Project description:

A modern mobile application for a large-scale insurance company specializing in healthcare. You have to select and present the information made available on mobile application screens and how to navigate between pages. In addition, this work led to a higher-level analysis of the user experience.


The role of a UX/CX designer is to:

  • Create the best user experience for mobile and web users. To ensure that the site or the application meets the specific needs of the user in the simplest possible way and in a pleasant environment
  • Provide guidance on things like site/application presentation, site/app architecture, browsing between different sections graphic design, conversion funnel, content presentation, and screen flow to ensure a good user experience
  • To define interface style guides, execute experience audits and interface style recommendations
  • To organize and run user tests and participatory design activities

It is expected, that UX/CX designer takes into consideration the profiles of the different users that are likely to visit the site and works to best accommodate their needs and browsing habits based on their age, disabilities, site or app accessibility, navigation, user understanding, instilling trust, storytelling.

Demonstrates how these are all aspects that the UX/CX designer to spark emotions in users.

Will work in close cooperation with project managers, developers, analysts, and UI designers, who will translate his recommendations into something tangible.

Soft skills:

You have a curious mind. You never forget there are people at the other end of the screen using our products. You’re a good listener and empathy is one of your favourite right words.

We offer:

  • Remote work or comfortable office (Kyiv, blvd. Vatslava Havela, 4)
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Equipment for work
  • Paid vacation (18 business days) and Statutory Holidays
  • Paid sick leaves (10 business days)
  • Non-paid days-off (10 business days)
  • Professional growth and development opportunities
  • Free English lessons