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What we offer

Improved efficiency

DICEUS specializes in designing and developing custom-tailored claims management software. The latter streamlines the efficiency of in-house performance via workflow optimizing automation, in-depth analytics, intuitive claims management interfaces, and full-on opportunities for complete digitization of traditional work with claims with the help of advanced technology.

Better customer experience

We have been working in the field for years, building solutions according to individual purposes and requirements to help you offer only the best experiences for your customers. This is where sturdy, high-performance claim management software speeds things up, automates tons of cumbersome manual work, enables remote opportunities, and streamlines customer experiences in many other ways.

Reduced claims cycle time

Timely integration of specialized software helps make claims workflows rapid and hassle-free, which significantly accelerates revenue generation and growth in the long run. Now, your usual claim processing cycle can be accelerated so that you can focus on a new level of service quality. In the long-term perspective, this means more satisfied customers in shorter stretches of business time.

Enhanced claims processing

Modern technologies simplify our lives by offering innovative tools and expanded opportunities for time-consuming claims processing. A software solution tailored to your workflow needs automates routine tasks, digitizes paperwork, and lets you share files and collaborate with other specialists in real time. This is the ultimate way to process claims in line with the available technology.

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Benefits of our claims management software development services

Business value generation

Insurance claims management software solutions we provide accelerate the underlying processes, smooth out workflows and streamline service delivery. These are perfect opportunities to achieve a “powerhouse services provider” status and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty rates. And this is how solutions we design help generate long-term beneficial business value.

Result-oriented team

We provide well-adjusted teams of seasoned designers, developers, and other project specialists with required experience and expertise to guarantee high-quality results. Our teams focus on your needs and specifics, helping achieve what you need and more with thorough analysis, well-proven collaboration models, and flexible interactions in the project.

Flexible cooperation

Are you looking to launch a full-cycle development project and create a dedicated platform customized for your workflow from scratch? Or do you need to optimize an existing solution through some integrations, tweaks here and there, and such? We have suitable options and reasonable conditions for any case scenario to collaborate most efficiently and achieve outstanding results.

Quality guarantee

We can confidently guarantee the market-defining quality of our insurance claims software products based on the years of fruitful operation in the market, grip on the latest technologies and approaches, professional input of passionate veteran specialists, and an extensive portfolio to back it all up with. We promote personalized solutions that stand out among the crowd and push business.

Our insurance claims management software development process

Discovery phaseEvery project is kicked off with extensive prior study and analysis, which enables us to establish a solid basis for developing a high-quality product. We meet the client, go over all major and minor details of the product vision, collect and analyze requirements, make professional recommendations where appropriate, outline the future workflow, and start the project with a thorough market and competitor analysis. As a result, we are can provide the most relevant features.
Development phaseThis is the most critical and time-consuming stage of the project, where most of the technical work is completed. Our claims processing software team will create software architecture and interface elements, integrate or hardcode all the technical features inside this design carcass, and set things in motion by finalizing the build, whether it’s an integrated or fully custom project. The end product is a functional software solution with a high-level UI and UX.
Testing and QAAll projects must go through rigorous testing and quality assurance. Our experienced QA engineers conduct user-perspective testing and polish it accordingly to grant high-quality product performance and make it well appreciated by the initial consumers. This step helps us address any issues users may encounter when using your product on the front end. In the long term, this ensures a high-quality user experience, which is so important in a claim management solution that boosts workflow.
DeploymentWe never abandon a project once it’s entirely developed and tested. Instead, we assist you in correctly deploying it in the required operational environment and introducing it to the target consumers. Our experts manage all areas of compatibility, resolve all operational compliance concerns, and ensure that your claims management solution operates as it should in the target market. From the first day you use the final product in the field, we do everything we can to help you gain positive metrics.

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What impacts your project duration

The final duration of a project is an individual matter influenced by various circumstances. We provide high-quality services that help you meet your objectives in the quickest time possible. However, the following are the specific aspects that influence the overall time of your project.

  • Project requirements
  • Time-to-market
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology stack
  • Integration needs

What affects your project costs

The project’s estimated financial scope may be calculated only before it is launched. And the estimate is highly influenced by a variety of deciding elements. Here’s what affects your project’s overall cost.

  • Scope of work and project’s complexity
  • The number of upgrades and customizations
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

On behalf of our insurance claims system development firm, we accept full responsibility for the dependable, high-quality services we deliver. However, you should prepare the following information to assist us in making your project better.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap
  • Project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week)

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Frequently asked questions

How to improve claims management workflow?

Traditional claims management workflow can be improved, facilitated, and streamlined with the help of specialized software in a variety of ways. Tailored solutions help autonomously handle routine tasks via digital signatures, document management tools, centralized editing opportunities, collaborative features, and more.

Do you have expertise in insurtech solutions?

We have been working with specialized claims administration software for years of professional operation in the market. We have an extensive portfolio of insurtech solutions that tackle different challenges, issues, and areas of operation. All thanks to a well-formed pool of reliable specialists that are savvy with the top-tier technologies enabling modern insurtech.

What are the insurtech trends today?

Top trends in the industry include personalized solutions, integration of advanced technologies (such as AI, blockchain, IoT, AR/VR, etc.), analytical predictions, autonomous digital assistants, and wearables. There may also be other least popular trends. But right now, we can help you get a claim management system that is up to date and in line with the latest trends.

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