ecosystem. Nowadays, sales require aligning the process with the specific customers’ needs. Understanding where they are now and having tools in place allow serving them better. Moreover, it helps the sales team predict in-demand data.

In general, sales automation systems handle contact information, track activities and tasks and make it easy to handle pipelines. Automated e-commerce CRM software will deliver a personalized customer experience.

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Benefits of e-commerce CRM software

The main goal of e-commerce CRM system is providing a business with customer-related insights about their shopping habits and preferences, etc. It helps to gain a clear vision of a customer journey map to develop needed marketing strategies. A CRM solution is a must-have tool to capture and store information about your clients.

Let’s consider the main advantages of e-commerce CRM systems:

  • Capturing and handling important customer-related information.
  • Generating leads through different channels.
  • Providing quick customer support and cooperation.
  • Engaging clients through email marketing campaigns and interaction via social media channels.
  • Advanced analytics for business needs.

#1 Gathering meaningful customer data

Harris Interactive survey figured out that 68% of the clients think that businesses need to find a new way to serve the customers better. They want to get a more customized interaction, so it becomes more and more important to listen to the customers to adapt your products and services to them.

When your clients create accounts or fill a registration form, you may collect needed information. After that, you can target each customer fast and easy.

But the statistics show that there’s a gap between collecting data and using it to increase sales and improve customer experience. Customer Relationship Automation helps to transform information and use it to deliver personalized products and services to the customers. It saves 5.5 hours per week for the sales managers by eliminating a need to log activities and upgrade information. For the company, it means $13,200 per CRM user each year. Moreover, it brings accurate data without human error.

Sales professionals don’t need anymore to download data and find a way to efficiently use it. The automated CRM system delivers insights in a way that is easy to implement immediately.

#2 Engaging customers

CRM solutions are able to engage new customers and re-engage your target audience. This is a helpful tool to boost extra sales. Nowadays, email marketing leads the return on investment and allows deliver personalized treatment. For example, if clients don’t finish purchases, a CRM system may automatically send them reminders.

CRM is aimed to provide a systematic approach to maintain meaningful relationships with the customers. Nowadays, companies use a philosophical model “FAIR”: flexible, analytical, interactive and responsive.

Marketing automation includes identifying the most important issues and focusing efforts on them. It involves lead scoring, lead generation and nurturing which transforms those leads into accounts or sales opportunities. Targeting advertising to the right customers based on analyses is valuable for the business strategy. Employing SMS, video, blogs and display ads help to attract customers.

Studies proved that engaging clients is much more expensive than retaining them. Besides, turning a passive audience into loyal customers demands a fast response to their inquiries and solving their challenges.

CRM for online business helps to inform the clients about the existing trends. It helps to be proactive and generate products ordered and sales activities.

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#3 Advanced analytics

Customer intelligence helps to build all the processes around the client and effectively manage business decisions. Nowadays, marketing retention and CRM are key to successful business management.

Accurate analytics are important for the planning and building a strategy. A needed CRM system delivers deeper analytics about the most valuable services and products, sales history and successful promotions. It helps to predict and plan sales.

CRM analytics is a form of online analytical processing and can employ data mining. The need to turn customer data into useful insights that will lead to the better interaction with the customers became urgent. It helps to improve ROI as well and handle unstructured data.

Having a 360-degree vision of your customer journey is needed to fulfill the demands of your customers. Businesses that can listen to their customers and deliver targeted offers will succeed.

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#4 Customer support

Statistics showed that businesses that don’t pay attention to the customer support may lose up to $60 billion per year. Moreover, reputation is very valuable for the online companies and e-commerce CRM helps to keep clients engaged.

CRM for online business allows standardizing your processes. When you develop your operations within your CRM, you ensure each client gets the same level of attention and personalized approach.

The future of e-commerce CRM

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CRM allows structuring all operations within various departments and serves as a hub of customer data. CRM e-commerce integration may be a part of an innovative strategy to successfully handle customer relationships.

