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Since 2011, we have been committed to fostering the growth of insurance companies through technological modernization. Our expertise includes custom development of mobile apps, web portals, chatbots, and data analytics, continuously striving to deliver excellent customer experience.

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We develop custom solutions for various business lines

Our custom insurance software development services

Tailor-made insurance software solutions can work as part of an omnichannel ecosystem consisting of multiple solutions like a core system, a mobile app, and a chatbot, for instance, or — as stand-alone solutions.

Mobile app development pin Mobile app development

We develop custom mobile apps with insurance business operations, customer journeys, and industry-specific digital trends in mind. The apps are built with unique features inherent to a particular business line. For example, for health insurance customer apps, a standard package of functionalities is developed: policy purchase, claim submission, document management, etc. Plus, complimentary self-service features are offered: telemedicine, appointment scheduling, symptom checker, and more.

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Web portal development pin Web portal development

We have experience building web portals for insurers, agents, and policyholders. All can be enriched with exclusive features depending on the specific needs of the targeted users. For example, portals for insurers can contain functionalities like CRM modules, customer analytics, risk management, document management, and more, while portals for policyholders can be equipped with claim filing, policy purchase, online payments, FAQ section, and other features.

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Chatbot development pin Chatbot development

Thanks to the low-code approach to development, chatbot solutions are plug-and-play solutions that can be implemented quickly to bring value immediately. These solutions integrate smoothly with any other software and ensure increased customer engagement, reduced workload on assistance, and automated workflows without redundant efforts both from the insurers' and policyholders' sides. Chatbots can be integrated with the most popular messengers like Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, as well as with open data portals and online payment platforms.

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Integration services pin Integration services

To effectively connect all disparate systems and applications, use integration services. We ensure smooth data flow while connecting data analytics for better decision-making or integrating a mobile app with a CRM system. These services aim to improve connectivity, reduce manual work and human errors, and facilitate insurers to quickly adapt to the ever-changing customer expectations.

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Customer experience pin Customer experience

To build customer-centric solutions, we recommend starting any development project with a discovery phase, including in-depth CX research. It allows our insurance software development company to correctly identify and define the current challenges insurers face and the goals they would like to solve with technology. This phase includes the audit of current software, competitor analysis, hypotheses generation, user interviews, buyer persona descriptions, customer journey maps, and more. Such an approach to CX strategy development can guarantee the project's success.

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Data analytics pin Data analytics

Capture the most meaningful data with custom data analytics for the insurance sector. We offer the development of real-time interactive dashboards for carriers and agencies to collect, process, and analyze insurance-related data. Depending on the data you need to visualize (customers, claims, risks, etc.) and the indicators you require, we will build highly personalized dashboards with notifications, reporting capabilities, and gamification features for your teams.

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Benefits of custom insurance software development

Unlike out-of-the-box insurance software, bespoke products are more scalable, flexible, and interoperable with other systems.

Why choose DICEUS

Our team offers custom software development for the insurance industry with a good understanding of the business specifics, workflows, and lines.


20 projects accomplished for leading insurtech and insurance companies like BriteCore, Willis Towers Watson, UNIQA, BenefitNet, and more.


Since 2011, we have successfully delivered more than 130 projects excelling in various programming languages, frameworks, and technologies.

Focus on CX

Our goal is to build customer-facing solutions, so we pay great attention to creating an efficient CX strategy before the development stage.

Agile development

To be ahead of any industry changes, delivering solutions to the market quickly is important. We follow Agile project management methodology for that.

What our clients say about our services

Elena Markova
Elena Markova Board Member, UNIQA Ukraine

Mobile app dev services for insurance company

UNIQA Ukraine Ukraine

“We were impressed by the depth of the UX analysis they did in terms of our customer's research, buyer persona creation, user journey mapping, etc. All the information like research findings, for instance, was presented in a clear form (presentations, Miro boards, clear infographics) so it was quite easy to understand what we need to build and why.”

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Antoaneta Karagyozova
Antoaneta Karagyozova CPSO, Fadata

IT consulting services to Fadata

Fadata Germany Germany

“We are happy with DICEUS' software implementation services. The team's workflow is highly effective and professional in all aspects of the engagement. All clearly understand what goals we'd like to reach and do their best to do that as efficiently as possible. Overall, the partnership has been successful.”

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Companies that trust us

Helping businesses reach their goals by implementing the right technological solutions.

Willis Towers Watson

Success stories

Discover DICEUS case studies — learn how custom insurance software development services and solutions helped our clients grow and achieve their objectives.

Our software development life cycle

We follow an Agile approach to development, emphasizing collaboration and iterative delivery to promote customer satisfaction and deliver high-quality software products in a timely and efficient manner.

Discovery phase

Project goals and requirements are identified, feasibility analysis and risk assessment are conducted. The project scope is defined.

Architecture and design

Technical specifications and the system’s structure are defined, including software components, data architecture, and system interfaces.


During this stage, actual coding and programming are performed, transforming the architecture into functionalities.

Testing and QA

Different types of testing are performed to identify and fix bugs, ensuring that software meets all functional and non-functional requirements.


DevOps will organize the deployment process on the cloud or on-premises. User acceptance testing is done before the deployment.

Support and maintenance

On-going support and maintenance allow for addressing issues, updating features, and ensuring the system remains effective.

Tech stack

It takes great skills and knowledge to develop software. Anyone who has ever created a technology solution understands how the right choice of the stack is important. Here you can see a list of programming languages, frameworks, databases, and platforms our IT company deals with.


What is custom insurance software development?

If you want to modernize your systems or add functionalities that align with your business goals, consider a custom insurance software development company. With the help of a professional vendor, you can customize, modernize, or build from scratch solutions for the most critical processes: underwriting, quoting, claim management, document management, and many more.

Why do insurance companies need custom software?

Bespoke software contributes to more efficient operations, intelligent decision-making, splendid customer experience, and increased revenue. Such products can be built in full confluence with the insurer's or agency's requirements without redundant features and extra expenditures.

What features can be included in custom insurance software?

Any functionality required by policyholders and the insurance company's staff can be included. Each functionality can work separately as a stand-alone solution or be integrated with other sub-systems. Essential features for agencies and carriers usually include CRM, policy administration, underwriting, quoting, claim management, document management, and more. Essential features for policyholders are policy purchase, claim filing, chatbot, access to mobile app, self-service functionalities, access to FAQ, etc.

How does custom insurance software enhance data security?

Tailor-made solutions can improve data security by implementing encryption mechanisms to protect sensitive data during transmission and storage, regular updates of security measures, control over user access, integration with security solutions like firewalls, and regular security audits.

Is custom insurance software scalable for future business needs?

Bespoke IT products are better scalable for future business needs than out-of-the-box solutions. It is ensured by modular architecture, scalable infrastructure, optimized performance, and Agile development practices.

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