By StartUp Health’s reckoning , New York was the 2nd proactive city for health tech activity last year with $1 billion of investments. NYCHBL found out that health tech and life science accounted for $13.8 billion. In 2017, New York’s growth stage companies and startups got $703 million.

Moreover, the software industry’s commitment to R&D keeps promoting innovation at unprecedented rates: from generating new data analytics to boosting cognitive computing.

IT software companies in New York present such facts :

  1. R&D investment by IT companies: $52 billion.
  2. The average annual salary for the developers is $108,760. This is more than twice bigger than the average annual salary for all US occupations.

Now, let’s switch our attention from the brief statistics of the NYC’s IT industry to the deep overview of software engineering companies in New York. We’ll consider their ed-tech enterprises and institutions as well.

software companies in new york

Educational software companies in New York and it’s institutes

Stevens Institute of Technology

This institute is ranked in the 651-700 range in the global rankings. It has a strong focus on science and technology, engineering subjects. They pay attention to the innovations and offer degrees in humanities and arts. Moreover, all students have to take humanities courses. If taking into account the number of the learners, approximately 6,900 students study there.

Fordham University

QS World University Rankings 2019 ranked it as 801-1000. The university specializes in sciences and business, liberal arts. The key campuses are placed in New York City – Lincoln Center in Manhattan and the Rose Hill campus in the Bronx. Also, it has one more campus in West Harrison as well. Rose Hill campus is near the Little Italy area, while the Lincoln Center is near the south-east part of Central Park.

The university consists of 10 colleges: six for postgraduates and four for undergraduates. In general, 15,580 students study there.

City University of New York (CUNY)

The City University of New York is public and ranked 601-650 in the world. Moreover, it is the biggest urban university system in the United States. The university consists of 24 colleges spread across Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx with over 274,000 students.

The New School

It is ranked 531-540 and the university has over 10,000 students with 30% of international students. This is a private university with a performing arts curriculum and progressive liberal arts.

Educational software companies in New York


This is a SaaS company that is aimed to help institutions to scale and personalize online learning. Its ed tech platform allows universities to reach a wider audience. The company cooperates with well-known universities like Northwestern, Harvard, University of North Carolina to develop needed virtual educational experiences.


It offers a learning management system for K-12 universities and schools to promote cooperation, resource sharing, and communication on a single platform. The platform has over 12 million users globally.

One of the case studies is the iPad implementation program that gave educators the opportunity to individually set tasks to students according to their levels and present lessons that will fit the personal needs of each learner.  


This is an English language learning platform for institutions, individuals, and corporations. If taking into account its achievements, 85% of the users reach proficiency in English. Besides, the platform is used by over than 4 million people across 150 nations.

Girls who code

This is a non-profit company that helps high school girls to understand computer science, web development, and design. Moreover, it offers scholarships, summer immersion programs, and after-school clubs.  


Its software converts an old PC or Mac to a Google Chromium-like OS while applying cloud technology to run a slow computer quicker. The company offers affordable pricing for schools, for example, $1 per student.  


It is a crowd-sourced platform that allows teachers and students to develop learning resources. It has over 10.6 million users globally. It is aimed to help them to find custom-created and accurate solutions to their questions.


The app applies adaptive algorithms to make learning more effective and fun by adapting it to the student’s learning pace. Educators may use the software to create up decks, classroom pages, and track learning progress.

software companies in new york city

Software companies in New York

New York has more than 100 largest tech companies that employ more than 38,000 people. VICE, Bloomberg, Oath are the biggest local tech employers.

Other main industries involve fintech and e-commerce, marketing technology, with companies like E*Trade and Etsy, AppNexus leading the way.

Some of the biggest software companies in New York are also among its youngest. For example, Intersection, founded two years ago, has become one of the largest tech employers as well as ConsenSys with 164 employees in its Brooklyn office after 4 years of the existence.

This is one of the software development companies in New York that turns comments on Instagram into sales leads. The company is aimed to track product intent through social networks to measure business performance. It offers the customers real-time insights. It uses natural language processing software and marketing tools to trigger various alerts.

Besides, has already raised $260,000 of investments and keep growing as the company.

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This strong technology partner helps different businesses all over the world to cope with challenges for 7 years. It has deep experience and a great pool of professionals that are ready to share their expertise with the customers.

The company offers tech consultation as well as developing difficult IT solutions involving UI/UX design, Blockchain, data science, etc.


This is one of the software development companies in New York as well and presents product images at a fraction of the payment of developing images manually. Its technology helps retailers to sell products more efficiently.

The company has raised $650,000 during three years and is closing a bridge round that will bring entire fundraising more than $1 million.


This one of the IT software companies in New York was founded by Shirley Chen in 2015. The goal was developing a greater internet for shoppers. The company applies SmartLink technology to allow customers direct traffic to its website. This is a great opportunity for the publishers to triple their income. Moreover, the benefit is that retailers who buy links boost more sales and traffic to their websites.

Narrativ generates hundreds of millions of dollars e for its customers and brought $25 million in revenue recently.


This is one of the software engineering companies in New York that helps to deal with the visual requests of the fashion industry. Its search-by-image technology helps shoppers to upload screenshots and images and permanently get product recommendations. Moreover, it helps retailers handle their inventory with personalized shopping filters. As a result, it leads to a conversion increase.

Headliner Labs

It is one of the computer software companies in New York that offers a marketing platform. It applies artificial intelligence and chatbots, natural language processing to promote conversations between the customers and the businesses.

This one of the computer software companies in New York touts a 10% sales conversion from its personalized messaging abilities. It has such well-known customers as Dr. Brandt, Cole Haan, Sally Beauty, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Ouai haircare, etc.

So, there is a huge variety of computer software companies in New York. They are very different that helps to serve customers all over the world with specific business needs.

Use our list of software companies in New York to deal with modern tech challenges and thrive. Nowadays, needed technical support is a valuable resource to achieve your goals while cutting the costs.