It seems people are born to compete. Businesses are established to compete. Folks have created marketplaces to sell and buy their goods and services in competitive conditions. Online software development marketplaces are no exception. Today freelance and outsourcing hubs are so crowded that people are left wondering how to make the right choice. Get help in hiring a company or individuals for outsourcing in our article.

Top 10 freelance websites to search for software development outsourcing partnerships

We have made a list of the most popular freelance websites on which you can look for developers, architect engineers, QA engineers, marketing specialists, copywriters, web designers, and other people involved in information technology.

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Note we are not promoting any of the sites from the list. Our research is aimed to initiate buyers into the essentials of recruiting freelance and outsource employees.

#1 Upwork review

Upwork is number one on our list as it sounds familiar to everyone including those people that have never used it. Upwork’s interface is simple to immediately come to grips with how to use it. Upwork works in the following way:

  1. You post a job describing the major requirements.
  2. Upwork identifies the candidates that match best your search.
  3. You get a list of freelancers that answer your description.

You are also able to look for talents yourself. In their turn, freelancers set up the profiles describing their skills and knowledge. Sometimes freelancers belong to a certain company.

software development marketplaces - upworkA competency-based approach to recruiting people is effective and operative. You can easily judge employees competing for the job by looking at the particular skills they have.

Upwork is a trusted platform as they check freelancers to verify that they are real existing people. How else can you check the freelancers here? By reviewing proposals that you receive from Upwork users you may get in touch with any freelancer and schedule a face-to-face chat.

The platform has a detailed guideline to paying and getting paid as well as handling other activities. As you see, it’s quite easy to deal with freelance websites. Let’s proceed to Upwork alternatives below on our list.

#2 Toptal review

Toptal offers a bunch of freelance specialists in programming, marketing, and finance. The screening procedure is complex and divided into 5 stages grouped by special criteria by which every single freelancer is evaluated. Here are major things Toptal evaluates:

  • English language skills
  • Tech skills
  • Expertise in a particular domain
  • The ability to pass a professional test
  • Perfect records in cooperation with customers

Toptal vs Upwork

It’s difficult to compare any freelance platforms as every system is unique having its advantages and disadvantages. What we noticed about Toptal is that they provide a trial period while a person works with a Toptal freelancer. It means you are able to check for free if a freelancer meets your requirements during a trial period. Unfortunately, we haven’t found the duration of that period anywhere.

Unlike on Upwork, the hiring procedure on Toptal is complicated. You should fill in a request form with your email address, your company name, and Skype. Once you fill in the form you will have to answer an awkward question.

Toptal software development marketplace

Toptal doesn’t offer rates lower than $60. When you choose “No” you will be given a more awkward answer.

You can also view Toptal members and see if they are available. The profiles contain the information about the experience, skills, and education of each member of the platform.

#3 Freelancer review

Another Upwork alternative 2018 is Freelancer. This platform promises its users “anything they want”, from technical to creative professionals. Here you can post the details of your project as on Upwork. The system is built to offer both fixed and hourly rates.

Once you post your job requirements you are able to chat with freelancers in real time. Freelancer has a convenient payment system giving you a bunch of flexible options to pay once the milestone is completed or when the entire project is finished.

If we compare Upwork vs Freelancer we may say they are much similar to each other. A great thing about the latter is that they offer to look through some accomplished projects that are displayed like a photo gallery in the bottom of the page “How It Works”. With an instant demonstration of ready works, you are able to get inspired or even to find a person you need.

#4 Guru review

Guru’s motto is easy to hire, work, and pay. Actually, the interface is user-friendly with a step by step instruction on how to start hiring and freelancing on site. The payment system of Guru is quite flexible as customers are able to pay by tasks, milestones, hours, or a fixed price.

Guru - software development vs Upwork comparison shows that there’s no distinct difference between two sites. Guru has a simple filtering system with the help of which users can easily browse for individuals capable to complete their assignments. The platform offers the most popular categories of domains including programming and development, engineering and architecture, business and finance, etc.

#5 Outsourcely review

Outsourcely is a one-stop shop to find a whole team for your startup or project. It offers specialists from over 180 countries of the world specializing in a bunch of disciplines and domains.

Outsourcely vs Upwork contrasting just show that both are similar perfect places to establish short- and long-term partnerships. They have detailed guides on how to work with sites and payment systems as well as detailed privacy policies available for anybody who is interested in new employees or employers.

#6  Hubstaff review

Hubstaff is not actually an outsourcing platform but a time tracking solution for companies hiring freelancers or outsource providers. It integrates with well-known tools and programs like GitHub, Jira, Basecamp, and lots of others.

Time tracking applications allow monitoring what your workers are doing at real time. You just launch the software on your desktop or phone and that’s it – you get regular reports about the time spent by your employees. There are dozens of specially designed “Hubstaff/Upwork”- like software for time tracking purposes. You may choose the one you like.

#7 Crossover review

Crossover is a platform that connects talents and buyers from all over the world. The site also provides project management services with a focus on long-term partnerships.

Toptal vs Crossover. The companies are very similar in their mission of providing high-paying positions to their employees. Both are more alike to businesses hiring people and than offering their services to buyers than to the platforms for self-employment.

#8 CodementorX review

Codementorx is also on our outsourcing marketplace list as a network for finding software developers. The site offers only developers that have skills in the following directions:

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • DevOps
  • Database
  • Mobile Apps
  • Other

Codementorx has a simple recruiting procedure: you tell the team your needs and they share a list of candidates that match best with your needs. You interview them, pick the one you like, and start working.

#9 Crew review

Crew co works the same as other freelance websites do. The only thing you should do is share the details of your project with a Crew team. They find a perfect match for you. They have their own message system where you can communicate with your employees, share documents and other important data about the project so that everything can be kept in one place.

#10 Truelancer

Truelancer is less known as Upwork or Freelancer however it works quite the same. The website offers a selection of developers working at quite reasonable rates. It has a simple filtering system according to which you can effectively set up your search.

truelancer marketplace

The list of websites is not limited to 10. You can surely find more trusted resources. We recommend you not to rely on random experts as they may turn out to be scams. Opt in to our newsletters in order to get fresh information and reviews about information and communication technologies.

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