Seattle is a strong game player in the IT industry. With well-known companies involving Google and Microsoft and a huge pool of experienced developers, it has a great potential to compete with Silicon Valley. Seattle software companies offer high salaries that make them more attractive for the IT professionals.

Top software companies in Seattle

Two decades ago, nobody heard about software tech companies in Seattle. There were only 2 tech giants: Amazon and Microsoft. Moreover, most startups were launched only with two goals in mind: get acquired by Microsoft or go public.

But the last 10 years became a game-changing time. Google has opened its engineering offices in Seattle and then the city felt subsequent appearance of other Seattle software companies. Such companies as Zillow, Tableau, Zulily, Expedia, PopCap Games, BigFish Games, Isilon, Bluekai were opened. Nowadays, such well-known offices as Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Groupon, Palantir, Uber, Dropbox, SpaceX, Palantir, Yahoo, Electronic Arts, Pivotal Labs, Alibaba have set up their engineering offices in Seattle.

These software tech companies in Seattle plan to hire thousands of programmers. Data science and machine learning are the most in-demand skills in the IT industry, according to LinkedIn.  By the way, experts say that engineers in Seattle have the average second salaries only to the Bay Area. Possibly, this is the main reason why Seattle presents one of the biggest populations of IT experts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has more programmers than any other tech region.

top software companies in seattle

A research by a Boston startup identified that 90% of UW graduates on LinkedIn live in Seattle. So, Seattle is promising IT area with top software companies in Seattle. This is the quickest growing market for the engineers in the U.S., and their salaries are higher than in New York City. CBRE ranked Seattle as the second best tech market in the USA.

Software companies in Seattle WA added 23,575 jobs in 2016 and 2015. Seattle came in 10th in office rent growth with the 7 million square feet of new office space under construction.

It makes Seattle as an established tech market. For instance, in Pittsburgh, tech ranked for a higher percentage of new office jobs but that only brought 4,400 new jobs. A number of Seattle computer science jobs accounted at 4,300.

Software developers and systems analysts are the most popular jobs in the industry, with more employees in nearly all of the largest tech hubs than other tech occupation, involving network and database administrators, computer programmers, computer support specialists and computer research scientists.

Application developers are paid better than other IT professionals. The main reason is because mobile app development is must have for each company.

best software companies in seattle

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List of software companies in Seattle

#1 TINYpulse

TINYpulse is aimed to improve employee performance and eliminate burnout. This portal maintains employees during their whole lifecycle with the organization. The platform delivers data about the company culture and helps staff to work on the most urgent tasks.

It operates as a SaaS-based model and more than 1000 companies use it. TINYpulse applies routine employee surveys to measure employees’ level of engagement. The modern software uses the tools of social scientists to become a resource for companies.

How does it work? Each week, TinyHR takes a survey of the company’s staff and then compares outcomes not just within the specific organization, but throughout its whole range of the customers.

Even email with only one question helps to bring a view of employee retention and happiness, engagement. It also allows gauging the team’s performance.


DICEUS is a company with multi-national offices located in Ukraine, UAE, Lithuania, Denmark. Like Finoit, DICEUS was also founded in 2010. Although it is not located in Dallas, the company’s team often holds different workshops and specialized meetings there and across the USA. Among the services, the company offers is the development of enterprise-level solutions like ERP, CRM, HRM, etc. DICEUS team has developed a great number of software products they are proud of. They are experienced in building mobile apps, e-commerce solutions, cross-platform applications, etc. The reviews on most recent projects can be found on our website.

#3 Pivotal

It provides a cloud-native platform to top companies and institutions. The platform delivers multiple services like data analytics, application integration, and API management. Pivotal offers a cloud-based platform for the enterprises to run their applications. Also, they provide complicated app migration.

#4 Chef Software

It offers automation software that transforms infrastructure into code. The platform delivers solutions for managing and integrating apps on most networks like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and OpenStack.

This platform helps businesses to create and integrate their software with less risk and faster. The chef is cloud-hosted and involves provisioning assistance and configuration support. Also, it can be integrated into a customer’s private infrastructure.

#5 Chronus

This is a mentoring software applied by the top global companies and enterprises like Big Brothers Big Sisters, MetLife, Bridgestone and the University of Washington.

It helps companies to craft needed mentoring programs with features like tracking, reporting, fast automation, easy configurations, and participant matching.

Historian solutions on the market may not meet all users’ needs. These solutions are not designed to support an exponential increase in data; are based on traditional, database technology; and have limited platform support. CHRONUS is a comprehensive data historian platform for high-fidelity archival of time series data.

