Most entrepreneurs heard and even practiced outsourcing. Others have no notion what outsourcing means imaging those as large call centers full of managers working in adverse conditions. Name a few diminish the advantages of outsourcing practices absolutely neglecting this way of carrying out IT projects. We will focus on best free scrum tools to facilitate your outsourcing practices and motivate your teams

Best Free Scrum Tools

Communication tools for projects using agile methodology

It’s normal to have an issue with delegating your coding tasks to outsourced teams as we might name at least a few problems you may face: cultural differences, lack of specialists, messy workflow, etc. An efficient outsourcing operation requires the use of specific instruments that’s why a lot of remote companies offer the use of free agile project management software.

Agile values include self-motivation, collaboration, the reports generated by software tools rather than demonstration of paper reports, and quick response time, etc.

Time Doctor beats particular obstacles you face when cooperating with an outsourced development team although it’s not actually included in the list of free agile project management tools. Currently, the price per 1 user/month is almost $10. However, there’s a free 14-day test period when you can try it for free and decide if you need further upgrade of your worker’s accounts. Customers are allowed to easily deal with remote groups of programmers, designers, managers, etc.

In case you are contemplating outsourcing, considering Time Doctor will be a turning point to decide on a remote development team.

Search everywhere

A substantial pool of professionals is available all over the globe. Outsourced teams can work from anywhere; they are rather agile that’s very convenient if you are located in different timezones. But still, you will have to control the performance: the hours they spent and work progress. Time Doctor assists you in controlling the time remote developers track and what they deal with. Time spent developing software is one of the key software quality metrics.

Look for workers in small cities

Typically, the wages of a developer in the USA are oftentimes twice as high as a developer in Ukraine, for example.

Best Scrum Tools

It means that you are able to easily get somebody similarly as gifted who is considerably less expensive – you can discover individuals living in small cities with similar abilities who will work at reasonable rates – the relatively moderate expenses of living, and the adaptability of freelancing at home, implies that it’s conceivable to discover skilled staff whose pay desires are significantly more affordable for you.

Where to find rising talents?

Currently, there’s a bunch of professional networks like LinkedIn or Upwork that unite IT specialists of different levels of expertise. You can select even a whole dedicated software development team to work on your project with the best terms and conditions available.

Best Free Scrum Tool

Social Media pages and groups can also come in handy when you are looking for some extended information about a specific team of your choosing. Note that some platforms offer using Time Doctor in the course of the works with dedicated teams.

How to choose a perfect outsourced team?

Free Online Agile Tools

Selecting perfect candidates for completing your tasks is tough as there are so many people applying for outsourcing. The simplest things you may use as your selective criteria are CVs, user case studies, and online tests designed for these purposes. The next steps you can do are writing emails to your applicants and proceeding to closer communication. You can notice how people react to your questions and what they actually may offer to you. Interviewing is the final step to follow. It is the best way to understand if this person is the right one for completing your assignments.  

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Free online Agile tools: How can time doctor be used?

After you have seen the best applicants you are welcome to utilize Time Doctor. Use it as the core approach to monitor tasks progress and time on completing them. It will send you daily reports laying out what every individual has dealt with. This instrument for time tracking can even report to you which sites your workers browsed, what applications used and furthermore the time they wasted on coffee and personal conversations.

If you haven’t yet installed Time Doctor app you are able to do this on their website. When you introduce the software to your team members you will receive reports of sites they view in the course of the work. This will make you certain that your specialist is truly programming and not reading social media posts.

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You can cooperate with distant workers using a lot of other applications available for download on the Internet. Paying remote teams is also not a problem. One of the most frequent ways to pay is a bank card. You can easily use Paypal or Western Union depending on the location of your outsourced workers.

Advantages of time doctor

Let’s see what benefits you get with Time Doctor to monitor progress of remote teams:

  1. Diminish expenses for office maintenance.
  2. Cut costs of sick leaves.
  3. Decrease all components of business costs.
  4. Choose the most gifted individuals from anyplace on the globe.
  5. Agile teamwork.

Sometimes you will put in months to find the right candidates to build your software products and tools to manage mutual tasks. But it’s surely worth it. More details on proper time management with an outsourced team are available at DICEUS. You are welcome to contact our project managers to discuss your concerns about outsourcing.