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We provide software development services for building the online banking system with a comprehensive set of functionalities from scratch. In case you need to modernize the existing web banking, we are also at your disposal. ​

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Core Banking

Our teams deliver projects associated with such core banking systems as Oracle FLEXCUBE, Temenos, and Finastra. The scope of our services for core banking includes custom development, systems or modules upgrade, software audit, technical support, testing, and IT consulting.​

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AI-based solutions help banks resolve some of the pervasive challenges related to better customer experience, decision-making, and forecasts. We have experience developing AI-powered systems that provide a 360-degree view on bank’s customers, their behavior, and historical data. ​ ​

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We build mobile banking solutions with a number and variety of functionalities required by your needs and processes. The basic features include account management, payments, money transfer, notifications, GPS, personal financial management.

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Robotic Process
Automation ​

We provide RPA integration to help banks improve their compliance with regulations, risk management, customer experience, and make operations more efficient. Our expertise includes RPA solutions for risk management, compliance, AML, fraud inspections, customer support.​

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A centralized DWH can cover a lot of data-related gaps that exist in banks and make all your data organized and structured. Our teams have experience in DWH architecture, ETL processes, data aggregation, data migration, maintenance of databases, legacy applications decommissioning.​

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We help banks rationalize their processes and achieve higher profitability using the power of technology and providing our financial software development services. Anticipating the next challenges associated with efficiency, customer experience, and compliance, banks should be prepared to tackle them. We offer to modernize your legacy systems, eliminate the technical debt, and address the data management problems. Our banking software development and industry-specific expertise includes core banking systems, data warehouses, robotic process automation, cloud computing, etc.

According to Deloitte

In 2022, North American banks are forecast to spend approximately one-half of their overall IT budget on new technology.

According to Deloitte

In 2022, European banks are expected to spend one-third of their total IT budget on new technology, which is higher than current 27%.

According to Ernst and Young

In the US, banks continue closing their branches as customers prefer more digital engagement.

According to McKinsey

70% of banks are now about to review their core banking systems.

Key Advantages to Choose Diceus for
Banking Development

Strong Banking Expertise

Financial services software development requires strong expertise in banking. Our developers, architects, business analysts are highly-skilled in software engineering and have deep understanding of how your industry works. We have experience developing data warehouses for banks, 360-degree systems, data aggregation hubs, core banking systems, mobile banking solutions, and many more. We are always happy to apply our banking experience and expertise to new projects.

Effective Solutions

Being aware of the latest banking challenges is critical for any software developers. Only then can they offer the most relevant solution to your pressing issues, such as cybersecurity, data integrity, compliance, digital transformation, user experience, etc. We know how to help banks in gaining a competitive edge even in such tough times as the appearance of fintech companies offering better services and in the times of global coronavirus pandemic when compliance regulations are changing very rapidly.

Focus on Project Goals

We deliver financial software development services with project goals in mind. Our specialists ensure on-time delivery with project objectives, 100% gained. For this, we have developed well-structured procedures in pre-sales, business analysis, functional analysis, design and development, testing, user-acceptance testing, deployment, etc. Our PMI-certified project managers and account managers control the process of development and ensure effective communication between our clients, C-level executives, and within teams.

Guaranteed Quality

We guarantee 100% high quality of software we develop. That’s because we have a well-organized quality assurance process ensured by regular code review, quality standards, and the usage of traceability matrix to check the alignment of project requirements with functionalities. We also use and calculate various software project metrics which are usually pre-defined in services level agreements for you to measure the quality.


At Diceus, we offer financial software development with guaranteed on-time, scope, and budget delivery. Here’s how it works.

Business Analysis

We start any project with discovering your high-level requirements, current challenges, and project goals. All these things can be discovered during first engagement calls. By getting everything gathered, we then offer our clients the software solutions that are best suited for their financial institutions.

Design and Development

These are two critical stages of software development when we create the software. Our projects are managed by PMI-certified project managers to ensure in-time iterations and high-quality results. Dedicated account managers guide you by hand in cases of any misunderstandings or in need of any assistance.


We use all types of manual and automated testing to ensure the highest level of end products. In banking software development, testing plays a significant role as this software is used by millions of people. All these users demand high security of their personal data, user-friendly interfaces, and quick customer support.


Before deployment date, we discover your environment to check if everything is ready for successful deployment. If any issues arise, we make a list of recommendations for you to ensure that these issues are solved before the planned date.

Support and Maintenance

We offer professional technical support, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Using these services, you can integrate a new functionality, upgrade software, get ongoing support according to one of the available schedule options, or even hire a dedicated support team.



Data Aggregation Hub for Treasury

  • Angular
  • Oracle
  • NodeJS
  • Custom software development
  • Data migration services
  • Data warehouse & ETL
  • Data science
  • Banking
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Customer 360 System for Bank

  • Oracle
  • Git
  • Jira
  • Software architecture
  • Custom software development
  • Data warehouse & ETL
  • BI & Reporting
  • Data Science
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Siebel to Appian Data Migration in Banking

  • Appian
  • Oracle
  • Java
  • Siebel CRM
  • PL/SQL
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Data Warehouse & ETL
  • Banking
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Data Warehouse for Bank

  • PL/SQL
  • Oracle
  • Software Architecture
  • System Integration Services
  • Data Migration Services
  • UI/UX Design
  • Data Warehouse & ETL
  • BI & Reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions

What software is mainly used in modern banks?

We develop all types of software products used in banks and other financial institutions. Our banking software development services include core banking systems, mobile banking apps, web banking solutions, data warehouses, RPA and AI solutions.

Can you ensure that users’ data is secure?

We apply the latest security technologies to adhere to the current cybersecurity standards. To check how compliant with regulations our software is, we use penetration testing. We discuss security requirements before the project start.

Do you use the latest development tools?

We use the latest development tools to create software that can compete with modern fintech solutions. Our finance software developers are continuously improving their skills and knowledge by visiting various workshops and conferences.

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