Experts say that when you understand your clients better as people, you may treat them better as customers. For example, they don’t think in terms of B2C or B2B. They live in a “Me2B” environment when they may choose conditions of the cooperation. And if the customers aren’t happy, probably, they will not share their feedback with you, they will just leave.

So, customer expectations are the root of the future of CRM. These are the key expectations and how to fulfill them:

  • Data security. Customers are afraid that their personal data will be used without their knowledge. But trust is the important element of the successful cooperation. So, make them believe in your products or services.
  • Be natural. Clients are not sales opportunities. They don’t want to explain basic things such as their preferences, needs, and lifestyle. Simplify your interaction with the deep researches about your customers: who they are, what motivates and leads them.
  • Be reliable. Keep your promises and deliver a pleasant experience every day.

Keep in mind that the main important things about the future of CRM are effectiveness and intelligent engagement. Nowadays, it’s important to be customer-centric and build your business offer around customer expectations.

Cloud CRM

Best cloud CRM solutions bring such benefits to the market: easy maintenance, low-cost, and fast setup. Most providers deliver multiple deployment offerings involving mobile-only, hybrid, on-premise, web, and cloud. It helps to select the needed system and deployment method for their specific demands.

Best cloud CRM solutions are in high demand as many organizations choose this model for their business needs. Experts predict that there will be a growth in hybrid environments as companies with specific regulatory and security requirements set a mix of on-premise and cloud environments.

Moreover, with machine learning, cloud CRM solution may improve itself over time to predict and score deals. It helps to free up sales managers to pay attention to developing and nurturing meaningful relationships with the customers. Machine learning helps to simplify the processes by handling a huge amount of data.

Voice search

Smart assistants like Siri and Alexa may improve e-commerce. More and more customers switch from typing to voice messages. Besides, many global clients prefer to use assistants for their everyday tasks.

The Internet of Things, native language understanding, artificial intelligence help to develop strong voice-based e-commerce processes. The Walker Sands 2017 Future of Retail Study figured out that up to 21% of 1,600 U.S. customers have already used voice commands for online purchase.

For business owners, it means a new challenge and a need to update a way how they deliver their goods. For example, if you have a platform of fashion clothing, the store needs to be able to understand voice commands.

Chatbots and messengers

Chatbots mean a new level of cooperation with additional personalization, fast response. Moreover, it saves tons of money and time for the company. Secondly, it brings higher sales because the system leads customers to the right services or products.

Startups and small that can’t afford their own chatbots may use Facebook Bots and similar cheaper services. These chatbots may do many automated tasks like delivering customized offers, personalized product suggestions, identifying of price drops, etc.

Unified commerce

Multi-channel and omnichannel e-commerce are new trends. The second one allows ordering products online and getting them from an offline destination.

Unified commerce gathers all elements of e-commerce real-time. Offline store, the mobile and web may be under one roof and serve together one purpose. It can be a mix of m-commerce, e-commerce, order fulfillment, inventory management, Point of Sale capabilities and CRM systems.

A BRP survey figured out that 85% of retailers believe that unified commerce is the highest priority. The important functions they’re interested in are:

  • A chance to buy and ship anywhere through various sales channels.
  • Improved visibility and better delivery, and buying process. Many retailers work on these issues and plan to achieve these goals in near future.
  • Ability to book things and provide specific orders through various channels.

Video marketing

Video marketing brings SEO advantage and higher customer engagement. The statistics proved that video helps to reach click-through-rates up to 300% more than other kinds of content.

Interactive video is a new way to attract customers and make content more interesting. The video marketing landscape evolves fast and best platforms now implement CRM systems and automation.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality has the power to change e-commerce for both retailers and customers. For customers, AR helps to make data-driven decisions. For retailers, it allows eliminating customer turnover.

For example, the IKEA Place App allows placing products in their spaces to know whether the metrics are accurate or not.

