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California with its Silicon Valley has the highest number of developers in the United States: more than 230,150. Other states in the top 10 involve Washington, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida.

Silicon Valley is located south of California and home for 2,000 tech companies. Its famous companies are Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Google. Silicon Valley also launched Twitter, Tesla, eBay, and Yahoo!. There are many business support companies such as Oracle, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard,, and Intel.

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Eesley found out that MIT alumni had developed 30,200 companies with $1.9 trillion in revenue with more than 4,6M employees by 2014. In 2011, Stanford alumni had developed 39,900 companies with $2,7 trillion in revenue.

Reasons for Silicon Valley’s success

Nowadays, knowledge sharing and a spirit of support are must-have to survive in a competitive business environment. Professional network simplifies running a business and helps founders to support each other.

Moreover, investors are engaged to cooperate with young and promising professionals and ready to help them build a business. Silicon Valley has a lot of angels, that’s why IT entrepreneurs all over the world go there to find support for their ideas. They can get different kinds of capital such as founder financing, bootstrapping, etc.

Sometimes, they find not only good investors but partners as well. Strong collaboration makes Silicon Valley a tech hub for the promising innovative startups.

Pillar companies including Oracle, Facebook and Apple help new software companies in California as early-adopter customers. Moreover, they supply innovative CEOs, programmers, and other IT staff. For example, Jeffrey Bussgang, Harvard Business School’s lecturer shares his vision of iRobot and General Electric as pillar companies in robotics and the Internet of Things.

From pillar companies and a worldwide pool of talents, Silicon Valley gets the best executives and employees. Very often, ex-Google professionals want to start their own company but don’t want to move anywhere. So, they start their business where they are.

Besides, experienced CEOs and investors mentor young founders and help them to gain vision about the future strategy, raising capital, performance monitoring, culture, organization design, getting customers and partners, product development.

One more reason of Silicon Valley’s success is cultural diversity. Many businessmen believe that Google’s success and other similar companies is the ability to see the company’s products or services from the clients’ perspective. If taking into account software systems, their target audience is well spread globally. It means cultural diversity with the different religious background, values, purposes, etc.

That’s why diversity is so valuable to serve various clients and have similar mindset. The more you can think like your customers, the more you may fulfill their needs.

Silicon Valley promotes unique culture of giving without expecting anything back, intellectual humility and disrupting big markets. It helps to broaden the boundaries and achieve good long-term goals.

Finally, strong technical education from the famous universities involving Stanford, San Jose State, University of California at Berkeley, Santa Clara University, Y Combinator, the start-up boot camp, and community colleges means more IT professionals.

software companies in california

List of software Companies in California


The main goal of its solution is automating quality assurance so that QA engineers may find bugs faster and fix them as soon as they can.  It allows professionals to assess software before customers start trying it.

Its benefits:

  • pays attention to the strategy that automates and speeds up the operations
  • uses machine learning for the accuracy
  • user-friendly platform
  • test execution by real users
  • advantages from a network of skilled and QA-focused team members and secure collaborative use of data.


This is a platform that helps to bring right features to the right people. LauchDarly has a streaming architecture that helps to ensure the lowest latency. They use a protocol for one-way real-time messaging, server-sent events to send messages to the customers’ server on-demand.

This feature management platform helps to exclude risks for operations teams and developers. Development teams apply feature management in order to separate feature releases and code deployments, and successfully manage their feature lifecycles.


This solution allows companies to permanently launch new software really fast and IT experts may cooperate quicker.  It means that the new code may be launched each day instead of months.

Its benefits:

  • It integrates with GitHub Enterprise, GitHub, and Bitbucket. When a programmer commits code, CircleCI develops a build.
  • This solution automatically tests the build in a virtual machine or a clean container.
  • The development team is notified if it fails to fix issues fast.
  • Passing builds are implemented to different environments so the product can go to the market quicker.


This is a progressive IT company with skilled and passionate employees. It may serve as a global IT partner, strong technical consultant, and outsourcing service provider.

DICEUS serves customers all over the world and fulfills their specific needs with full integration into the process. The company has 7 years of experience and serves more than 20 countries all over the globe.

Its solutions include e-commerce, healthcare, travel, and hospitality, HR and benefits, insurance, constructions. These are the key benefits that customers get:

  • precise conditions when clients know exactly what and when they will get;
  • on-time delivery with SRS documentation;
  • quality assurance;
  • improved time-to-market.

Cyber Infrastructure

This is one of the software companies in California that combines the domain knowledge, strength in technology, and quality processes to bring solutions that allow customers to meet their business needs.

It develops games and mobile apps, web, BI/AI, Crypto, AWS, VR/AR, IoT, and wearables, etc.


This is a full-service software development companies in California and a partner for Fortune 500 companies. Their aim is to help the non-technical organization overcome challenges by applying innovative tools and solutions.

They work on Blockchain, XR, UX, AI, IoT, etc. The company pays attention to new technologies such as mixed reality, decentralized applications, and cognitive computing.


It is one of the software development companies in California that brings related IT services. It has 17 years of business experience.

Its expertise:

  • enterprise and web portals
  • document and content management
  • omnichannel e-commerce
  • social networking solutions
  • business intelligence
  • media content distribution
  • BPO
  • online training and e-learning
  • enterprise mobility
  • cloud solutions.

iTechArt Group

iTechArt is a one-stop custom software development company with more than 1000 skilled programmers. They help fast-growing tech companies and VC-backed startups develop agile and successful, scalable products and adapt them to the user’s preferences. Their development teams work on mobile, web, big data, testing and QA, and DevOps.

Sunflower Lab

This company helps to improve home security. It mixes an aerial camera with outdoor sensors for an entire view of the state of the home area.

The system learns the property’s routines, holding unwanted visitors with sound and the light. When the unusual activity happens, the Smart Lights with Camera to will recognize what is going on.


This is one of the software companies in Southern California that offers texting and calling solutions. It helps to engage clients through phone and call reminders and save time. The system will send personalized messages to the customers and track advertising performance.


It is one of the software companies in Southern California that provides customers with tools and support, expertise, processes through their service offerings and enterprise subscription. This is massively scalable storage and open solution for today’s workloads involving data analytics, cloud infrastructure, backup and restores systems, media repositories, etc.

It’s advantages:

  • An ability to eliminate expensive lock-in of hardware-based storage solutions and proprietary.
  • One versatile solution for labor and storage costs.
  • Needed scalability on self-healing clusters.


This is an automated holistic marketing platform that allows marketers to gain insight into the performance of their entire funnel. It brings marketing recommendations that help even juniors to work like a pro.

Its technology captures granular information about customer experience and optimizes marketing efforts and automatically helps to maximize ROI.

Predixion Software

This is a real-time edge analytics IT company that is aimed to develop a safer, smarter, and healthier world. Their platform Predixion RIOT delivers advanced analytics on gateways, devices, and routers to get real-time data. This solution brings IoT analytics for immediate insight.

These top software companies in California are aimed to make a difference and help companies all over the world to cope with the huge workload. Our shortlist of software companies in California will allow you to understand the specification of the IT enterprises, their expertise and possible ways to start cooperating with them.

The best thing about the top software companies in California is that they are open to knowledge sharing and it is very simple to keep in touch with them. Different startups may suggest their ideas to them and get valuable support from experienced pillar companies.