Key features:

  • Maintains storage and temporal data collection
  • Maintains alarms and events, time series data, high-frequency phasor data
  • Sustains periodic or by exception data collections
  • Any calculated, real-time or applications data may be collected
  • Supports true “black box/flight recorder” recording
  • Applies generated timestamps with microsecond precision or data source timestamps
  • Maintains hierarchical and distributed architectures involving corporate enterprise architectures.

#6 Edifecs

It brings solutions to speed up the information exchange between healthcare providers and health systems. Edifecs drives revenue growth, allows providers to cut the costs, simplifies administrative data tasks.

This is a leading healthcare technology company with the mission to refine healthcare results, decrease costs and streamline innovation. Edifecs creates cost-effective information technology and innovative solutions to positively influence the global healthcare marketplace.

#7 Groundspeak

This is the treasure-finding app that helps to track and search for small items. The app has millions of geocaches across 190 countries.

The app is all about adventure and exploration and works as a family-oriented game.  Any Geocacher may hide caches and share the locations of these caches. The adventure starts when a person takes these coordinates and enters them into their GPS.

#8 Icertis

This is a cloud-based contract management platform for organizations and businesses in multiple industries. The configurable and flexible solutions may be used for the various contract, in any industry and may even be used across markets and geographies.

It simplifies the contract management process and this is the leading provider of contract lifecycle management in the cloud. Nowadays, it is used by more than 2 million users to manage 5+ million contracts in over than 90 countries and 40+ languages. It provides best-of-breed contract management and permanent contractual insights. Icertis helps customers to refine governance and compliance, decrease risk and drive user productivity.

#9 K2

K2 helps to automate manual processes and develop apps with only minimal coding. It brings solutions fast for both complex and simple demands. Its platform decreases development time by 78% while delivering simple integration, through security, analytics, deployment choices, and mobile capabilities.

K2 is cloud-based and intuitive automation platform that helps non-technical companies to develop modern apps, transform and automate workflows. Thousands of the Fortune 500 companies use it to refine visibility and boost operational efficiency.

This is a leading business software company with more than 500 employees and five offices worldwide. Nowadays, it has more than 1.5 million users in over 84 countries. K2 has strong financial backing, with over than $150 million in new investments.

K2 benefits:

  • helps companies to change paper-based and manual operations. With K2, organizations may reduce their IT backlog by helping to create, run and implement low-code apps that are scalable, agile, and reusable;
  • allows using drag-and-drop visual designers to develop workflows, forms, and reports that sync with your data systems and line-of-business. Forms gather and implement the information, workflows reach across siloed systems;
  • refines agility and speeds up business processes: from basic tasks to challenging operations;
  • it adjusts to your business needs.

#10 LiquidPlanner

This is an online project management platform with such features: planning, predictive schedules, cross-project visibility and tools for cooperation. This solution helps different teams like IT, manufacturing, product and software to stay organized.

This is a data management solution to move data fast in and out of SAP while eliminating manual tasks and refining productivity. It has specific features for the project managers, IT teams, professional services, marketing and development teams. It fits small businesses and big companies.

LiquidPlanner also has innovative time tracking, resource management and client portals to help teams with useful features involving tracking hourly rates for employees with greater accuracy.

It helps to visualize resource allocations and usage and share project information with the external and internal participants, with control on who may reach some data on which project.

The solution applies a priority-based scheduling engine to visualize how your project goals will be achieved. Moreover, all new schedules are automatically upgraded.

Users may integrate LiquidPlanner with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. Moreover, the software works with Salesforce to cooperate with the marketing team, or if you want to custom-fit a solution.

#11 Xevo

It develops smart-user experiences for the cruise and auto industries. The main features are content management platforms for cruises and connected car technology.

It changes the way how famous companies like Carnival Corporation, Toyota, Panasonic, and Lexus develop and operate. This software transforms big data into powerful analytics tools, so users may drive decisions based on end user data and business intelligence.

#12 Zenoti

It delivers software that helps companies in beauty and wellness, fitness to manage and grow their business. The platform handles tasks like billing, marketing, online bookings, inventory, and employee management.

Zenoti is used in 32 countries by more than 5,000 businesses. This is a business management software made for med spas, spas, salons, fitness centers, and yoga studios. It helps to manage the classes and appointments, accept booking through online channels, and provide upsell marketing to the customers simply.

The system allows to handle the payment and billing aspects of the business through mobile POS, automation, and the best-in-class prices. Zenoti has marketing automation capabilities and the main features are employee management, custom reporting, and inventory management. Moreover, the software may be scaled to adapt to the changing business specifications and needs. It can easily implement itself to the specific business processes.

As we see, the best software companies in Seattle are popular globally and serve businesses in various industries. Software companies in Washington state are innovative and have modern capabilities to adapt to the fast changing business environment.

They serve companies all over the world with great experience and strong representation globally. Software companies in Seattle Washington offer cloud-based solutions or apps to automate the workflows and simplify business processes.