Last mile delivery logistics solutions

What we offer

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Custom last mile delivery solutions

Last mile delivery software helps meet ever-increasing customer expectations regarding the most costly part of any delivery when items remain to appear on the very doorstep. Every modern delivery service provider should continuously improve its operational efficiency to follow trendy delivery models such as same-day delivery, contactless delivery, white-glove service, and the like. Our last mile delivery solutions provide service providers with numerous features capable of augmenting their staff’s efforts with cutting-edge digital developments. We assist our customers in building socially responsible delivery approaches when reduced fuel consumption and fewer empty miles allow leaving a much smaller carbon footprint.

Mobile and web app development

Enterprise-scale desktop platforms, responsive websites, and mobile apps for any platform (cross-platform, PWA, etc.) all are in our scope to offer to last mile delivery providers. We develop fully customizable SaaS systems to cover any sort of last mile delivery workflows our customers may be involved in. Electronic proof of delivery, automatic order allocation, real-time delivery tracking, as well as any other function can be pre-installed in any sort of last mile delivery software upon your request once we develop apps from scratch. We possess the most advanced technologies of mobile and web development not to limit our customers in their needs and preferences.

New feature development

Last mile delivery service providers have to evolve continuously to satisfy modern customers who actively adopt new delivery habits such as on-hour delivery or hyperlocal deliveries. Hence, software developers must be agile and creative to help last mile delivery service providers to meet their customers’ expectations. DICEUS is always open to new ideas to be translated into innovative features of last mile delivery software systems. We appreciate our customers’ experience while providing them with technical capabilities to let their wishes come true in corresponding software solutions.

System integration services

Any intent to develop a new last mile delivery application does not necessarily mean that the existing delivery management platform has to be abandoned. We provide system integration services to make various software solutions work as a unified complex system. A separately developed module for last mile delivery software can be integrated into any sort of supply chain management/fleet management systems. Besides, a standalone last delivery mobile app can be introduced into an enterprise platform as an integral part. System upgrades with new modules can spare our customers from redundant expenses for building entirely new software.

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Benefits of our last mile software development services

Feature-rich solutions

We strongly believe in the omnipotence of software solutions in the context of last mile delivery services. No objective factors are available to stay away from a feature-rich last mile delivery ecosystem. Whichever functionality a service provider may need beginning from flexible delivery scheduling and up to chatbot-enabled customer support, our engineers are here to saturate your last mile delivery software with what you can ever imagine. Moreover, deep tech expertise along with a vast experience in supply chain/transportation management systems allows DICEUS to provide a variety of consulting services regarding last mile delivery solutions.

Expert IT consulting

Delivery providers oftentimes face various challenges arising from either high customer expectations or innovative approaches implemented by rivals. Unprecedented methods and features have to appear in such a case. To establish a heretofore untried last time delivery option, a rich experience in logistics seems not to be enough. There must be strong IT expertise as well. DICEUS offers IT consulting services to help our customers build up intelligent delivery management whichever aspect of last time delivery it may concern.

Fast time to market

Last mile delivery logistics solutions should appear as soon as the market starts requiring them. Once the delivery service industry is very dynamic, time-to-market is critical for last mile delivery software. Our team is proud to offer the shortest software development periods without compromising quality. This is achieved by a complex approach to the project when prototyping, coding, and testing go in parallel. We prefer Agile development techniques allowing us to release software products faster.

QA and agile SDLC

We can confidently claim that agile software development life cycles help last mile delivery solutions appear faster with fewer expenses. Our entire team is involved in a continuous circulation of numerous development iterations when every current piece of code is carefully tested before every subsequent one is to be written. Our quality assurance begins even earlier than programmers put their fingers on keyboards: the detailed records made during the discovery phase help testers recognize possible drawbacks at the very stage of designing.

Our last mile delivery software development process

Discovery phase

To make your last mile delivery software error-free and cost-efficient our specs need to grasp your idea about the functionality of the future application. Our team can figure out an appropriate architecture of the solution only in tight collaboration with a customer. The discovery phase is crucial to collect all functional requirements regarding the product. The future resilience of your last mile delivery solution has its roots in the SDS (software development specification) created by our project managers according to your wishes.

Design and development

The development process of any last mile delivery application runs through numerous iterations when each and every line of code is reconciled with a pre-designed prototype. We prefer Agile development methodologies allowing our software engineers to make corrections in code without interrupting the entire SDLC. Besides, we advocate our development routine to be fully transparent for our customers: nothing prevents them from delivering amendments and modifications regarding the final product along the very development process.

Testing and UAT

We strongly believe that any test makes sense only when the achieved test results can improve code before the final version of last mile delivery software is released. That’s why we practice continuous testing that makes programmers and testers work in the tightest possible collaboration. Moreover, our software engineers write tests themselves to check their own code along the entire development life cycle. We appreciate the DevOps principles with automated testing that allows us to save time and, therefore, reduce the project budget. At the same time, we never overlook manual testing when necessary (UX, load tests, etc.).

Maintenance and support

DICEUS provides lifetime support and post-deployment maintenance for every last mile delivery software product we create. We clearly realize the dynamism of the delivery service market not to leave our customers without opportunities to upgrade their last mile delivery software with new options. Besides, we are not against providing maintenance for products from third-party software vendors.

What impacts your project duration

The timeframe of any software development life cycle depends on a certain number of factors that inevitably impact the project duration. The most critical ones are the following:

  • Requirements
  • Expected time-to-market
  • Team composition
  • Chosen platforms and technology stack
  • Integration needs

What affects your project costs

The number of working hours our team needs to create and release a software product determines the project costs. To correctly calculate the project budget, we have to clarify the following:

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

Both DICEUS and our customers are interested in making custom software solutions appear best-in-class. To achieve this in the easiest way we usually ask our customers for the following info:
  • Project goal, vision, and roadmap
  • Project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering)
  • Project deadlines

Our tech stack

  • android icon Android
  • C C++
  • go GO
  • React React
  • Java Java
  • 512px-HTML5 logo and wordmark.svg HTML
  • ios iOS
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Ruby Ruby
  • php PHP
  • Python Python
  • Objective-C Objective-C

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Frequently asked questions

Do you build last mile delivery solutions for SaaS businesses?

DICEUS is capable of creating fully customizable SaaS delivery management platforms upon request. Besides, we can develop standalone last mile delivery modules to be integrated with any sort of the already existing SaaS solution. The very concept of Software-as-a-Service corresponds well to the sort of business the delivery service providers do, as we believe. Hence, we see no critical obstacles to creating a bespoke last mile delivery solution for SaaS businesses.

What modern features should be present at a last mile delivery app?

The last mile delivery service is changing dynamically these days amid the ever-growing expectations of customers. Our own expertise in delivery management solutions suggests having the following features in any up-to-date last mile delivery software: automatic dispatching, order distribution, real-time delivery tracking and routing, digital proof of delivery, chatbots for 24/7 customer support, end-to-end last mile connectivity, white-glove service options.

How much does it cost to build the simplest last mile delivery app?

Even the simplest last mile delivery solution implies several types of applications to be built. It can be a responsive website as well as a progressive web application (PWA). Besides, a standalone last mile delivery module for an in-cloud SaaS platform can correspond to this category. Since no standard cost is available for any custom software product, the final price of the simplest last mile delivery app will depend on both the type of software and the number of features to be available in it. Without having such minimum info about the app, it would be unfair to indicate any certain figure.

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