Austin Startup Report found out that more than 147 Austin-based companies raised $966 million in funding. Austin is ranked as one of the 22 global tech cities by Tech Cities 2017 report and the #1 place in America to launch a new business by CNBC. Moreover, it is named as the best city for small-businesses and opening a technology startup by Sungard Availability Services.

AMD and IBM, Dell and other companies have developed a strong entrepreneurial culture there with innovative and thriving startup scene. Startups per 1,000 people: 2.7 and this wide tech scene attracts creative and smart people. The population growth rate is 120 people per day. A people magnet can be also explained by an attractive climate, a relaxed lifestyle, and plenty of activities.

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software companies in austin

Talent pool

The University of Texas serves as a huge talent pool and researches showed that the most creative graduates decide to stay and do innovative work. They feel support because of the Tolerant culture, and they have all resources to innovate due to the Technological infrastructure. Richard Florida, University Professor at the University of Toronto’s School of Cities, says that a city to attract the Creative Class has to have the “three T’s”: Tolerance, Talent, and Technology.

Austin-based companies produced 45 different exits in general. LinkedIn emphasizes it has 23,000 jobs and the most popular industries are computer software and the internet, IT and services.

Austin is influenced by the divide in the worldwide tech people economy. StackOverflow developer survey with 64,000 responses showed that 74% of the talent pool has 10 or fewer years of professional coding experience.

A software company called Trilogy has opened University – a program to hire top developers from around the country. This company’s workers have opened two Austin-based companies – BazaarVoice and HomeAway.

Also, there is an accelerator here, Capital Factory with over $150000 of investment. Nowadays, Austin attracts talents from California because it is culturally similar and doesn’t have a state income tax.

There is a thought that entrepreneurs love Austin because of the meaningful conference named South by Southwest Interactive.

20 top Austin-based startups

software companies in austin tx

Nowadays, small is a big one. It’s become simpler than ever to launch a startup in an era of e-commerce and online opportunities. Many young people prefer their own businesses to keep their work-life balance and implement their own ideas.

American City Business Journals gained these insights about its business landscape:

  • 7% of the growth of small businesses based in Austin.
  • It had 44,163 small companies in 2013 and 2,342 for every 100,000 residents.
  • Austin’s gross metropolitan product grew 18.2% from 2011-2014, second in the USA behind Dallas.

Austin’s government helps to build this culture by good business schools, incubators, attracting investors and unicorns with a business idea and big inspirations. And Kevin Johns, Director of the City of Austin’s Economic Development Department believes that the city has it all. Moreover, the culture of collaboration helps to grow and develop new companies. For example, Matthew Pollard, Rapid Growth Coach participated in the organization of Small Business Festival to boost business cooperation. He chose Austin because of the “crabs in a bucket culture” when businessmen help each other to achieve business goals. Moreover, they celebrate each other’s wins. Jaime Masters, a business coach believes that entrepreneurs there are a small community.

What is more, Austin is ranked as Fortune world’s best workplaces, with meetups such as Small & Medium Business Conference due to their collegial spirit.

Kauffman Index report found out that Austin’s startup density is better than in the Silicon Valley and the city has become a growing hub for tech and entrepreneurial activity; there is a thought that 110 people move there every day.

Now, let’s consider the best Austin-based startups.

  • Favor  allows ordering stuff from the stores and dishes from the restaurants. It picked up about $22 million and it brought 25000 new runners last year.

This app Favor partners with restaurants and they can add photos and menu, use their drivers. The goal is replacing in-house delivery app and bringing innovation to the table.

  • Bazaarvoice   helps the global largest brands analyze and capture, make data-driven decisions to develop a customer-centric approach.
  • Continuum Analytics

It brings Python training and products, business analytics, and consulting for big data, high-performance computing.

This is  a daily deals website for online services and digitally distributed goods with more than 700,000 active subscribers.

It is developed for the connected business traveler and delivers needed experience, featuring a single car model.

  • SpareFoot   simplifies booking and finding self-storage, offering easy ways to store and move your stuff.
  • WP Engine  brings relevant WordPress hosting.
  • TabbedOut  allows customers to Pay restaurant or bar from their cell phones.
  • Nuve  is one of the software companies in Austin focused on fraud prevention and asset management, delivering supply chain integrity, fuel and cargo security, and transparency.
  • Atlas Wearables  helps users to stay fit, recognizes the exercises, calculates the calories, counts the reps, the burn & assesses the form.
  • Fashion Metric  applies math, machine learning, and data science to deliver personalized experience online and in-store.
  • Bloomfire  is aimed to manage company expertise and knowledge and make it shareable & accessible for the right audience.
  • Reaction  was made for disaster response. The system is a climate-controlled with a secure environment.
  • OneSpot  mixes the power of content marketing with the scale, data, and accuracy of online advertising.
  • Datical  brings agile database deployments applied by companies like Bank of America and GE.
  • Gridmates  is a  cloud platform for energy sharing that helps to donate money for the people with needs.
  • Pivot Freight  delivers exception management, branded tracking & notifications, intelligent carrier decision and returns handling.
  • ROIKOI   helps businesses to hire the right talents and attract the employees by the recommendations.
  • SignaCert  offers  IT solutions that help security and operations teams decrease costs and disruptions while improving availability, performance, and security.
  • Cratejoy  helps to develop subscription service.

Software development companies in Austin

Ping Identity

This one of the software companies in Austin brings secure and safe access of all apps in an organization’s ecosystem. Employees may use it to securely reach SaaS, cloud, mobile. The company cooperates with tech giants like Workday, Microsoft, and Google to make sure a secure and smooth experience.


This one of the software companies in Austin TX develops optimized and automated pricing tools for online retailers. It applies machine learning to allow online retailers to handle revenue and optimize prices. BlackLocus works with The Home Depot to successfully implement new technologies.


The key focus of the company is the development of enterprise software solutions for the EAM, SCM, ERP, CRM and customer-oriented products. A dedicated development center at DICEUS uses contractual engagement model created around team productivity in long-term relationships.

The company ensures that the cooperation and all the processes are risk-free by offering full-cycle customer support service.


This one of the software development companies in Austin helps to locate vulnerabilities and collect data within cybersecurity systems. Its software platform delivers tools to handle administer vulnerability tests, incident responses, and train IT staff. The company helps Netflix, Microsoft, and jetBlue to recognize and refine their cybersecurity issues.

Lithium Technologies

This one of the software companies in Austin TX that develops personalized social media management software for companies to cooperate better with the customers.

The aim is helping worldwide brands, like AT&T, Airbnb, and eBay to handle their social media engagement programs, online communities, and customer engagement.


This is one of the software consulting companies in Austin that helps companies to monitor network performance. It helps to save time and improve efforts. Many well-known businesses like GitHub, Comcast, and hp apply it.


This is one more software consulting companies in Austin that offers notification and communication platform for key situations, delivering secure and reliable messaging across various devices and channels. It can be applied for business communications, emergency situations, and operations to make sure companies may communicate efficiently.

As we see, there are many top software companies in Austin that appeared recently according to the relevant business landscape and entrepreneurial spirit. There are many business accelerators and supportive environment to run the company even for the young people.

The city is ranked as one of the best global tech cities with the great workplaces. Nowadays, it is a strong competitor of the Silicon Valley and has a large pool of the talented IT employees.