According to Amazon HQ2 News, Chicago is going to be a worldwide tech player. On the one hand, its venture capital ecosystem is very small with only few companies doing it. On the other hand, the venture firms are open for the collaboration and friendly enough to share their experience. For instance, Lightbank is used host Chicago Enterprise Tech Meetup together with other firms to promote networking among software tech companies in Chicago.

Actually, Chicago sees more innovation with more startups. City’s startup growth rate is the fifth-highest in the USA. Some of the young companies failed due to the lack of tech professionals to ensure technology advancements.

Chicago’s universities are trying to fulfill these gaps and boost entrepreneurship. For instance, Discovery Partners Institute by the University of Illinois was launched in order to build a platform for collaboration among industry experts, academics and students. It is aimed to promote a multidisciplinary innovation hub that has the power to make a difference in large-scale global problems.

Many tech leaders believe that Chicago will become a worldwide technology hub by 2033 with a strong foundation to achieve this goal. For example, the city is 2nd in the USA for a number of students in computer science. Moreover, it hosts the US third-largest collection of Fortune 500 companies. The city has the fourth-highest gross regional product in the USA: $651 billion.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of work in order to achieve and facilitate growth. The good news is that many tech leaders cooperate there to realize Chicago’s full potential.

The city even has started a collaboration with Elon Musk’s Boring Company to create a tunnel between a downtown Chicago and O’Hare International Airport. The purpose is to develop an affordable option for the people to get from city’s economic heartbeat to the airport really fast.

The best software companies in Chicago

Now, let’s consider our list of software companies in Chicago for those who are interested in tech services there.

  • Motorola Solutions

This one of the software companies in Chicago offers mission-critical communications services and products to commercial customers and public safety globally.

Motorola Solutions, Inc., was developed on March 9, 1973. Now, the company operates through 2 key segments: services and products. The Products segment suggests a portfolio of devices, infrastructure, software, and accessories. The main customers of this segment are government, municipalities, industrial and commercial clients.

This segment has two product lines: systems and devices. Its devices involve vehicle-mounted and two-way portable radios; accessories, such as batteries, earpieces, speaker microphones, carry cases and cables, headsets, and software upgrades and features. Its systems involve the central processing software and radio network core; consoles; base stations; repeaters, and software apps and features.

The Services segment offers a range of accommodations for various purposes. This segment involves integration managed & support services, and integrated digital enhanced network. Its integration services involve the optimization, implementation, and integration of systems, software, and apps, devices. Its managed & support services involve a lot of service offerings starting with technical support, repair, and hardware maintenance.

  • Echo Global Logistics

This one of the software companies in Chicago that offers supply chain management solutions and technology-enabled transportation in the USA. It applies a proprietary technology platform to gather and analyze data from its network of transportation providers.

Echo Global Logistics offers services in different transportation modes involving small parcel, inter-modal, truckload, domestic air, and expedited and international. Its logistics services and principal transportation management involve rate negotiation; shipment execution and carrier management, etc.

  • Morningstar

This is a Chicago-based investment research firm that gathers and analyzes a stock, fund, and general market data. They also offer print-based and software products for financial advisors, individual investors, and institutional customers. It serves Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe. Now, it operates in 27 countries.

This one of the best software companies in Chicago provides reliable investment analysis for all levels of stock and fund investors, involving juniors and seniors. Their products strengthen different financial professionals, involving financial advisors, individual investors, asset managers,  institutional investors, and retirement plan providers. Their managed investment products, data, and research involve insights on investment offerings and valuable market data.

The company suggests investment management services through the investment advisory branch with more than $200 billion in assets.

This is the technology partner for creating enterprise solutions to allow clients to fulfill all their business gaps and achieve the most ambitious goals. We entirely integrate into customers’ business to gain maximum interaction and help the company grow.

DICEUS is run by the C-level executives where the skills of experienced engineers mix with the creative potential of entrepreneurs.

  • Google

This is an American international technology company that pays attention to Internet-related products and services involving cloud computing, online advertising technologies, search engine, hardware, and software. Google’s key goal is to organize global information and make it universally available and helpful. This is definitely one of the top software companies in Chicago.

  • Enova

Enova International is one of the top software companies in Chicago as well. Their purpose is allowing hardworking people to gain access to the reliable credit. Powered by their innovative technology and advanced analytics, they’ve issued over $20 billion in credit to more than 5 million non-prime clients and small companies globally. In 2016, they launched Enova Decisions to bring real-time predictive analytics services and on-demand decision-making technology to customers across industries.

  • HERE Technologies

This is one of the software development companies in Chicago that suggests such services:

  1. advertising data services. It helps to improve advertising campaigns and gain more profits while reaching the target audience applying a REST API. It improves user location data for more accurate audience attribution and segmentation.
  2. tracking. It brings historical and real-time locations for people, devices, and things. Power-efficient, reliable positioning enables tracking on a truly global scale.
  3. HD Live Map. This is the must-have for autonomous driving solutions.
  • Grubhub

This is one of the software tech companies in Chicago that provides mobile food delivery and ordering marketplace that is aimed to connect customers with local restaurants. The platforms help them to order from more than 95,000 restaurants in more than 1,700 U.S. cities and London. The Grubhub’s clients are such well-known brands as Grubhub, Eat24, Seamless, Tapingo, LevelUp, AllMenus and MenuPages.

  • Peapod Digital Labs

This one of the software development companies in Chicago serves as the engine that powers U.S. digital strategies and e-commerce. Peapod Digital Labs are aimed to speed up growth in personalization and digital capabilities for the local brands. Besides, it will serve as the innovation lab boosting e-commerce and digital innovation, experience, and technology to fulfill the changing needs of clients.

  • Trunk Club

The company is aimed to fix a simple problem: creating a relevant wardrobe. It is possible by connecting customers with personal stylists, in person or online. Trunk Club mixes unparalleled convenience, top brands, and expert service to help develop needed wardrobes.

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So, Chicago is becoming more and more innovative and gaining support from the venture capital ecosystem. Its enthusiasts collaborate and influence the business sector.

Our list of software companies in Chicago will help you to understand the key tech services that you may order. You may know some of the companies from our previous articles because they have offices in various countries.