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fintech software development

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fintech software development

Fintech apps

Enrich your financial services with a modern and secure fintech app powered by the latest technologies. We build mobile banking app, payment applications, finance management apps, blockchain-fueled software with an in-depth understanding of your business.

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Use professional fintech development services to develop a custom payment gateway or a peer-to-peer solution for payments. We offer both custom development and configuration of ready-made gateways to meet your needs and business goals.

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We offer end-to-end custom development, modernization, and integration of loan management software solutions for financial organizations and banks. All solutions are produced to help our clients gain efficiency in their operations and reduce costs.

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Money transfers

Implement cloud-based software for money transfers that will give you a 360-degree view on customers, real-time and historical data monitoring, user-friendly dashboards, and a lot of opportunities to grow. We handle both custom development and ready-made customization projects.

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Our fintech software development company can help your financial organization build and offer to your clients advanced blockchain-based solutions for cost-effective payments and transfers, secure authorization, and better cybersecurity.

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Regulatory compliance

We help financial organizations better deal with compliance regulations with the help of technology. In case you have any pressing issues with compliance, our experts will identify the right technology solutions for you based on in-depth business analysis.

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We help a large number of our customers better understand what challenges they can overcome by adopting fintech. The fintech ecosystem is growing rapidly and unites thousands of solutions for payments and transfers, lending and financing, insurance, financial management, markets and exchanges. Our team has strong experience providing fintech software development services by implementing both ready-made solutions and custom apps. We not only deliver innovative software products, but also ensure professional tech advisory and support to manage changes to architecture that arise after implementation.

According to Deloitte

In 2022, North American banks were expected to spend approximately Ā½ of their overall IT budget on new technology.

According to Statista

The global growth of Fintech depends on its growth in individual markets, which differs greatly. As of February 2020, North America was the most popular location for Fintech startups.

According to EY

Earlier, ease of opening an account was the top priority in consideration when selecting a FinTech provider. This has changed since, with price now being the top consideration.

According to McKinsey

Today, banks are in a fight for the customer, not only with other banks but also non-banks.

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Key advantages to choose DICEUS for fintech software development services

Fintech expertise

The financial industry has drastically changed as well as customer and market demands. If you want to stay competitive and deliver new up-to-date values to consumers, we are here to help you. Our team provides fintech development services to help you embrace new opportunities with artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud solutions, and many more.

Innovation partner

Our team has full-range fintech expertise, including lending management software, blockchain solutions, regtech, payments and transfers. That allows us to partner with various companies, from startups to billion-dollar organizations, to innovate and bring their ideas to life. We aim at becoming not only your software vendor but also a long-lasting, reliable partner for innovation.

Focus on results

We are a result-oriented fintech software development company offering teams where every member knows how valuable your time is. To ensure on-time software product delivery, we have established a quality-driven software development flow where we use business analysis, work breakdown structuring, critical path analysis, and traceability matrix. Combined with Agile best practices, all that guarantees successful outcomes.

High quality

Well-defined quality assurance processes, regular code reviews and cross-code reviews, the latest bug tracking tools are one of the key things leading to project success. Before the cooperation, we define all the required metrics to measure the product quality in the service level agreement. Any bugs or other pressing issues are reported regularly to the client to inform them of further actions to be taken.

Our fintech development process

We have a well-defined development process for every type of software product. Each project starts with the initial phase, and goes on with requirements gathering and business analysis. Next, come design and development stages, testing, and deployment. On the closure phase, we hand over all the project documentation and source code to the client and offer further technical support and maintenance.

Business analysisAny fintech project starts with a discovery phase during which we collect all functional and non-functional requirements. Once we have all the requirements, we develop and document software specifications and agree those with you. The in-depth business analysis allows for avoiding project failure, minimizing risks and errors, and delivering the product as expected.
DevelopmentOur software development life cycle is built concerning best practices and approaches. Every project is run by a PMI-certified project manager, while the client is guided throughout the process by a key account manager. You can easily control the process, monitor the working hours of developers, see accomplished tasks via our unique customer portal.
TestingThe testing strategy is developed at the beginning of the project and is adhered to across the development. We define the required types of testing to be executed and perform it within the software development lifecycle. For fintech projects, testing is very critical as fintech software should ensure high security of data and functionalities.
DeploymentYour environment will be checked to identify if it is prepared for successful deployment. If we discover any issues, we will give notice to you and provide recommendations on how to resolve those. Before the deployment date, you will have to fix everything and be ready to collaborate with our specialists.
Support and maintenanceTroubleshooting, technical support, and maintenance are key services we offer after the software has been deployed. Use these services when you want to add new features, upgrade your software, or just need continuous technical support.

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Frequently asked questions

What is fintech software and why it is important?

Fintech software is the software built with the involvement of innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, blockchain, and a combination of some of these. Fintech is opening new opportunities to banks and financial organizations to increase customer satisfaction, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

What services are provided by a fintech development company?

Fintech software development company provides custom development, implementation, testing, integration and other services related to fintech adoption and handling after-implementation effects. These companies act as technology partners to banks, insurance companies, fintech startups, and regtech businesses.

How much time will it take you to develop my fintech software?

The duration of fintech project varies and usually depends on lots of factors. Mainly, these factors include the project scope and complexity, chosen technology and platforms, time-to-market urgency. We offer flexible conditions and on-time software delivery without compromising quality ā€” tell us about your requirements to get the time estimation.

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