AI product suggestions

Artificial intelligence delivers smart product suggestions based on user data. These suggestions may even involve customer interests like size, color, complete-the-look preferences, etc. The intelligent system will offer suggestions based on historical shopping choices. It helps to deliver a personalized shopping experience.


A SaaS company requires advanced reporting with valuable insights about potential sales areas and marketing campaigns. Examples of SaaS CRM are Pipedrive, Bitrix and so on.

Let’s consider its advantages:

  • Availability: sales managers may use the app anywhere and anytime.
  • No costs related to server maintenance.
  • Updated new version.
  • No backup or security challenges.
  • Users are free to cancel any time they want.

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Best sales CRM software

  • Hubspot that helps to personalize marketing, track and boost revenue, transform traffic into deals and orders.
  • Pipedrive is one of the best sales CRM software that helps to take advantage of the leads. It automatically sends reminder emails, alerts and mobile notifications.
  • Freshsales is an e-commerce CRM that gathers all leads automatically without a need for additional tools. It has automation features, cost-effectiveness, event tracking for an easy-to-use experience.
  • is our CRM solution that helps to retain the customers and improve their satisfaction. It helps to save money through the acquisition of current clients.The main its feature is a unique card system that helps to manage information easier. Moreover, CRM solution has such useful features:  visitor system, switchboard solution, advanced communication website system.Visitor portals help you to gain insight about your visitors without having a manned reception. Switchboard solution brings greetings menu items, voice messaging, time routing, queue with statistics, call forwarding, listening and recording on calls for training goals.This system can be integrated with existing systems as well.
  • Zoho is a SaaS company that delivers CRM apps, a word processor, spreadsheets, etc. It works on an agile development cycle with permanent updates.
  • Creatio helps in creating and improving business processes without specific technical knowledge. It helps to align marketing, service, and sales to handle a customer journey.

The system captures and saves the interactions history that allows capturing information from the open sources. Managers may double-check information relevance and merge duplicates.

  • Teamleader is a SaaS technology company that offers CRM solutions, project management, invoicing. It helps small and medium-sized companies to manage sales processes, reach clients better and build with them better relationships. Teamleader offers sales automation as well.
  • OroCRM is an open-source CRM that helps to manage a full range of customer information.


  • High UI and intuitive sales tools.
  • Sync CRM with an e-commerce shopping cart.
  • Integration with various tools.
  • Tools for the marketing.
  • Workflows that are easy to adapt to different businesses.
  • Tools for advanced analytics.
  • Infusionsoft helps to develop small businesses through marketing and sales automation. Moreover, it helps to save time and organize, structure all processes.
  • Agile CRM helps to avoid data leaks and improve sales. It has great customer support and easy to install. Agile CRM is aimed to help small companies
  • Teamgate is a cloud-based solution that is aimed to handle difficult sales processes. It helps to track a huge amount of data. Moreover, it syncs with Pipedrive.
  • ProsperWorks CRM handles manual data entry. It integrates with Docs, Slides, Calendar, Inbox and Gmail. ProsperWorks CRM provides insights to refine sales and optimize processes. It eliminates manual data entry and speeds up processes.

In addition, we advise you to order a custom CRM system that will match your unique expectations. Why this is important? In most cases, the business requires a specific set of features. So, you don’t need to pay for the unwanted features instead of the tools that you really demand. Besides, a CRM that is built from scratch has the power to solve your business problems and increase your profits.

If you like this idea, reach experienced professionals and get a free consultation. DICEUS has 7 years of experience in serving customers all over the world to get quality and unique software.

As we see, there are many useful CRM tools to free up sales managers and help them to spend more time on building meaningful relationships with the customers. Most of them have automation features and easy-to-use tools. CRM e-commerce integration is a must-have nowadays for online businesses.

Our list of the most popular CRM software will help you to identify what is the best CRM software and which one to use for your specific business needs. Moreover, you may use not only the best web-based CRM but solutions for unified e-commerce that expand the boundaries by using a multi-channel sales approach.