Los Angeles generates a similar amount to Indonesia, approximately $900 billion in GDP. This is a media hub, and nowadays, LA is becoming a hub for technology.

Experts say that this is the quickest growing tech ecosystem in the US. CBRE’s report showed that LA has the fastest year-on-year tech employment increase last year. Moreover, the number of tech degrees gained in the Greater Los Angeles area was 40% between 2011 and 2016 while the entire tech IT pool grew by 11% in the last 5 years.

This tech ecosystem also received a great support from the venture capital funding: $1 billion in 2011, and $7 billion in 2017. And the city gathers many well-known companies: SpaceX, Bird, Snapchat, Dollar Shave Club, Tinder and Hulu, Arrivo.

We’ve prepared for you a list of the best software companies in Los Angeles. Keep reading for your advantage.

Top software companies in Los Angeles

Science 37

This is a mobile technology and clinical trial organization that pays attention to the networked patient-centric models to help patients. Their aim is boosting biomedical discovery, that’s why they work on partnerships with national nursing companies, virtual e-consenting, patient advocacy groups to refine efficiency. It changes the clinical research process by decreasing trial costs and simplifying the process of participating in trials for the patients. Besides, Science 37 connects them with needed scientists and doctors all over the globe.


This is a location data company and is pioneering how people use data to strengthen digital consumer products, mobile apps, mobile marketing. It provides engineering departments, analysts and marketers with access to the global trusted and accurate data on people and places.


It is a leading shipping company that helps to optimize supply chain and refines its visibility, and ship according to the specific business needs. Shippabo is a cloud-based management platform that allows companies to oversee their supply chain online.


Appetize is a provider of POS software for enterprise businesses. This is an inventory and analytics company that helps organizations to process and manage guest transactions. Through the omni-channel approach, it helps to simplify transactions and delivers three seamless modes for retail, restaurants, and quick service functionality.

Appetize develops payment and point-of-sale systems of entertainment, education, and leisure enterprise business globally. It is deployed in more than 700 companies involving Lincoln Financial Field, Madison Square Garden, and Governors Ball.

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This is cloud-based management software for the health professionals. It has up to 1700 app downloads monthly and allows saving time and keep the therapy practice structured. The platform offers paperless document sharing, client info, scheduling, therapy notes in one place.

This HIPPA-compliant app simplifies management and protects the data, helps to schedule everything on the go.

Redgate Software

This company offers simple tools that applied by 600000 .NET, SQL Server professionals globally. The main aim is to help data experts and developers working on the Microsoft data platform.

Their SQL Toolbet helps users integrate DevOps improvements for their database, and simply monitor performance, refine team productivity. The tools are reliable and usable in order to solve the challenges of IT staff.


This is one of the software development companies in Los Angeles that offers a sales acceleration. They already serve more than 1500 companies.

Sales pro may use this platform as a team management tool and a web-based CRM app to assess and control high levels of sales and manage all data in one place. This platform automates routine tasks such as lead management, sales enablement, sales management, etc.

software development companies in los angeles

Criteria Corp

This is one of the software development companies in Los Angeles as well that serves as a provider of pre-employment testing services. The key goal is decreasing turnover, improving performance and employee engagement. The platform simultaneously adjusts to the needed testing standards.

The testing process is aimed to be the innovative, accessible and user-friendly tool. It helps recruiters to make data-driven decisions and eliminate bad hire. The test can measure soft skills involving communication, critical thinking, leadership, problem-solving, teamwork and creativity.

The test is adapted to assess more than 1000 positions and includes various questions. After the test, users get a detailed report with the ranking whether this person is suitable for the specific job role.


It is one of the software engineer companies in Los Angeles that uses mobile location to match customers with brands. They bring accuracy and performance for the marketers through high-quality and large-scale data. The company brings data-driven planning, optimization and targeting for the companies of all sizes.

They serve a guide in a fast-changing business world to create engaging ad platforms to reach your target audience. It helps to build better relationships with your customers through location insights.


This is one of the software development companies in Los Angeles that helps various companies to innovate and expand their services and products. It offers outsourcing CRM services to cooperate with customers and build meaningful relationships.

The company provides technical support, billing and sales issues. Moreover, they offer business optimization, needed strategy and new tech tools to achieve business goals. Their customers may also get consulting and back office support.

Pegasus One

This is one of the top SaaS companies in Los Angeles that provides custom software development, management, and software testing services. It has such benefits:

  • reduced costs
  • needed scalability
  • high level of security.


This is a global technology partner that brings a full-service software development, consultation in developing difficult mobile and web solutions. It can be mentioned in software companies in Los Angeles list with the ability to fulfill the business needs of the companies all over the world.

The company has 7 years of experience and is focused on customer success. They’re passionate about innovative product development and are engaged to fully integrate into the customer’s business to find out the best specific IT solution.

ServiceTitan Inc.

This is enterprise software companies in Los Angeles for home services. It offers software for plumbing, residential HVAC, electrical services, etc.

The company helps to boost sales through better conversion rates and visual sales experience. It helps to create more leads by tracking the results and adapting the strategy accordingly.


The company is aimed to deliver enterprise transformation. It provides content management, platform services, and process automation.

Laserfiche was ranked as a leader in Nucleus Research’s ECM Technology. The research showed that customers prefer it due to sophisticated functionality, good customer support and user-friendly interface.

It helps companies to handle documents, videos, optimize daily tasks and control the content. The software also helps to exclude busywork and emails.

Procore Technologies

This company offers construction management software. The cloud-based platform helps to speed up development of the quality projects. Also, this solution helps to decrease risks and cut the costs.

Taking into account that construction is complex, the tool that may accelerate the process is very valuable. The technology is intuitive and the company offers technical support for the customers.


This is an e-commerce software platform that enables B2B organizations to boost sales. It serves more than 600 companies and more than 100000 retailers.

Their aim is handling revenue goals through the cloud and mobile solutions, and to streamline business workflows.


This is a marketing-focused solution for the medical staff to cope with daily tasks. It helps to eliminate time-consuming tasks by automating them and attract new patients through new software tools.

PatientPop helps also to work on the reputation and online presence, modernize user experience. So, the companies don’t need advanced marketing tools to increase ROI and attract new customers.

As we see, there are many top software companies in Los Angeles out there. They are very diverse and serve specific industries with the ability to solve difficult business problems and do more with less. These software engineer companies in Los Angeles help to find out new innovative ways to run a business while saving costs in today’s competitive business environment.

Their software solutions attract customers all over the world and engage to capture new technologies to the business process. With the automated tools, the best software companies in Los Angeles help to speed up the process and add accuracy and quality.