Insurance digital channels

Mobile apps Web portals Chatbots

Modern buyers prefer quick purchases online, user-friendly interfaces, and personalized support. Insurers should adapt to customers’ expectations and develop omnichannel digital tools for customer engagement. We help insurance companies find the most effective technology means to do that. Book a free consultation

What we offer

Digital omnichannel customer experience is an opportunity to boost customer engagement and loyalty, reduce costs, and attract more clients. It can be achieved by the development and implementation of custom mobile applications, web applications and portals, messengers and chatbots.

Custom mobile apps

Reduce operational costs, improve customer loyalty, and attract new customers by introducing a custom-designed mobile app. DICEUS offers end-to-end mobile app development services, including customer journey mapping, buyer persona definition, and business analysis.

Custom web portals

Simplify your processes and reduce the paperwork by implementing modern web apps with unique functionalities both for your employees and customers. DICEUS offers custom web app development services discovery phase, user journeys, and full-cycle SDLC.

Chatbots and messengers

Reduce redundant actions and paperwork your customers should do to buy an insurance product or submit a claim. We offer to build AI-powered chatbots considering your product specifics, business logic, and relevant conversational flows. We can also integrate messengers.

How we build unique digital channels for you

Problems statement

Together with you, we find out what difficulties you face with your current software, business processes, and customers.

Business goals statement

The business goals you would like to reach with the help of technology and our services are defined and clearly stated.


We start our research with the existing software analysis (mobile app, web portal, website, core system, etc.)

Competitor analysis

We thoroughly study what challenges and pain points your competitors have, explore what functionalities your current software lacks, recommend the features that could help you gain a competitive edge.

Key hypotheses generation

Hypotheses are generated to define needs, goals, motivation, and behavior of your clients.

User interviews

User interviews are conducted to get detailed insights about customer goals, needs, and pains at each customer journey stage.

Buyer persona descriptions

Buyer personas show what experience, goals, motivations, frustrations clients have about your product.

Customer journey

We describe all the customer steps and activities, what they want to get at each step, and how they may feel.